Crescent Suzuki WSBK Press Release: Hopkins Has Finger Amputated

John Hopkins has had the top half of the ring finger on his right hand amputated. After a series of complications and surgeries to the finger he broke at Brno in 2011, his doctor advised Hopkins that the best course of action was to have the finger removed, and so the American had immediate surgery to amputate the finger, to allow him to be ready for the start of the 2012 World Superbike season, which kicks off at Phillip Island on February 26th. After the surgery, Hopper posted a photo of his bandaged right hand, minus the missing half a finger, on Twitter.

Below is the press release issued by the Crescent Suzuki team on Hopkins' finger:


Team Suzuki Press Office - January 14.

John Hopkins has undergone surgery to amputate the top of the middle finger on his right hand.

Following numerous surgeries and complications after his crash at the Brno MotoGP event in 2011, the Crescent Suzuki World Superbike rider is now positive that, after yesterday's operation in California, it will not adversely affect his Championship challenge this year.

He visited his consultant on Thursday and was given a set of options, the best being to remove part of the finger up to the first knuckle. This allows Hopkins to start physiotherapy in 10-11 days time and then be back on a bike in just three weeks.

Said Hopkins: "I went to see my doctor for a progress report and the news was not great. It's never good news when you have to lose a body part, but this was the best scenario all round because otherwise the situation could've dragged on for some time, with not necessarily a better result in the end.

"Apart from the actual pain of the surgery, I must say that it's feeling better already. I now have about 10 days when I cannot do any physio, but then I can start again. This is a bit of a setback, but really not too bad because I have been training and getting fit for some time now, so my base level is very good. I'll be able to train fully again soon and be able to get on a bike in three weeks, so I'm sure I'll be ok for our first tests in Australia.

"I know the bike well and I've raced at Phillip Island before, so at least I will not be starting from scratch. Our GSX-R1000 has a very good base setting and I am confident that we're not going to be struggling at the start. The level of competition is tough for sure, but I think we're going to be competitive right from the start."


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Hard men. All of them. Get well soon Hopper, was a pleasure to watch him light up BSB last year. I wish him all the best in WSB and will be rooting for the guy 100%

Whatever it takes to be fit and ready to battle on the grid... these Gladiators will do it without hesitation or a second-thought!? Hopper is made of alien material like many other elite rider-pilots on these 2-wheeled spaceships. If he would have done this when it 1st happened... could he have claimed the 2011 BSB title??? I will be looking for him to make a big splash in the WSB championship contender pool for 2012...

Great sentiments, but is anybody else sick to to death of the term "alien" when describing the elite motorcycle racers? No disrespect to ghostrider, it's everywhere. "he is no longer and Alien"... "soon he will be an Alien". Bollocks! That catch phrase is well past its sell by date (it's Marco Melandri's fault you know!)

Ive tried to type this a bunch of times so that it doesnt come out to where David has to delete the thread, like has happened with so many other Hopkins posts. He knows what Im talking about... So ill simply say it this way. I think this is pathetic and Im saving my adulation for people who under go legitimate amputations because its life threatening. Not so they can be ready to race in a month or 2.

What, like smokers who have circulation problems? Or do you mean the likes of Darryl Beattie hanging 5 in '95?

Good for Hopper, more trouble than it's worth. Give the dog a bone.

Yea like smokers... Most ridiculous answer ever.

More like firefighters, police officers, soldiers and those who end up in a bad situation through no fault of their own such as Neoplasm or Sepsis.

This "dog" should have gotten the Old Yeller treatment after showing up at the track drunk and mouthing off or lying about his health in the AMA. Numerous reasons why this ding dong doesnt deserve yet ANOTHER chance

Yeah, a truly classy response DK. Do you know the whole story? Intimately acquainted with John and his family to justify this sort of answer? No?

Didn't think so.

How about either offering a bit of sympathy for the guy as a fellow human, or just not saying anything?

For the record, I hope it heals well for you Hopper, the finger has been a problem for a long time. I wish you well in 2012.

posted Sunday on a car site I frequent and many of the readers wondered why he just didn't sit out a year to allow it to heal correctly. Sadly I don't think Hopper had another year to "waste" so he could get back to the World level after injuries in '09 (missed some races after getting the Stiggy WSBK ride mid-season) and '10 (missed 1/2 the AMA season) and the finger injury last year.

Hopefully this won't affect his riding, I'll be rooting for him this year.

Interesting that they could not get the press release right -- per the foto he posted, it's the ring finger on Hopkins' right hand, not the "middle finger".

It's incorrect also on the team's web site.

Anyway, that's his braking hand, so it's hard to believe his riding will not be affected. But if it had actually been his middle finger, that would be even worse, since the average person has a lot more control over this finger, and it's a lot stronger as well.

Good luck to John. And I hope he won't suffer any more injuries; he's had quite a few already.

Top joint of right hand ring finger? Superfluous to requirements. Weight saving. As for braking. Well many use just index, or index & middle fingers. Some are a whole fist full of digits on the lever. I don't know where Hopper sits here, but it's hardly an issue he'll struggle to adapt to if he's in the later group.

If he wanted to have the finger amptated then it was his choice, not something I could have personally done but hey, he could have done it to prevent future problems where it might have been necessary to remove the damaged area anyway or,what has been said, to get on with his preparation for the coming WSBK season, and good luck to him.