Suzuki Launch New Livery Online

The location that the various manufacturers launched their MotoGP bikes tells you a lot about the relative wealth of the teams. Ducati, flush with Marlboro's millions, launched its new hyperteam at its traditional event at the exclusive Italian ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio. Honda, with significantly less cash, launched its Repsol Honda bike at the upmarket Pan Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur during the Sepang 1 tests. Yamaha, without a title sponsor to foot the bill, also launched its new bike in Sepang, but did so at the circuit itself. Rizla Suzuki, meanwhile, have launched their livery online, rather than at a physical launch. Make of that what you will.

Here's the press release detailing the launch:

2011 Rizla Suzuki MotoGP livery images online now!

Publish Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011

The updated 2011 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R today makes its worldwide premiere on the team's new-look website - images are now exclusively available to view and download in hi-res from

The machine which Álvaro Bautista will be riding in this season's MotoGP World Championship is the final generation of the 800cc GSV-R four-stroke prototype Grand Prix bike, due to the change in capacity limit to 1000cc next season. The latest – and most technologically advanced – version of Suzuki's MotoGP challenger features an engine that has improved on its horsepower, driveability and durability through many detailed development changes throughout winter and pre-season testing. It also features improved acceleration characteristics – especially out of slower corners - to assist Bautista in his challenge for MotoGP glory.

To compliment the upgraded engine specifications, Suzuki's Factory Engineers have also improved the chassis performance by significant developments to the stiffness balance of frame and swing-arm and have optimised the weight balance geometries from last season's machine. These updates to the chassis have been paired with the most advanced ECU software ever used on a Suzuki Grand Prix machine, to give Bautista more precise traction and wheelie control without losing direct machine control or power, adding to the versatility of the GSV-R in all conditions.

The 2011 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R also features a revised Troy Lee Designs inspired livery, incorporating a new, contemporary and dynamic Rizla logo that will be launched by the Rizla Suzuki MotoGP team. The 2011 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R will make its official debut during this weekend's final pre-season test at Qatar, before making its racing debut – also at Qatar – on Sunday 20th March.

The exclusive images of the 2011 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R are now available by following this LINK with a full specification of the Rizla Suzuki GSV-R HERE.

To compliment the latest version of the GSV-R, Rizla Suzuki has also redesigned and refreshed its website for the 2011 season, so visit to see what's new.


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I guess the 6 digit Rizla cash only goes so far...

I can't remember where I read it, but the Japanese manufacturers have monikers for one another (and the explanations behind them are not as simple as they might first appear) for their competition's racing motivation.

Honda = NASA racing
Yamaha = Pure Marketing
Kawasaki = Rich Boys Racing
Suzuki = Crazy People Racing

But in this case, Suzuki seems to be living up to their moniker in the most straight forward and simple way possible.

If I remember correctly, it refers to the fact that Suzuki as a whole, is a much smaller manufacturer then the other three. They really have no business competing with the might of the other three on equal footing, but do it and achieve success through passion. Crazy being a postive, no negative connotation.

I was referring to the fact, that they might just be going plain crazy, as in koo-koo-in-the coconut.