Kenny Noyes Finds A Ride: American To Race In Spanish CEV Moto2 Series

After being ousted by the Arguiñano Moto2 team by a paying rider, American Moto2 rider Kenny Noyes has finally found another ride. Noyes is to race with Palmeto Kawasaki in the Spanish CEV Moto2 championship aboard a factory-backed Suter. The American - who scored a pole in 2010 and a best result of 5th in 2011 - will be hoping to attract the attention of the Moto2 teams racing in the World Championship as a potential replacement rider in the series.

Below is the press release from Palmeto Kawasaki:

Kenny Noyes Signs with PL Racing for Spanish Moto2 Championship

American Kenny Noyes will contest the 2012 Moto2 Spanish (CEV) Championship for PL Racing of Madrid, the team he last rode and won with before embarking on a two-year stint in the Moto2 World Championship.

Kenny ended his difficult 2011 Moto2 Grand Prix season with his best ever result, a strong fifth place coming through from 23rd on the grid at Valencia. Immediately following that race, Kenny reached an agreement to join a new team for the 2012 World Moto2 season, but that all collapsed by New Years, leaving Kenny with little time to find a team.

The Barcelona-based Californian was tempted to turn toward the AMA, but after two years adapting his big bike style to the corner-speed intensive world of Moto2, he decided to accept an offer from the PL Racing Team for the very competitive Spanish (CEV) Moto2 series, a series where the American still holds race and lap records (from 2009) at some tracks.

For Noyes it is a return to the team that took him to wins and podiums in 2009 when he rode a Kawasaki ZX10R. For PL it is a completely new challenge because, rather than return to the Extreme 1000cc class, Noyes will ride the latest spec Suter in Moto2. For Kenny the clincher in making his decision was the knowledge that his crewchief would be the legendary George Vukmanovich.

Vukmanovich worked on the Inmotec MotoGP and Moto2 projects in Spain last year and was crewchief for PL's championship winning Extreme 1000cc effort in 2011 with Ivan Silva.

The deal all came together very late, but the factory-backed Suter is ready for some quick pre-season testing before the Spanish series opener at Jerez de la Frontera on April 1.

Kenny Noyes:

"I am really happy to be back with PL Racing and 100% motivated by this challenge. For me, from a technical standpoint, this is the best team in the CEV and I think everyone knows just how tough the CEV is. Our goal is to go for the title. Working with the whole PL crew again really gives me confidence, these guys are like family, and who could ask for a better crewchief than George Vukmanovich?"

Lazarus Joseph (Team Manager):

"When we learned that Kenny didn't have a GP ride we felt terrible because of the strong relationship we have with him. But with a rider of his ability we now have the possibility of expanding our structure and entering Moto2 knowing we can fight for the title. We are eager to start testing next week in Jerez so we can get the Suter sorted and ready for the first round."


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In Spain Moto2 is able to run any 600 engine? Either way I wish him the best of luck. To bad he got such a late

Considering his distinctly mediocre results, why do we here so much about Noyes? Couldn't be a tip of the hat to his old man from other scribes could it?
To be perfectly frank and with respect..does anyone but his Pa really give a toss?

There must surely be younger, more talented and deserving Americans out there?

"Couldn't be a tip of the hat to his old man from other scribes could it?"

I'm pretty sure that is the case, but where's the problem? I'm sure reporting about Kenny Noyes won't keep David from reporting about other promising racers.
And having a good relationship with the father of a rider will work both ways, because it will maybe give David insight into some racing internals that he wouldn't get otherwise.
Apparently Kenny Noyes is no slouch (from the article):
"a series where the American still holds race and lap records (from 2009) at some tracks."

There may very well be younger, more talented and deserving Americans out there, but they won't have any harm done to them or their careers if David covers the fate of Kenny Noyes more than that of other riders, IMO.

I agree in 2 seasons that will not make an alien of him any time soon but in my book he certainly deserves respect for achieving that.
And he wasn't especially gifted with fast bikes either, anyone running Harris frame these days?
Good luck to him.

I don't know either Father or Son, but it's clear they are racing people and for that..respect.

I search out Dennis' work as I think his insight is amongst the most astute I've read and listened to Kenny being interviewed and he seems like a decent kid..

Just saying.

Kenny is a racer from USA that has the balls to cross the pond to race against the best of Europe what is wrong with that. the younger ones I don't know? but wish they would.