Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 301: WorldSBK At Portimão And A Jake Gagne Interview

The Paddock Pass Podcast WorldSBK crew look back at the Portimão round and discuss an eventful weekend and the last round on European soil before heading for the flyaways. Steve English, Gordo Ritchie, and Charlie Hiscott start off with an analysis of the sad news of Victor Steeman, although the podcast was recorded before the sad news of Steeman's death. They discuss the WorldSSP300 class, and the risk of motorcycle racing.

They then move on to examine the events of the weekend. Portimão was the place where Alvaro Bautista pulled out a lead, and the crew discuss the ramifications of the Ducati's performance. They discuss how the rules affect the different riders, and especially the extra revs which the Kawasaki was not allowed this year. And they discuss the difficulties of having three races on a weekend. And to finish off, Steve talks to MotoAmerica Superbike champion Jake Gagne, who raced in Portugal.

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I am in favor here, very unusual move specifically because THE PIRELLI spec tire doesn't work w the Honda, but the ones in other series DO. 

Anyone else see this precedent as tempting in MotoGP? Yes, the CBR1000RR is a production frame, but hear me out. Dorna has enabled Michelin to borderline negligence on bringing the new front tire. KTM and Honda have struggled with these tires. Suzuki or Ducati are the only bikes they are really "tailored for" inadvertently if you ask me. Ducati just happened to work around them best, then cement doom upon everyone else via cramming shapeshifters through the rules atop the big aero spending.

If I were KTM I would push for a new front construction. No? Ok, well then...what about a (insert "Superconcession" here...). At least position yourselves to help test and select the new front that "may come in 2025" for fook's sake. Rather like Ducati "shared their software" so "generously" for the Championship Electronics perhaps. 

"Dani Pedrosa, Herve's team AND our Test track with Red Bull money are more than happy to support decisions on the Michelins." No? Well, then can we get extra TIRES to test with please? Race riders get some added test days too?