Randy De Puniet To Test Suzuki GSV-R 800 MotoGP Bike

Randy de Puniet is to test Suzuki's 800cc MotoGP bike this afternoon at Valencia. Below is the press release announcing the test:

Rizla Suzuki to test Randy de Puniet

Publish Date: Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Rizla Suzuki has given the opportunity to Randy de Puniet to ride the GSV-R at today’s Valencian post-season test.

De Puniet will join the team this afternoon for a shakedown and comparison test to assess the potential of the GSV-R from another rider’s perspective. Rizla Suzuki has worked with Álvaro Bautista in a single rider team this season, with the exception of a couple of wild-card appearances for John Hopkins, and it is accepted as a good opportunity by the team and the Suzuki factory to get another rider’s feedback during the final test of 2011.



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Interesting, and Lauren should look good in one of the Suzuki girls uniforms too :o)

Assuming Suzuki will even be there for next year of course. The fact that it's not Bautista on a Suzuki today isn't a good sign I wouldn't think.

Add to that the fact that Tom O'Kane has left as crew chief, several mechanics are reported to have left as well this seems more like a 'just in case' test rather than a real effort.

BTW, with O'Kane going to work for Dovi at Tech3, what's happening with Guy Coulon?

He becomes technical director of Tech3 Moto2 effort.
It was hard for him to follow development in Moto2 while remaining crew chief in MotoGP.
Plus focusing on Moto2 could help them to jump as CRT some day...I'm sure they are itching to do that, but of course they have a contract with Yamaha and so on.
To me they are the proper private Moto2 team with the team having a long history in GP and developing their very own bike from their workshop.
It would be nice to see them in MotoGP circa 2013, 2014!