Attack Performance Announce CRT Wildcard Entry For Laguna Seca and Indianapolis MotoGP Rounds

The AMA Superbike organization Attack Performance issued a press release announcing it will build a CRT machine and enter as a wildcard in the two US rounds of MotoGP, at Laguna Seca and Indianapolis. Below is the full text:


American team will compete in U.S. rounds of MotoGP World Championship at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Huntington Beach, California - April 8, 2012 - Attack Performance, manufacturer of precision racing components, has been granted “wild-card” entries for both North American rounds of the 2012 MotoGP World Championship, the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, July 27-29, and the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, August 17-19.

Attack Performance is building a chassis of its own design for the new Claiming Rule Teams (CRT) format at its 10,000-square-foot shop in Huntington Beach, California. The largely CNC-produced, aluminum-framed machine will be powered by a heavily modified Kawasaki ZX-10R-based engine. CRTs are intended to help increase privateer entries in GP racing’s 1000cc premier class and compete alongside teams running factory-built prototypes.

“I’ve wanted to design my own chassis for 10 years,” said team owner Richard Stanboli, “so this new class structure, essentially a Superbike engine housed in a prototype chassis, has provided an ideal opportunity for me. We have a great deal of work to do before the first event at Laguna Seca, but I’m no stranger to 20-hour days.”

Daytona 200 winner Steve Rapp will ride the Attack Performance entry. The AMA Pro Road Racing veteran has earned podium finishes at both Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In March, aboard the privateer Motorcycle SuperStore LeoVince M1 PowerSports Attack Performance AP10, Rapp recorded two top-six placings in the season-opening AMA Pro American SuperBike races at Daytona International Speedway.

“Steve and I work well together,” said Stanboli. “Laguna is a difficult track to learn, and we will have a home-court advantage over some of the other CRT teams. Steve has many laps around Laguna, and we intend to hit the ground running.”

Attack Performance will release more details about the project as it continues to develop.


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So, the home court advantage... will they be allowed to test/develop their chassis at Laguna Seca as much as they like? (I'm not sure of the CRT rules... are they allowed to do as much testing as long as Steve Rapp doesn't ride it? Isn't that how MotoGP works?)

@mugget I don't know about the CRT testing regs but, regardless, I doubt they'll be able to test at Laguna as much as they like. The Attack bike will almost certainly bury the noise meter and there are only so many days per year that's allowed thanks to the residents who moved next door to the circuit and then complained about the noise.

Whether they stink it up, or surprise everybody in the paddock... it's just nice to see some wildcards back in GP again. A little more flavor to what has become too bland.

For the past couple of years, Laguna Seca has been home to several Wild Card riders. Spies, Bostrom, Hayden (one of his younger brothers). A few others, too. Though, this will be the first time that anyone brings a whole bike to the paddock.

I will be attending Laguna Seca again this year, and am pretty excited by this news. Especially since it is fairly well known as a local-boy track (though by now, the likes of JL, CS, DP, etc have all gotten pretty fast on it making a suprise win pretty rare).

That's what I meant... Wildcard 'teams' as opposed to domestic riders replacing injured GP riders. It's exciting to see some home grown teams back in GP with some (hopefully) innovative designs.

It was great to see Bostrom get to ride a GP bike!

They certainly have a steep mountain to climb.
But I'll be rooting for them.

This year the MotoGP riders can test as much as their tire allocation allows. Teams have 1 designated "home track" at which they are allowed to test. Laguna wild cards have been historically embarrassing. DuHamel and Bostrom come to mind.

There have been some respectable GP wild card rides coming out of Laguna/AMA. R. Hayden, Jamie Hacking and Spies come to mind. Taking into account that they also doubled down and performed their AMA duties. Now as fit as they may be, by the time DuHamel and Bostrom got their chance, well, I'm not sure...ok, they were old! But, they served their teams well and were rewarded.

Now Attack are giving it a shot with Rapp, who is an excellent national level rider but is also well up there in age (though fit and solid as a brick wall). I don't believe Attack are aiming to waste their money but may just be bored with the current state of AMA racing and want to build a race bike like they used too be able to do.

It will be interesting in what Attack come up with. A bike designed for only two races at two totally opposite track layouts.

it may just limited to 2 rounds for 2012 but I guess the idea is to gage the potential for further commitment.
It's been a while since Roberts we haven't seen an American team in MotoGP, and they were pretty successful at one point.