2011 Mugello MotoGP Post-Race Test Press Releases From Repsol And Cardion AB

Press releases after the MotoGP test at Mugello, from the Repsol Honda team and from Karel Abraham's Cardion AB team:

Stoner breaks Mugello circuit record as Repsol Honda Team conclude final 800cc test

The Repsol Honda Team were back at the Mugello circuit this morning for the last test of the season with the 800cc RC212V.

All three riders tested a new swing arm and then followed their own testing schedules.

Casey Stoner was the first Repsol Honda rider to exit the garage, 15 minutes after the track was opened. The Australian rider who had a small crash in the morning session, completed forty-seven laps and set a new circuit record of 1'47.326 on his penultimate lap, seven tenths faster than his pole position time set here on Saturday. In addition to the swing arm, Casey tested a new Bridgestone front tyre as well as some other smaller set up issues on his RC212V.

Andrea Dovizioso reached a good pace quickly. He completed sixty six laps and spent the day working on engine braking and testing the new swing arm.

The plan for Dani Pedrosa, considering the pain in his right shoulder and the fatigue accumulated over the race weekend, was to combine short rounds with long pauses in the garage to test new Ohlins rear shocks and other items more effectively. Dani left the circuit after twenty six laps with a positive feeling.

The next test for the Repsol Honda Team will be on August 15th in Brno, aboard the 1000cc 2012 Honda prototype.

CASEY STONER – 1st 1'47.326 (47 laps)

"This morning the track was very dirty and I had a small incident going into turn one, but nothing major. We had a few things to test here today, a new front tyre from Bridgestone which wasn't so different to the one we are currently using, perhaps just a little more contact feeling so it could be a good direction they are working in. We tested a new swing arm and had positive feedback, we found more traction and some more grip delivered a little earlier so I don't need to pick up the bike so much, which could help us in a track like Sachsenring where you spend a lot of time on the edge. In general we didn't test so much, the bike was very similar to the race day set up, we also tried something small on the rear suspension and this was also a small step forward".

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO – 3rd 1'48.061 (66 laps)

"It was a very good test day. I was very motivated from yesterday's result so as soon as I went on track, I rode consistently at a good pace in the mid 1'48's with used hard tyres. We worked on engine braking and improved the stability and then we tested a new swing arm, which gave positive feedback. I think we are going to use it in Sachsenring because with the new swing arm lap times come easier even if the bike moves more in the rear. I'm still not so strong with the soft tyres, but I'm very happy with my feeling of the bike. We worked on the set up of the machine and I think we will arrive in Sachsenring with a good base that we will fine tune for the characteristics of the German track, which is very different to Mugello".

DANI PEDROSA – 6th 1'49.015 (26 laps)

"It was a short but very interesting and positive test for us. We basically wanted to use this test to improve our suspension. Unfortunately, due to the issues with my shoulder, we decided not to test the front fork as I am not able to brake on the limit, so there is no point in trying it now. This is the modified Ohlins fork from the Estoril test, where I was also unable to test it due to injury. However, Casey and Andrea have been using it since then and it looks like it's a big step forward, so as soon as my fitness improves, I'll try to use it also as it improves the braking, perhaps I will try it in Sachsenring during the practice sessions together with a new swing arm that I also tried today but I need to complete more laps with it make a final decision. We also tested two rear shocks and got positive feedback. We have good data that we can use for the coming races to give us more edge grip and also on corner entry to reduce the sharpness when I flick the bike, two aspects I'm looking to improve. That was pretty much all we tested today".

Successful test for Karel Abraham as he finishes fifth

Karel Abraham has successfuly completed the official MotoGP test at the Mugello Circuit as he set a fantastic lap time 1:48,950.

Trying to find the right set-up of the Ducati Desmosedici GP11, the Cardion AB Motoracing rider completed 46 laps and finished only 1,624 seconds behind the fastest rider Casey Stoner.

"We tried a lot of things today," said twenty-one years old rider, who set a best time of 1:48,950 and finished fifth. "We have made significant changes and solved problems we had during the race weekend."

The Ducati factory offered the team Cardion AB Motoracing to test a new front fork which Karel Abraham was unable to try due to a massive highside crash at the Casanova turn.

"My rear tire slipped during the entering to the corner and I crashed," he admitted. "My whole body hurts now," added Karel Abraham, referring to a crash after which he did not returned to the race track.

Lap time of Karel Abraham was 0,728 seconds faster than his best time in the qualifying practice for the Grand Prix of Italy.


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Yet again,incremental steps in development prove their worth over radical design changes at short notice. HRC certainly have the fast riders giving invaluable data feedback. No rider in GP is slow,but it does help to have feedback from a bunch of the very fastest. Stoner's and Dovi's positive feedback regarding the upgraded swingarm and the nature of the Sachsenring circuit bode well for a Honda resurgence to the top step. Dani should be much improved physically aswell. Ominous improvements from Sunday to Monday by HRC, or 'make hay while the sun shines'. How important the dry testing day has been for them.
Good to see Karel Abraham make such a big improvement on what is essentially the GP10. Small tweaks on the old bike seem to be working for him.
Pity about his highside, but perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.
Trying out a new fork for the factory may have thrown his set up direction in totally the wrong direction.

So Stoner had yet another run-in with yet another rider. Anyone see a pattern here? When a woman has been married six times, at some point she needs to stop blaming men for all her ills, and look at herself. Stoner is there too. He hardly gets along with anyone in the paddock. He has no respect for any other rider. I see a pattern here. Maybe it's not everyone else in the paddock Casey...

Yes, there is a pattern ..

some wanna a tow from *the fastest* rider/bike combo on the track,
which happens to be consistently be Stoner ... looking backwards and
trying to get a latch on a guy either in practice, qualifying or testing
is not the safest thing for either rider. A number of fast Qualifying laps
have been blown by the *towee* disrupting the "prospective tow-er"
(I seem to recall it happened to Spies recently) by trying to hook up with them.

Stoner has said it a few times, that the other guys need to grow up and
put in their own laps in w/o a tow. Ya notice that nobody is trying to get a
tow *from* Abraham, Elias, etc..

As for respect, see:

' ..On the other hand Casey has plenty of friends in the paddock he does chat with. “Myself and Ben (Spies) get along pretty well ... Colin Edwards is a great guy, there are a lot of nice people in this paddock and even Jorge [Lorenzo], over the last three or four years I've gained a lot of respect for and I'm very impressed with what he has done and how he has handled himself in the past seasons .."

a rider had the courtesy of asking another if he could provide a tow.

What was there - half a dozen bikes out there - absolutely no reason whatsoever for Abrahams to be doing this is testing of all circumstances. Stoner is completely right in expecting to be left alone to do his own thing. Rossi has in the past complained numerous times of riders like Barbera doing just this. You'd think the serial offenders would have got the message by now?