2012 Silverstone Moto2 And Moto3 Sunday Post-Race Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after Sunday's races at Silverstone:

Third place gives Márquez championship lead

Repsol rider rounds off difficult weekend with podium finish, recovering lead of Moto2 World Championship standings.

Repsol Media Service - Great Britain, Silverstone Circuit - Sunday 17/06/2012

To round off a difficult weekend in which a Saturday morning crash severely affected his performance in qualifying, Marc Márquez took a praiseworthy third place on race day. With the sixteen points taken at the British GP, Márquez now leads the Moto2 standings.

Heavy rain stayed away from the intermediate category contest, although a few drops did fall just as Race Direction had declared the GP a wet race. The early pase was frantic, as five riders stormed to the front and left the rest of the field behind. Home riders Smith and Redding led the way, followed by Espargaró, Márquez and Iannone. Smith lost ground on lap two when in the lead of the race, as his rivals passed him and established a gap.

The foursome moved further ahead as the laps went on, until Espargaró overtook Redding and began to pull away. He made the most of the battle between Redding and Márquez that slowed the duo down, establishing a gap of more than a second over them. The fight for second concluded with a spectacular final lap, with on-the-limit passes, but the position eventually went to Redding by a narrow margin on the line.

Third place for Márquez means that he regains the lead of the overall standings, six points ahead of British GP winner Espargaró.

Marc Márquez
3rd at 1.521 sec.

"Today things were very difficult. Looking at where we were yesterday, this is a great result. We managed to make some improvements in the warmup, but we new that we'd have it tough in the race. We saw that the Kalex goes well here and I decided to give 100% in the race, whilst also aiming to take as many points as possible for the championship. The pace was very high right from the start, so maybe if Iannone, Redding and myself had not been passing one another, Pol [Espargaró] wouldn't have got away.

That's what happened though, and when I got ahead in order to recover ground, Redding passed me again. Taking home 16 points at a tough track for us is very important and I have to give special thanks to my team. They have been working so hard all weekend —above all yesterday when they were up until two in the morning making changes".


The race of the sixth event of the Moto2 class for 2012 season was held today, at the circuit of Silverstone.

Andrea Iannone, who started from the first row, was among the protagonists of the Grand Prix. After a good beginning, the rider from Vasto played an active role in the leading group, taking part into the fight for the podium on top of his Speed Up. Andrea crossed the finishing line in fourth position, grabbing the best result among the Italians of the middle class. With the 13 points he scored today, Iannone gets up to a total of 84 points (fourth in the Championship Classification).

Despite ending outside the point zone, it was a positive race for Mike di Meglio. After a few tough Grand Prix rounds, the Frenchman had the chance to complete the whole distance, finding again a good feeling with his bike and ensuring some important confirmations in view of the upcoming GPs.

Andrea Iannone #29 - 4th

“After all, what was really important was to get a few points: this year it’s essential to grab as many as possible. We could have done better and achieved something more. After the warm up, I wasn’t sure if we needed to make a change to the gearbox of the bike or not. In the end, we kept it as it was in the qualifying session: with the wind, it was working well, but today the wind wasn’t as strong and this choice didn’t really help us. When exiting from corners, I was losing quite a lot. For the rest, the bike worked well, and I’m happy because we aren’t that far from the other guys. I’m sorry for the team, because they’ve worked a lot and we could have brought home a better result. In any case I’m positive, we are going to Assen with a serene mind and we’ll try to get a good result there.”

Mike di Meglio #63 - 18th

“The final result of the race isn’t particularly good, but in the whole this was a useful GP. We managed to understand many things for the future, we made a step forward, even if it wasn’t enough to achieve a better position here. We tried some modifications that we were interested into and I think we can move forwards from here and make some further steps. We’ll try to do better at Assen.”


Toni Elías moves up ten places to finish twelfth, whilst Nico Terol ends British GP twentieth

Owing to the time difference between Great Britain and mainland Europe, Moto2 was first up on the Schedule for raceday at Silverstone. Rain was, as it had been all weekend, a constant threat, but thankfully it held off for the duration of the contest. Home riders Redding and Smith started strongest, with Espargaró and Márquez joining the fight. Espargaró moved out in front with eight laps to go, one of only three leaders in the race (Smith, Redding and Espargaró), to take the win. Redding and Márquez joined him on the podium for the British GP.

Whilst yesterday it was but a mere hope and hypothesis, Toni Elías and Nico Terol made comebacks up the order on Sunday. The MAPFRE Aspar Team riders this claimed twelfth and twentieth, respectively, at the British GP. Elías had not felt comfortable in qualifying and had started from twenty-second on the grid but a new chassis, confidence talent took him up to fifteenth on the opening lap. He subsequently had difficulties with other riders over the remaining laps, but held on for a points finish at Silverstone. His four points add to his total in the Moto2 standings.

Although Terol was unable to claim points this time around, he also gained plenty of positions. He moved seven places up the order with a different strategy to his teammate, based on a cautious start and a great improvement in pace for the second half of the race. He eventually placed twentieth.

12th Toni Elías: "Yesterday we had a morning crash that meant I didn't feel comfortable in qualifying, so that's why I was so far down on the grid. We changed the chassis for today and I felt better this morning. We improved our pace and our fastest lap in the race, and I gained a lot of places on the opening lap. However, starting from so far back meant that I got embroiled in the typical tussles of Moto2, which all end up costing you time. We knew that this could happen before we started, but we fought well for twelfth. It is a shame about qualifying, as maybe I could have been part of the second group and taken sixth or seventh."

20th Nico Terol: "The team have supported me the entire weekend, but I still found it hard to go fast here; the wind was a big factor. In the warmup I gained more confidence and we put on a front tyre fotr the race that we hadn't tried before. On the opening laps I was lacking a little pace with this new rubber and I didn't have the right feel when I opened the throttle. I felt better when it had warmed up and I am satisfied with my pace during the second half of the race. I passed a few riders but wasn't able to get into the points. It is a pity to end this weekend so low down in the standings. We have to be positive and focus on Assen now, which is a track that I love. We will get back into the points."

Viñales wins and takes lead of Moto3 class

Repsol rider takes second consecutive victory in Moto3 class and takes series lead. Oliveira places tenth and Rins crashes out.

Repsol Media Service - Great Britain, Silverstone Circuit - Sunday 17/06/2012

Maverick Viñales was Moto3 racewinner for the third time this season at Silverstone, taking his second consecutive victory. Following on from his triumph at Montmeló a fortnight ago, the Repsol rider separated the result at the British GP. Taking the initiative early on, Viñales pushed hard to break free from the trailing riders, alongside Luis Salom and Sandro Cortese. The final lap was a thrilling end to the race, in which Viñales crossed the line 0.933 ahead of fellow Spaniard Salom.

Repsol riders Miguel Oliveira and Álex Rins had differing fortunes at Silverstone. The Portuguese placed tenth, whilst his Spanish teammate fell on lep two and was unable to get his bike restarted.

Six races down, Maverick Viñales leads the Moto3 standings by two points from second placed Sandro Cortese.

Redding storms to podium finish in his home race

Silverstone, England - 17 June 2012: Scott Redding gave the home crowd something to celebrate today by taking second place in a thrilling Moto2 race that was decided only in the final laps. Mika Kallio finished inside the top ten, after battling his way through the field from 18th position on the grid.

Redding was involved in the battle for the lead right from the start of today's 18-lap Moto2 race, forcing his way to the front on the second lap and then setting a blistering pace that his pursuers found difficult to maintain.

More importantly the 19-year-old Briton adopted a riding style specifically to conserve his tyres, knowing full well that maximum grip would be required for the challenge ahead.

Pol Espargaro managed to sneak through and pull out a lead, as Redding got involved in a battle with Andrea Iannone and Marc Marquez. Iannone was soon dropped, leaving Redding and Marquez to battle it out for second place. Redding made his move early on the final lap, only for the lightweight Spaniard to take back the advantage on the straight, forcing the Marc VDS rider to put in an aggressive overtake on the brakes and then defend the position to the line.

Kallio managed to make up places from the start and was lying tenth at quarter race distance, but was unable to progress further when he started struggling for rear grip as the tyre went off. The 29-year-old Finn was disappointed, as he could see the battle for the lead in front of him, but just couldn't bridge the gap as the rear started spinning up out of the turns.

Scott Redding #45: 2nd Position

"The start of the race was a bit hectic, as both me and Bradley wanted to be the top Brit, so the battle at the front was, shall we say, a bit aggressive! All good fun though! Once I was through and into the lead I was able to find a good rhythm that was easy on the tyres but still fast enough to make it difficult for the riders chasing me. Eventually they caught me and as Espargaro went through, I got involved in a bit of a ding dong with Marquez and Iannone that held us all up a bit. I knew it was going to be a bit of a scrap with Marquez on the last lap and I wasn't wrong. I passed him early, he came back on the straight, so I stuck it up his inside on the brakes. He was struggling with the bike, but he still tried to come back at me in the final corner, but I was having none of it! It was a good, clean fight; a great result and I hope the crowd enjoyed it as much as I did! Thanks to Marc van der Straten, the team and everyone who was here to support us this weekend."

Mika Kallio #36: 10th Position

"We swapped the forks out on the bike overnight and the feeling was much better today so there was obviously a problem, as we suspected. Unfortunately the damage had been done in qualifying and starting from 18th on the grid made things difficult in the race. I managed to battle my way through into the top ten and I thought I'd be able to latch onto the leading group, who weren't so far ahead, but then the rear tyre went off and I was struggling for grip. It was the same as in Barcelona, so it's definitely something we need to investigate. As a result my lap times went up by a second and it was all I could do to hold on to tenth place until the end."

Michael Bartholemy: Team Principal

"Today we saw a different side of Scott. We know he's capable of riding on the ragged edge, as we've see this so often in the past, but today he also rode with his head. He hit the front early in the race and then rode as smoothly as he could to conserve his tyres. It was a good plan because it was the extra grip that allowed him to get the better of Marc Marquez on the final lap. It was a great race by Scott and a great result for the team. I hope the British crowd enjoyed is as much as I did! Mika also rode a good race, but was hampered by his qualifying position and a drop off in tyre performance. Both of these issues we need to address ahead of the next race at Assen."


BANKIA Aspar rider climbs eleven positions to finish twelfth at British Grand Prix

Today's racing at Silverstone was headlined by the Moto3 class, which provided a great spectacle for the fans. Early leaders Masbou, Viñales and Vázquez were joined by Salom, Rossi and Cortese in a group of riders fighting for the win at the British Grand Prix. The lead changed hands frequently up until the twelfth lap, when Viñales, Salom and Cortese broke free. Viñales took the win after a stunning finale, whilst Salom just edged out Cortese for second place. There were Spanish winners in all three categories (Moto3 -Viñales, Moto2 -Espargaró, MotoGP -Lorenzo)

23rd on the grid after one of his toughest qualifying sessions in recent memory, Héctor Faubel was out to make up positions on race day. The BANKIA Aspar rider had experienced difficulties in finding a decent pace and a comfortable setting for the British Grand Prix, but was not going to let that get in the way of a positive race. He had already moved up five places by the end of lap one, and moved all the way up to twelfth as he crossed the line for the final time. It was not the result that he was aiming for at the start of the weekend, but was nonetheless a reminder of his talent and will serve as motivation ahead of the next race.

Teammate Alberto Moncayo had tried out a new chassis on the opening day of practice, but had problems with finetuning the setting yesterday. Despite this, he was able to claim a point from a top fifteen finish.

12th Héctor Faubel: "The race was a tricky one, because I started from very far back. I knew that I had to get a good start and that the three opening laps would be very important. I moved up three or four places off the line, but on the third lap a rider crashed right in front of me and cut me off from the group. I started to push and caught up with the second group, ending up getting a decent pace going. At the end of the race I pushed hard to break away but a couple of other riders kept with me, ending with me finishing twelfth. This weekend has been tricky for us, as it has been hard to find a good pace. We have to be positive: We found our rhythm and were able to make up many places. If I hadn't been penalised yesterday, maybe I could have got a better result."

15th Alberto Moncayo: "We had the opportunity to try out the new chassis this weekend. We really like it and it has helped us to improve a lot. However, we still need to improve our engine setting, because we have been having some small problems for a while now. On the opening laps I felt good and was not having trouble maintaining my position. We don't know why, but later on the tyre went off completely. We can't make excuses though and should keep working hard to resolve the problems that we have had and be more competitive for the next race."

Smith claims season best seventh at Silverstone

Tech 3 Racing Team rider Bradley Smith rode a determined race in front of a large home crowd at Silverstone today to collect his best result of the 2012 Moto2 World Championship with a hard fought seventh place finish in an exciting British Grand Prix.

The 21-year-old made a scintillating start from the second row of the grid to seize the lead going into the first corner and he was then locked in a pulsating battle for the lead with compatriot Scott Redding.

W ith plenty of home pride at stake, the pair exchanged the lead several times in a tussle that enthralled the home crowd of over 66,000 fans before Redding took control at the front of the pack.

Smith maintained his inspired early challenge and kept himself firmly in contention for a second successive Moto2 podium at the long and technically demanding Silverstone track for the opening half of the 18-lap encounter.

Battling hard to keep his Mistral 610 machine in contention for a first top six finish of the season, Smith fought out a terrific battle with Italian Claudio Corti in the final laps.

Despite his best efforts to hold onto sixth place, Smith was unable to keep the hard charging Corti at bay and he dropped back to seventh place on the final lap. Smith's highest f inish of 2012 moved him into eighth in the World Championship standings on 37-points.

Xavier Simeon made an encouraging return from injury to finish in a gutsy 21st position. The Belgian rider was back on board his Mistral 610 machine after missing the Catalunya round with left hand and foot injuries suffered in Le Mans.

The long and technical Silverstone layout provided a severe physical test for Simeon and despite an aggressive first lap that saw him jump up from 24th to 20th he was unable to maintain that impressive early momentum. He eventually crossed the line in 21st.

Bradley Smith 7th – 37 points:

“I expected to battle for sixth place and that's exactly how it turned out. I'm just happy that I got to lead the British Grand Prix, even if it was only a brief experience. It was a shame that Corti passed me on the last lap because it would have been nice to finish off a positive weekend in the top six. But to qualify fourth, lead the race and then be inside the top six for the most of the race shows we have made a big step with the Mistral 610 machine this weekend. We can make it better but this result gives us some confidence for the future and credit to the Tech 3 Racing Team because they are working non-stop to improve the bike and help us get closer to the podium battle. The support of the British fans was incredible again and I hope they enjoyed the early battle with Scott. We now need to make sure I am up there competing for the lead in a few more races."

Xavier Simeon 21st – 6 points:

“ ;The beginning of the race was difficult because I was a little bit nervous about my hand. I couldn't brake as I wanted but I saw my lap times were not so bad and I thought I could recover some places. But by the time I managed to get my confidence up and establish a good pace it was too late to get myself in the battle for the points. If I had pushed more in the first seven or eight laps then I am sure the result could have been much better. This weekend has been tough from a physical point of view but i will be much stronger in Assen and looking to get back into the points."

Herve Poncharal – Team Manager:

"I am very happy with the performance of the Tech 3 Racing Team today. Bradley showed incredible determination all through the weekend and he got a good qualifying result that helped him challenge at the front where he belongs in the race. We know he can be very aggressive at the start and he certainly didn't let us down today. It was a great moment for him to be leading his home race and he fought very hard for the whole race. He was pushing right until the end and it was a pity that he could't quite hold on for his first top six of the season because he definitely deserved it. Seventh is still by far his best result of the season and shows the potential of the Mistral 610 we always knew was there. We just need to make sure we are competitive on every track now in the future. Xavier did his best in difficult circumstancs because he has been riding in a lot of pain with the injuries from Le Mans. He never complained and always gave 100% effort, so I am sure he will be closer to full strength in Assen and we can see him battling for the points again."

Salom just misses first victory in brilliant race

Everybody at RW Racing GP was holding their breath as Luis Salom was going into the last lap leading the race. The Spaniard just missed his first victory, finishing second behind his compatriot Maverick Viñales. Actually it was German Sandro Cortese – finishing third – who kept Salom away from victory. A fierce duel between Cortese and Salom gave Viñales the chance to get away with just half a lap to go.

The Moto3 race of the British Grand Prix was a fanta stic battle from start to finish. Already in the first lap Luis Salom was in the front, moving up from sixth on the grid to take the lead. A solid group of nine riders was formed after five laps, with all of them swapping positions all the time. Salom was battling steady in the first part of the group, with Effren Vazquez, Maverick Viñales and Alexis Masbou.

After ten laps a group of four was left of the bigger group: Salom, Viñales, Cortese and Masbou. And they were fighting at the limit. The slightest mistake was punished by the others. Masbou couldn’t keep up with that and had to drop back, leaving the fight for victory to Viñales, Salom a nd Cortese.

Salom was leading when the trio entered the last lap, but was soon overtaken by Viñales. Also Cortese tried to overtake, forcing Salom to get off his line just a little bit. This gave Viñales the chance to get away, leaving Salom second and Cortese third.

Brad Binder rode a lonely race after having to change the engine just before the race. The South African was send on his way with the message not to take too many risks but just bring the machine home. He finished 17th: just outside of the points.

Luis Salom (2nd): "What a race! My bike was really fast. We made a good step with the new chassis and fairing. I knew beforehand it was possible to win, but I also know how difficult it is to beat Maverick. I had it all made up in my head already what I had to do in the last lap. But Sandro messed it up a bit. I feel I am really close to my first victory. It is just there, within reach. Hopefully I can do it next race in Assen, the home race of my team.’’

Brad Binder (17th): "Bring the bike home was the goal for this race. With that in mind I maybe not gave every effort for a better result. I didn’t gain points, but I did gain some confidence after a few DNF’s.’’

Team manager Johan Stigefelt: " Luis had a great race. He has never been so close to a victory. He had a fantastic battle. I’m sure he will win a race soon. He was strong all weekend. In Barcelona we had problems with the new chassis, but we kept on working on it and believing in it. I’d like to thank Kalex, KTM and the whole team for all the effort. Brad will get the new chassis in Assen.’’


Gino Rea had high hopes for his home Grand Prix after qualifying fourteenth at Silverstone yesterday but it proved to be a frustrating afternoon for the British rider, who made a strong start but gradually lost positions throughout the race. His feeling with the Suter chassis continues to improve but with very little data to work from this was an important opportunity to complete full race distance and prepare for the next challenge at Assen.

Gino Rea. (24th) "It's a frustrating end to an otherwise positive weekend for us. We've been running in the top fifteen throughout practice but the conditions were quite different for the race so we changed a few things with the setting of the bike and I really struggled. I kept losing the front in the first part of the race so I tried to compensate by opening the gas earlier on the side of the tyre, which cost me a lot of grip from mid-race onwards. Hopefully we can use the data to improve from here because we certainly needed it after the last couple of races."

Fausto Gresini "Gino made a good start to the race but it wasn't enough to carry him to a good result. He gradually lost positions and it wasn't what we were hoping for at his home race. It is a shame because the progress is being made but so far it is not bearing fruit."


Rattapark Wilairot picked up his second points scoring finish of the Moto2 season at Silverstone, confirming his progress with the Suter chassis. A second top fifteen finish in three races is a good sign that with some more improvements the Thai rider can be fighting at the front in the near future.

Ratthapark Wilairot (15th) "I didn't make a great start but the setting wasn't so bad and I was able to push. I felt comfortable with the bike, it turned well and I am pleased with the way it is progressing although we need to work on keeping it balanced when the fuel tank is empty. That small aspect cost me the chance to finish a couple of places higher up but anyway I am happy."

Fausto Gresini "I am pleased because “Feem” had a good race and improved his pace from practice. Even though it was just one point it is still an important result because we can see that with more and more confidence in the bike we can challenge for much better in the future. This is a boost for the whole team and it will be important for the races to come."


Niccolò Antonelli came through a difficult weekend that included a crash and mechanical problems in practice to score three valuable points in the British Grand Prix today. The Team San Carlo Honda Gresini youngster was further hindered in the race by a fever, which made simply finishing the race an impressive achievement.

Niccolo' Antonelli (13th) "We have had plenty of problems here this weekend which is a shame because we have so much work to do to improve my confidence on this bike. Anyway I am happy to have finished the race because we have gathered a lot of data for the engineers. I was struggling in the final laps because this fever has sapped me of my strength."

Fausto Gresini "It has been a difficult weekend for Niccolò. It started out with a crash which then led to a problem with the bike during practice and then he was suffering with a fever in the race, which is never easy in such a tough class. Niccolò did a great job though to finish the race and bring some points home. His progress continues and I am happy and excited to have a rider with such potential with our team."

Maverick Viñales takes victory with authority at Silverstone

Repsol rider wins and takes lead of Moto3 World Championship after perfect race. Oliveira places tenth and Álex Rins crashes out on lap two.

Repsol Media Service - Great Britain, Silverstone Circuit - Sunday 17/06/2012

Just like at the Portuguese Grand Prix earlier in the season, the Moto3 class was last out at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone today. Maverick Viñales was the star of the headline attraction, controlling the race from the front and picking his moment to break free for victory. The result was the Spaniard’s third win of the year and his second in succession, taking him back into the lead of the overall standings. Fellow Repsol rider Miguel Oliveira was not so lucky, suffering from tyre problems in the second half of the race and settling for tenth place. Álex Rins crashed out on lap two.

Starting from pole, Viñales was caught up in a tight group of riders looking to lead at the beginning of the race. The Spaniard held firm and defended constant attacks from rivals using the slipstream on the straights, gaining the advantage back on the twisty sections.

Three laps from the end, the Repsol rider was able to pull away just enough to break free and leave Salom and Cortese behind. He pushed the pace and clocked his fastest lap on his last time around the Silverstone circuit, taking the win and moving back into the lead of the World Championship —two points ahead of Cortese.

The race was less positive for Miguel Oliveira and Álex Rins. The Portuguese was held up at the start by the battles around him and, when he eventually moved into the lead group, his tyre wear was too severe to allow him to gain any further positions.

Teammate Álex Rins saw his race cut short on lap two. Riding twelfth, he collided with the rear of Niklas Ajo’s bike under braking and crashed out at 190 km/h, although thankfully he escaped serious injury. After a visit to the medical centre, he received a diagnosis of bruises and abrasions, plus a small fissure to his index finger which does not put his participation at Assen in doubt.

Maverick Viñales

1st - 38:55.210

"I’m very happy, because the majority of the race took place in groups without the chance to escape but I managed to find enough for victory. I really pushed with three laps to go. Luis Salom and Sandro Cortese had a lot of top speed on the straight, but I knew that I could beat them if I slowed them down. After a weekend in which we were fast in every condition, we took pole and the win. I’m also back ahead in the overall standings and now we have to keep that going or increase the advantage."

Miguel Oliveira

10th at 15.613 sec.

"That was a tough race. Our aim was to get a good start and try and gain places on the opening lap. Things went completely differently to how we had planned; we lost places at the start and didn’t get off the line well. It was a difficult weekend in general, particularly with the setting as we never found the compromise between the setup for the slow part of the track and that for the fast part.

We also missed out on the chance of putting in a fast lap yesterday, which would have allowed us to start from further up the order today. In any case, we were determined and caught up with the front group. From then on, my rear tyre was shot and there was no way that I could take many more risks, so I settled for tenth. I hope that we can be closer to the front next time out."

Álex Rins


"It is a shame, because on turn nine of lap two I made contact with another rider and I was thrown to the ground. I couldn’t do anything to avoid the crash. We should look ahead and try to recover as soon as possible in order to be in top form for the next race.”

CARETTA TECHNOLOGY - Silverstone GP - Race

Good race for Alexis Masbou for several laps in the lead and finished the race in 4th place despite clutch problems. The young Australian Jack is involved in a fall and can not finish the first lap.

Alexis Masbou: "I am happy even though I was hoping for something more. I started well and had a good feeling but a clutch problem forced me to slow down. Riding in those conditions was not easy because the rhythm was really high between the firsts riders. I thank the team for the good work. "

Jack Miller: "I started well and had recovered several positions, but at the fourth corner someone from behind taken me and I found myself catapulted to the ground. I am very sorry. "


It doesn’t rain on Silverstone for the race of the British Grand Prix, in this way the pubblic have seen three wonderful and fought races

Danilo Petrucci has finished the MotoGP race, won by Lorenzo, at the 17th position. The Came Iodaracing Team rider after a good start began to do a good pace fighting with the other CRTs untill the half of the race when an electric problem has decreased the power of TR003’s engine. In spite of this problem Danilo has finished the race in 17th position before Silva and Dovizioso.

Nice race for Simone Corsi that finished the Moto2 race at the 5th place despite a broken exaust system during the first lap. After a good start the Came Iodaracing Team rider began to gain positions catching the first group with Espargarò, Marquez, Iannone and Redding. The five riders started to fight for the victory when in the second part of the race Espargarò forced the pace getting a little gap that he has defended untill the end, winning the race. Behind him there were a big battle for the podium but Corsi and Iannone at five laps to the end lost the contact from Redding and Marquez for the second place sprint.

Luigi Morciano has finished at the 25th place in Moto3. The Ioda Team Italia rider did a good start from the 31st position and began to do a good pace that permitted to him to get some position. A mistake at five laps to the end deined to him to overtake Fuji and Issac Vinales. Jonas Folger was forced to retire for a problem to the gearbox during the third lap.

"It was a good race – Petrucci declared – we grew a lot in these days and today I got some good lap times, unfortunately at six laps to the end an electric problem to my TR003 made me lose a lot of power and I lost Edwards. The next race will be in Assen where I know the track and I like it very much”.

"I’m very happy – Corsi said – I did a very good race, I was very competitive fighting for the podium untill the end despite the problem to the exaust system of the first lap. I want to say thank you to FTR because the bike now has very good performance and to my team for their great work”.

"I’m very happy because I was faster than during the practices – Morciano declared – and I finished the race despite a little problem to the gearbox in the last laps. The things are going better and better and this is very good for the TR002 and for my mood”.

"I’m very disappointed – Folger said – I wished to do a good result here because I like this track very much and the bike today was ok, but unfortunately a problem to the gearbox forced me to retire”.

Sterling Effort at Silverstone for Binder

Brad Binder finished the Hertz British Grand Prix in 17th position, just outstide of the points, constantly running two seconds faster than his fastest lap in practice (2'19.944 ).

Brad experienced a challenging weekend, but together with Team RW Racing GP, a solution was found this morning after Warm Up that finally enabled Brad to find that pace that he had been lacking.

When the lights of the Moto3 British GP went on , Brad showed his trademark brilliant start, but during the first lap, Carretta Technology's Jack Miller high sided , and Brad had to stop in order to avoid him. This was not the only time Brad lost time; in fact after a few laps, while he was battling for a Top 15 position, Hector Faubel hit Jakub Kornfeil's rear tyre, while the Czech rider was overtaking him, and as a result the 16 year old South African ran wide, so the gap between him and the group of riders he was fighting with drastically increased.

It was a lonely ride from that moment for Brad, who signed his fastest lap time of the race on the 6th lap, 2'17.18 .

The young rider racing for team RW Racing GP isn’t satisfied with a 17th place, but at least he was finally able to finish a race.

Brad Binder: " A 17th place certainly isn’t the result I've been dreaming of, but at least I finished the race! We only found the solution to our problems after this morning's warm up, which allowed me to go much faster!

I had a few moments during the race, trying to avoid other riders who crashed or bumped into each other, but in the end I'm glad that I got to finish a race for the second time this season, even though a position in the points would have been better. Hopefully bad luck will stay away from me and my KALEX-KTM from now on! I would like to thank my team, and all the fans who follow me on Twitter, it was great to meet so many of them this weekend! I would also like to congratulate my Team Mate Luis Salom on riding a brilliant race and achieving a podium position."

RW Racing GP: “Brad Binder rode a lonely race after having to change the engine just before the race. The South African was send on his way with the message not to take too many risks but just bring the machine home. He finished 17th: just outside of the points.”

Team manager Johan Stigefelt: “Luis had a great race. He has never been so close to a victory. He had a fantastic battle. I’m sure he will win a race soon. He was strong all weekend. In Barcelona we had problems with the new chassis, but we kept on working on it and believing in it. I’d like to thank Kalex, KTM and the whole team for all the effort. Brad will get the new chassis in Assen.’’

Márquez conquers podium and championship

New lap record for Tom Luthi

Suter MMX2 rider Marc Márquez conquered third place and the lead in the Moto2 world championship at the British Grand Prix.

After a crash in free practice on Saturday morning, the Spanish teenager had aimed at a safe finish of the race and at getting the best possible position without taking too many risks. Márquez accomplished this task in brilliant style and presented the spectators with a thrilling fight against local hero Scott Redding and Italian Andrea Iannone, that went from the start to the very end. Márquez’ Spanish championship rival Pol Espargaró managed to open up a small gap und to pull away to score victory, but the fight for second place was open until the chequered flag came down. Up until the second last lap, Márquez seemed to have Redding under control, but then Redding pulled all stops in the final in front of more than 60000 British fans and reached the finish line four thousandths of a second before Márquez.

Tom Luthi, who had been the previous championship leader, left his mark with the fastest lap of the race and a new lap record on the Silverstone track. With his speed, he could have fought for a podium finish as well, but the Swiss Suter rider had suffered a highsider on lap three, was close to crashing and dropped behind the leading group. Without a chance to close the gap later on in the race, Luthi had to settle for eighth place.

The second Suter MMX2 rider from Switzerland, Dominique Aegerter, reached the finish line right after Luthi in ninth place and was happy about his second Top Ten result in a row. “It was a tough fight, because the pace was almost two seconds faster today than in qualifying on Saturday”, said Aegerter. “But I’m happy that I was able to confirm the good shape I’m in. In the next races, I am going to target the front group of riders!”

In the Moto3 category, Miguel Oliveira was the best Suter rider in tenth position. Team-mate Alex Rins crashed in only the second lap of the race.

In the MotoGP class, Suter BMW rider Colin Edwards finished in 16th position.

MotoGP Moto3 - Consistent race for Team Italia FMI with Fenati 7th and Tonucci 16th

Fenati showed maturity by fighting at the front and consolidating his fourth place in the championship. Tonucci gave a positive performance but suffered lack of rear grip.

At the start, the Italian riders kept their positions, with Fenati holding on to the front and Tonucci chasing the pack. Fenati showed his growth, battling throughout the 17 laps of the race and putting up a show with the leaders.

He closed in 7th position, racing to the checkered flag together with Masbou, Vazquez, and Kent. Viñales won ahead of Salom and Cortese.

With 9 points to his tally, Fenati consolidates his 4th position in the standings.

Tonucci fought fiercely, staying in the group behind the front runners in the first half of the race. A decay in rear grip pushed him out of the Top 15, denying him any points, but only at the very end.

Romano Fenati (Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#5) 7th, + 8"940

"Today was fun, and I hope people at home had fun too. I got off a good start and never lost contact with the front. This goes to show how with good teamwork we can always be competitive. Next race is Assen, a sacred temple for us riders. I can't wait to get there and race on such a historic track."

Alessandro Tonucci (Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#19) 16th, + 28"032

"It's been a tough race for us. The battle at the beginning kept me away from the front, and after 7 laps the right shoulder of my rear tyre was basically gone. I couldn't push as hard as I wanted. I tried to play it safe, but Ajo and Moncayo passed me at the end. Still, we collected some important data. I can't wait for next round."

Roberto Locatelli (FMI Technical Coordinator)

"Good teamwork today. We are growing as a group and getting better as far as our working method goes. I'm proud of the work done by the team and the riders. I expect Tonucci and Fenati to be ready to put up a fight in Assen. We'll surely have some fun, as we always do."


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