Kawasaki Issues Update on Condition of Joan Lascorz

Kawasaki today issued an update on Joan Lascorz, and his recovery process:

Update: Joan Lascorz’ Medical Condition

Following Joan’s accident at Imola during official Superbike World Championship testing on Monday April 2nd, we would like to inform you of the following updates.

Joan Lascorz is conscious and remains hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital de la Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona, and will remain so until a build-up of lung mucus is eradicated. The initial idea was to move Joan this past week into a specialist recovery centre within the hospital, but doctors will most likely wait until next week to make the move.

In relation to any spinal cord injury, the forecast is reserved until he leaves the ICU and starts working towards recovery.

Team Manager, personal manager and friend of Joan Lascorz, Guim Roda, spoke about Joan and his condition recently. He stated, “First of all we want to thank everyone for the interest and respect shown after Joan's accident, especially in his native Spain, but also from all over the world. Friends, industry professionals and journalists - many thanks for all the support.

“We need to emphasize above all the effort and love of his parents Juan and Maribel and all his family who are hour-after-hour beside Joan and their closest friends. Thanks also for the attention and organization of all the doctors involved, and to the Catalan and Spanish Motorcycling Federations.

“Our communication is brief and cautious because of the severity of the injury, uncertainty about the chances of recovery and because time has stopped for us. Now the changes and improvements are measured in weeks rather than days.

"Now, the first and most important thing is to stabilize Joan so he can start his recovery, remove tracheotomy so he can speak fluently, then together with him we will plan his recovery and the communication process. In terms of the reasons for the accident and the reasons that caused the injury, at least two months will pass before the first accurate information will be released.

"Let me remind you the great loss we've all had, each and every passionate enthusiast in the motorbike world, regarding 2012’s largest untapped talent. A pilot destined to make history, old school, with effort and tenacity, to carve his way without gifts or favours or media plaudits, quietly, little by little. At 27 years of age he had wrought out the best bases to carry out his dreams, like all those who have passion and the tenacity to achieve their goals. Now we'll see how far we can get, and if this crash has been a stumbling block or a shift in goals, dreams, our dreams... You cannot imagine how much hidden talent lies in the ICU of the Vall d'Hebron Hospital.”


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