Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 300: Where The Future Of WorldSBK Lies, And An Interview With Toprak Razgatlioglu

The Paddock Pass Podcast hits another milestone, so to celebrate the 300th episode of the show, we have 2021 WorldSBK champion Toprak Razgatlioglu on the show. First, the PPP WorldSBK crew gather ahead of the Portimão round to take a look at the current state of the series. Steve English, Gordon Ritchie and Charlie Hiscott discuss where WorldSBK stands right now, and it's attractiveness as a destination for Moto2 riders.

They then take a long and philosophical look at how WorldSBK relates to BSB as it is now, and compare it to how that has been historically. They debate the role the various Talent Cup series are having in changing the face of motorcycle racing, and debate what effect that will have in the future. And they ask if all these changes will make WorldSBK less of a British-dominated series in the future.

Finally, Steve talks to Toprak Razgatlioglu about his season as champion.

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I think Toprak is a better rider right now than Rea. Rea has crested past his prime, Toprak is just now rising...and maybe far. Bikes are basically comparable over a season.

Beautista? Best bike, tough to discern what is him and what is bike, but not impossible.

Me? I think Toprak is the best WSBK rider, and that he deserves better than Yamaha WSBK. AND Blue MotoGP, but we wont see anything besides that.

The 2023 MotoGP motor may well get the bike closer to contention if they are lucky w tires and Ducati don't make a step fwd. 

Toprak relative to Quartararo on the same Team might be compelling after initial adjustment to carbon brakes and the tires etc. Summer break of yr one on a competitive bike? He is mid pack. 2nd yr? Better.

But the bike needs to come fwd several steps AND get a tire change that isn't in the cards yet.

Ooph, doing yoga stretches w these thoughts. Ouch.