Gresini Press Release: Gresini Teams To Race In MotoGP and Moto2 at Valencia In Honor Of Simoncelli

The official press release from the Gresini Press Office announcing they will be racing at Valencia:


Both teams run by Fausto Gresini will be represented on track this weekend. Hiroshi Aoyama rides in MotoGP, whilst Michele Pirro and Yuki Takahashi will compete in the final Moto2 race of 2011.

Fausto Gresini "The decision to participate was not an easy one, but we have made this choice as it is what Marco would have wanted. Going out on track at Valencia is definitely the best way to honour him by doing what he most loved to do: Ride and experience the world of MotoGP. This is why I believe that the best show of affection that we can make to Marco is by lining up our teams and riders for this race. ‘Super Sic' will be present in the hearts of Hiroshi Aoyama, Michele Pirro and Yuki Takahashi, and I am sure that they will give him a most fitting tribute with their performances on Sunday."


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Good on the team. It was an inevitable. Tough, emotional, for the Gresini outfit.
However they have to race,thats why they are in the business of racing.
I never doubted the teams commitment to race in Valencia 2011 for one moment post Sepang.

That they wouldn't actually race. After Kato's accident I don't remember them saying anything but, "We'll race in memory of Kato". To me, Fausto saying firstly, "We won't go to Valencia.", followed by, "We will go but not sure if we will race." Followed by, "We will race." just shows how deeply affected they are by going through this again. I'm not saying it's an easy decision to make or anything, just noticing the different stages that Fausto is going through.

The right decision and one that I imagine Marco would have supported. Well done Fausto, by far the best way to honor Super Sic and our racing community.

I believe it was a though decision, Fausto has lost two riders not just one. When he first announced not to go to Valencia I was with him. Now that he is going I am even more with him.

Cannot help but think at Sete pointing in the sky. I would like to see a miracle from Hiroshi.