2012 IRTA Moto2 & Moto3 Jerez Test Day 1 Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the first day of testing at Jerez:

Márquez rejoins rivals at Jerez

Repsol rider takes part in opening day of Jerez test, recovering pace and confidence

Marc Márquez today took part in day one of the Official Test at Jerez - the last run out of the 2012 preseason. Last year’s runner-up in the Moto2 class was sharing track time with rivals from the category for the first time this year, but looked very comfortable on his Suter bike and clocked the fifth best time of the day: 1'43.080.

After positive first impressions at Albacete ten days ago, Marc Márquez was back in action in the south of Spain. The Moto2 class was on track with the Moto3 riders on a sunny day at Jerez, whilst the temperature was pleasantly warm upon the 10:30am start. Márquez was third fastest in the morning session.

After lunch, with the track reserved for the Moto2 riders, the Spaniard continued to pick up pace and confidence onboard his machine. Lap-by-lap he grew in confidence.

The Repsol Rider will continue testing on Tuesday and Wednesday, putting the final touches to his preparations for the season opener in Qatar on April 8th.

Marc Márquez

1:43.080, 54 laps, 239 km.

"I had a really good feeling today. I was dying to get back on track with the rest of the riders. After checking that my eyesight issue was resolved at Albacete, I was able to come here for testing. As today was the first day, we took this session as a time for recovering our feel for this long, fast track.

Obviously it was a little tough at the start, but I was able to find my braking points and feel better with every lap. We did a good job today and tomorrow we can start on the set-up.

I still need to get my confidence back on the bike, which is something on which we will be focusing in this final preseason test".

Repsol riders begin last stretch of Moto3 preseason

Viñales, Oliveira and Rins kick off last test of preseason at Jerez, ahead of Moto3 category debut

The Circuito de Jerez is the scene of three days of testing for the lower cylinder classes, and the Moto3 riders had their first chance of the week to ride this Monday. Maverick Viñales remained one of the fastest riders on the timesheet, completing day one in second place. Miguel Oliveira clocked the seventh fastest time as he continued to work on his new Suter chassis, whilst Álex Rins was able to ride without the niggles of the shoulder injury that has troubled him throughout the preseason.

The Repsol riders went back to work aware of the importance of being fully prepared for the start of the inaugural Moto3 series, which begins in under three weeks in Qatar. This test was a chance to further evaluate their readiness for that Grand Prix, and all three looked impressive. Maverick Viñales was the standout, placing second on the timesheet with a 1’47.755 lap only bested by surprise package, Romano Fenati.

Under a second slower than Viñales was fellow Repsol rider Miguel Oliveira. The Portuguese youngster dedicated his time to working on the new Suter chassis debuted 10 days ago at Albacete. His best time was 1’48.614, the seventh quickest of the day.

After missing a large part of the preseason, Álex Rins was able to confirm the improvement in condition of his shoulder and experienced a practically problem-free day. His work onboard his Honda resulted in a best lap of 1’49.632.

The Repsol Moto3 riders will continue with their testing tomorrow and Wednesday.

Maverick Viñales

1:47.755, 72 laps, 318 km.

"I felt good. We tested some chassis changes and adjustments to the engine, and we noticed some steady improvement. The chassis is getting better and we were almost able to equal the times from the last test at Jerez, but we have to keep working to bring the times down.

I felt really comfortable today and used a lot of old rubber in order to make things ‘race-realistic’ instead of pushing for one hot lap".

Miguel Oliveira

1:48.614, 64 laps, 283 km.

"Today was rather good. I tried to ride fast from the start and was part of the top group right from the start. We have worked with the Suter a lot and have improved various details of the bike. We were trying to understand how the bike was reacting to our changes and I tried to modify my style to adapt as well.

Our pace is pretty good and better than our last times here. I hope to continue to improve tomorrow".

Álex Rins

1:49.632, 59 laps, 261 km.

"It was a positive day and I am very happy, because my shoulder feels a lot better and I hardly had any bother from it. I need to get more familiar with the team and the bike, which is completely new for me. Jerez is one of my favourite tracks and today we used practically the same setting as with the 125cc before.

We improved some things and the times came down. We need to fine-tune some things tomorrow, but we are happy for today".


MAPFRE Aspar riders test various adjustments to their Moto2 machinery at Spanish track

The final official test of the preseason for the Moto2 riders began today at Jerez. There was official timing, official bikes and the entire gamut of riders in the intermediate category, all gathered in an aperitif for 2012 season. Two more days remain for preparations ahead of the season opener in Qatar, and everyone was working hard on Monday with this in mind. Sunshine and high temperatures allowed the Moto2 competitors to have a clear run from 10am through to 4pm, with the fastest time going to Thomas Luthi.

MAPFRE Aspar riders were amongst those making changes at the Circuito de Jerez. Toni Elías and Nico Terol began the test with a focus on steady evolution, attempting to address some cornering issues that had been of particular concern for Elias. The former Moto2 World Champion worked on chassis set-up in order to search for a solution to the fast corner issue. His fastest lap came right at the end of the day and he placed tenth on the timesheet. Terol undertook similar tests in order to adapt the front end feel of his Moto2 mount.

Toni Elías 1.43.467 (52 laps): "The temperatures and track conditions were fabulous at Jerez today. This afternoon we took another step forward and it's just like I have said all winter: You have to not waste a second, carry on growing and get used to the bike. We are closer to the lead riders with every day of testing, which is very important. We still need to improve on the fast parts of the track, because these are where we are losing time -the slower sections are better for us. We will see if we can reach our goals of evolving steadily. We are satisfied in general, although to gain speed on the corners we need a more stable front end. Tomorrow we will continue to look for solutions to our problems in the faster sections."

Nico Terol 1.44.574 (55 laps): "To be honest, I would have liked to have started this test a little faster in terms of pace -at least as quick as the last time that we were here. We'd made a few changes by the halfway point today, but gradually I felt better. I was also riding better on used tyres. The times weren't as much of a worry for us today, because we are thinking more about the three days overall. Today we were working on our base set-up, but tomorrow we will be working on some other things as well. We were able to steady up the bike on this first day, which gave me confidence when I was pushing on the fast corners. This is the way that we should continue tomorrow. We have a different front tyre that we will be using tomorrow as well."


BANKIA Aspar riders make multitude of changes to open Moto3 test, mainly focusing on front fork settings and engine mapping.

The Circuito de Jerez was sunny, hot and noisy on Monday, with the buzz of the new Moto3 bikes on track in the final Official Test before the start of the 2012 season. Day one of three for the Moto3 competitors was a time for further preparing their machinery, and there was a surprise at the head of the timesheet in the form of newcomer Fenati.

It was shortly after 11am when BANKIA Aspar riders Héctor Faubel and Alberto Moncayo took to the track at the Circuito de Jerez. They were immediately looking for improvements and were trying as many variations as possible for their new mounts. Faubel tried out various engine maps and even experimented with front fork stiffness in order to feel at his best with his bike, ending day one with the sixth fastest lap.

Moncayo used various exhausts, engine maps and front fork settings in a similar workload to his teammate and, although he was not completely satisfied with his times, he could feel content with the steps forward taken and the tests carried out.

Héctor Faubel 1.48.577 (60 laps): "Although we still haven't matched the times from the last time we were here, I am nonetheless happy with my feeling today. We can see that there is a lot of ground to cut back still, especially with the chassis and the engine, but we are here to work and we have plenty of desire. The times weren't the best, but tomorrow we will have to work even more in order to improve our pace, plus we need to become more consistent. We began the day with some similar adjustments to what we had over the winter and we will go in a new direction tomorrow, trying to make the bike a bit softer and more compact in order to make it more manoeuvrable."

Alberto Moncayo 1.49.092 (64 laps): "This first day wasn't as simple as we were expecting. I don't really know what happened, but it was hard for me to get a good feel for the bike. Despite this, we tried a lot of things, which enabled us to draw some positive conclusions. This is only the first day and we still have a lot of time in which to work on things. I am happy because although we haven't improved our times, we have improved other aspects and should be satisfied. We tried a new Arrow exhaust today, which is working well."



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