2012 Mugello Moto2 And Moto3 Sunday Post-Race Press Releases

Press releases after Sunday's races from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams:

Last gasp victory for Maverick Viñales

Repsol rider wins by 20 thousandths of a second at the Italian Grand Prix, his fifth victory from nine this season. Álex Rins places seventh and Miguel Oliveira crashes out.

After an extremely exciting final lap, Maverick Viñales came out on top at Mugello in a thrilling battle with Romano Fenati y Sandro Cortese. The Repsol rider responded to continuous attacks from his rivals and stood strong in the last lap sprint to the line, winning by just 20 thousandths of a second. This is Viñales’ fifth win of the season and cuts the gap between he and series leader Sandro Cortese to nine points.

Álex Rins spent a great deal of the race in the podium positions, and he took a creditable seventh place at Mugello. Teammate Miguel Oliveira was unable to finish after a crash.

Viñales wins in Italy and moves

closer to series lead

Repsol rider takes win by a hair at Mugello and pulls within nine points of the Moto3 lead. Rins places seventh on first visit to Mugello. Oliveira retires early after a crash.

Maverick Viñales wanted to make clear this weekend that his disappointment in Germany was firmly behind him. After placing first in four of the pre-race practice sessions and taking pole position for the Italian Grand Prix, the Spaniard concluded with victory at Mugello. Viñales waited patiently for his moment as the laps went by, watching on as a group of up to twelve riders was reduced little-by-little. Midway through the race, the group had split in half to consist of Vázquez, Fenati, Cortese, Antonelli, Kent, fellow Repsol rider Rins and the determined Maverick.

Whilst Rins had an excellent race on his first visit to the Italian track, Viñales was only thinking of victory and put himself into the lead with eight laps to go. He attempted to break away from the group, followed only by Fenati and Cortese. Rins dropped back as part of the chasing pack and fought with Vázquez, Antonelli and Kent for fourth place.

The final two laps featured an intense battle for victory between the leading three riders. Viñales maintained a fast pace to avoid overtakes, Fenati pegged onto his rear wheel and Cortese studied the duo from back in third. In the end, the Repsol rider won by just 20 thousandths of a second, ahead of Fenati and Cortese. This was his fifth triumph of the season and allows him to cut nine points off Cortese’s lead in the overall standings.

Álex Rins eventually placed seventh, whilst teammate Miguel Oliveira was unable to finish after suffering a crash.

Maverick Viñales

1st - 39:57.374

"At the start of the race it did not make sense to push hard, because the tyres were new and everyone could match the pace, so I waited until the tyres wore down a little and there were few laps left before upping the pace. I saw my chance when Danny Kent ran wide and I used it to split the group. I led for a number of laps, but I knew that the others had try and get past. I decided to exit the final corner first. It was a very close call, but after what happened in Germany a podium return and a victory is very good for us. It is good for our calm over the break. We return to action at a difficult track in Indianapolis, where there is a long straight and acceleration is needed, so we will have to improve and get stronger.”

Miguel Oliveira


“I got a good start and had a strong early few laps. I gained places and caught up with the lead group, but when you haven’t ridden at this pace for the entire weekend, you obviously feel the changes with your setup. The bike works in a different way under these conditions and this was one of the factors that caused my crash. We have to be positive and think that we have learnt a lot this weekend.”

Álex Rins

7th at 5.906 sec.

“I expected much more today. We should be satisfied with the result if we look at the situation as being my first time here in my rookie season, but it isn’t like that for me. My rear tyre went off mid-race and before the first Arrabbiata I had a scare that lost me ground on the lead group. I tried to ride my own race, but when you are part of a group this becomes difficult. One of my aims was to try not to lead into the final corner in order to be able to slipstream the riders ahead. However, we were unable to finish the race in the same way that we began. It is tough riding like this and it is a pity, because we had the pace to finish on the podium.”


MAPFRE Aspar rider recovers from bad start and two crashes from riders in front to take six points for overall tally

Once again, the Moto3 race at Mugello provided ample excitement for fans. High temperatures and the desire of the fourteen riders in the lead group guaranteed plenty of overtaking and plenty of challengers for the victory. A number of riders overreached early on (Moncayo, Salom and Oliveira) and gradually the lead pack was reduced in numbers, down to seven by lap seven and then subsequently just three (Viñales, Fenati and Cortese). Viñales won out in a close finish to the Italian Grand Prix, followed by Fenati and Cortese.

MAPFRE Aspar rider Héctor Faubel had a difficult start which lost him places, but he was a master on the brakes to regain ground immediately after. What he lacked at Mugello was a bit of good fortune, as when riding as part of the lead group he had to deal with a pair of crashes from those in front of him. He continued to push, joined by Kornfeil and Khairuddin. All three were riding in no-man's-land and Faubel was able to claim six points for his tital with tenth place.

Teammate Alberto Moncayo had the same plan as Faubel, and was up with the frontrunners early on. However, on the third lap he was taken out by contact with Luis Salom and was unable to complete the race.

10th Héctor Faubel: "The start was a difficult one for me, but fortunately my braking on the opening turn allowed me to regain the places that I had lost. I tried to stick with the front group. There were riders who got ahead of themselves and crashed out right in front of me. The second crash, that of Oliveira, came right as the group was making a push. The bike was in the middle of the track and I lost a lot of time avoiding it. I tried to keep up by giving my all. The weekend had been going well, and the only thing that we didn't have was luck in the race. We saw today that we are capable of leading, but we need to improve our acceleration with long gears that weill give us that little bit extra that we need to start thinking about podiums."

Alberto Moncayo (DNF): "I noticed that the clutch sensitivity in the warmup was really good, so I made a great start and got up to the lead group. I knew that I could do well today. We did a good job this morning and that made me comfortable in the opening three sectors. The engine has also improved a lot from race to race, and I was able to take a tow from the riders ahead of me and even pass them on the slipstream. I was very competitive today and wanted a good finish to the race, but Salom put himself in so tightly up the inside that he clipped my front brake and ran me off at turn three. I crashed and it was shame to end the weekend this way."

Márquez plays it safe to take fifth

Lack of perfect setup almost leads to crash at Mugello. Repsol rider still leads overall standings by 34 points.

Today was not a day for taking risks on an unattainable victory. That was clear to Marc Márquez, who decided after a close call with a crash that playing for points was the safest option at the Italian Grand Prix. The Spaniard picked up 11 points courtesy of a fifth place finish, taken with a bike setup that had not provided him with sufficient stability to think about a win.

The race started well for the Repsol rider, who took the holeshot and held onto the lead at the end of lap one. Behind him, Iannone, Luthi, Nakagami and Espargaró joined in the fun and the quintet broke free from the pack. After the initial laps, positions changed frequently and it looked like being a classic fight between the usual Moto2 suspects.

With 8 laps to go Espargaró took the lead and upped the pace, leaving the trailing pack over a second behind. One lap later, Márquez had a scare which nearly brought his race to a close. He thus decided to settle for fifth.

Iannone won with Espargaró in second and Luthi third. Márquez continues to lead the way in the overall standings, with an advantage of 34 points over his fellow Spaniard and today’s race winner, and 40 over Luthi.

Marc Márquez

5th at 3.796 sec

"We aren't satisfied. The best that we can say is that we have eleven more points, because at one point I thought that I was going to crash. We suffered a lot, to be honest. We have been making saves for the entire weekend. I noted excessive chattering on the opening lap and tried to ride more smoothly, more aggressively... any way I could. After almost crashing twice, I though about the title and decided that 11 points are better than none."


After today’s thrilling race at the circuit of Mugello, the ninth round of the season for the Moto2 class comes to an end.

This Sunday kicked off positively for Iannone, who confirmed to be among the fastest riders on track, as he set the second best lap time in the session. Starting from the third spot on the grid, Andrea took immediately part into the fight for the top positions, leaving the spectators breathless with incredible overtaking moves against his rivals. In the last part of the race, the rider from Vasto closed the gap that was between him and Espargaró, ensuring an outstanding first position on the last lap. With the points he got today, Andrea goes up to 129 points in the General Classification, sharing the second position with Espargaró.

After a warm up in which he managed to set some good lap times, in the race Andreozzi started from the twenty-ninth position on the grid. Alessandro was proving to have a consistent pace and to have a chance to come back, when a crash on the sixth lap forced him to finishing the Grand Prix without seeing the chequered flag.

Andrea Iannone #29 - 1st

“It was a great satisfaction and an incredible feeling to win at Mugello, with the support of the Italians here. It was a difficult race, Luthi, Marquez and Espargaró were very fast and I just tried and did my best. When Pol got some distance, I managed to close the gap and to fight till the chequered flag. I believed in it till the end, and we managed to win. Thanks to all the crew and the team for the awesome work and congratulations to Pol, Tom and Marc.”

Alessandro Andreozzi #22 - crashed out

“Unfortunately this race ended with a crash, so I’m leaving Mugello not as happy as I wished. On the other hand, in the whole I am satisfied for the progress we made during the weekend, I had a good feeling with the bike. I had quite a poor start, but I had a good pace and I was coming back. At the Arrabbiata 2 I lost the rear and I couldn’t do much but crashing out. I’d really like to thank my crew for all the work they’ve done.”

A race to forget

Mugello has not brought RW Racing GP what it hoped for. With Brad Binder riding a lonely race and finishing in 24th, and Luis Salom crashing out on 12th position in only the second lap the Italian GP is a race to forget.

The warm up session in the morning showed a determined Salom with faster lap times than he did in qualifying. But a relatively innocent touché on the fast home straight of the Mugello circuit ruined the Spaniards prospects just a few corners later.

Th e next race for Moto3 is Indianapolis in four weeks. The team is now going into a well-deserved summer break.

Brad Binder (24): "I had a good start, but in the last corner of the first lap I was pushed wide. I ran into the gravel and it took me a while to get back on the track. I had to start my race all over again. I was too far behind to make it back to the group to fight for some championship points. That would have been possible for sure, if you look at my lap times. It’s just another episode in the series of bad luck, I guess. Hopefully the summer break will bring an end to that streak.’’

Luis Salom (DNF): "My start was not perfect, but not too bad either. I did not want to take much risk in the beginning of the race and decided to stay in the group as long as we could stay in touch with the leading riders. The problem with riding in a big group like this one is that there is always someone who tries more than is possible. Someone touched me on the straight and hit my brake lever. It was straight up and I had to push it back in position somehow, or I couldn’t brake. Because of that I ran underneath Moncayo. He closed the door, I couldn’t brake properly and took both of us out. I’m really sorry for Moncayo, but I couldn’t do much about it. I’m okay, I didn’t hurt myself badly and I am still third in the championship. I have lost many points with this, but I realize anything is still possible.’’

Team manager Johan Stigefelt: "I have big respect for Brad that h e continued the race. There was so much more potential in this race. Looking at the data he could have been very close to the top 10. I feel sorry for him he couldn’t be there where he belongs. For Luis it is just a shame someone hit the brake lever. But ‘what if’ doesn’t count at this level unfortunately. Now we have the summer break the riders can recover and we will continue working. So will Kalex and KTM. They have done a lot of work for us in the first part of the season and I am sure they will continue during the summer as well. The new engine for Luis we got here is very fast. We expect a new one for Brad in Indianapolis.’’


MAPFRE Aspar rider places thirteenth, his best result of the season to date and confirmation of the hard work of him and his team

The Italian GP at Mugello kicked off at 12:20pm for the Moto2 class, with expectations high for a quality contest. Espargaró and Márquez had led the way in practice, but De Angelis and Iannone had also been close behind at their home round. Márquez took control early and there were up to five leaders all looking for victory as part of a tightly packed group. Márquez, Luthi and Nakagami had all had their turn, but Iannone eventually took the win in a great last lap fight, finishing just ahead of Espargaró and Luthi.

Hard work paid off today at Mugello for MAPFRE Aspar rider Nico Terol. Tenth on the grid, the Spaniard concluded a fantastic weekend with a great race performance. He was part of the lead group for a period, until a small lapse at the halfway mark led to him dropping down places. In the end he placed thirteenth, his best result of the season so far and a reward for his persistence and hard work.

In his las trace for the MAPFRE Aspar Team, Toni Elías wanted to go out with a bang in Italy. The former World Champion started from 23rd, but he was up to ninth by lap eleven. However, three laps later he was caught out by turn five of the Mugello circuit, losing the front of his bike and crashing out. Satisfied with his showing before the incident, Elías thanks the team for their efforts over the past nine races.

13th Nico Terol: "This has been my best weekend of the year. I am very happy to have found a good feeling with a bike again. I am starting to go fast with the Moto2, faster every time, and this is very positive. We took a big step forward in qualifying and today's warmup was excellent. The opening laps of the race were spectacular and it has been a while since I was up with the leaders. At mid-race we had some battles with other riders which made me lose a little concentration. I think a top eight finish would have been on the cards were it not for that. The entire weekend has been positive, so I go into the break feeling very optimistic. I had some problems with my left arm, because I felt a twinge yesterday and had to go to the clinic. I am happy with our work and with our race pace. We are closer to the leading riders every time and just need to keep focused for the second half of the races."

Toni Elías (DNF): "I am very happy, despite the crash. I started from far back and gained a lot of positions in just a few laps. We made some changes this morning in the warmup that allowed me to keep up my strong pace later in the race. I was getting closer to the leading group when I crashed. The team did a good job with the setup for the race. I gave my all and had some problems, but at least I can take the positives from having made that comeback through the field. Fortunately I was uninjured in the crash. Today was my last race for the MAPFRE Aspar Team and I want to thank every member of the team. Above all, thanks to Jorge, because he has treated me fantastically and has shown what a great person he is. In the end we have made an amicable split. Our paths continue and I wish the MAPFRE Aspar Team all the best."

Fantastic fourth for Smith in Mugello thriller

Bradley Smith took a fantastic fourth place in a thrilling Gran Premio d'Italia TIM Moto2 race today, the Tech 3 Racing Team rider finishing just over one second behind winner Andrea Iannone.

Smith took full advantage of his sixth position on the grid to attack for the podium right from the start of a 21-lap race that took place in hot and humid conditions at the majestic Mugello circuit.

In a typically frantic opening, Smith dropped back from fourth to ninth with the leading group constantly changing places in a ra ce that once again demonstrated how exciting and tense the action in the Moto2 World Championship is. Smith's push for his first podium of the campaign started on lap 12 when he moved within striking distance of World Championship leader Marc Marquez in fifth position. His magnificent pursuit of the leading trio involving Iannone, Pol Espargaro and Thomas Luthi remained relentless and on lap 19 he set the third fastest lap of the race.

The 21-year-old started the final lap poised to mount a late attack for the podium, but despite putting Luthi under immense pressure, the Swiss rider displayed ice cool nerves to ride a faultless last lap that denied Smith third by just 0.128s.

Smith was still delighted to have scored his best result of the season and shown that Tech 3 Racing's Mistral 610 machine is one of the most competitive on the closely contested Moto2 gr id. The 13-points gained today moved Smith to within eight-points of the top six in the World Championship rankings.

Xavier Simeon also made an aggressive start and he recovered seven places on the first lap, moving immediately into the top 20 from 26th on the grid. The Belgian rider quickly found himself in a battle for the points but his challenge was ended when he crashed out of 19th place on lap eight after Axel Pons fell in front of him at the final corner.

Bradley Smith 4th – 69 points:

“That was an awesome race and it feels great to be fighting for the podium again. I struggled a bit at the beginning of the race when the other guys had new tyres because we focus on making the Mistral 610 fast on worn tyres. And that really paid off because in the se cond half of the race today I felt really strong and fast. I made a couple of aggressive moves and I was lucky a few times when some other riders went wide and I could get through. But I gave absolutely everything I had today and the bike was amazing, especially in the corners. The Tech 3 Racing Team did an amazing job and I really wanted a podium for them. I was probably only going to have a lonely fourth but Thomas made a mistake with about three laps to go and that put me right back with him. I gave it my all at the end but credit to him because he didn't crack under pressure and he never gave me a chance to take third. It would have been great to get on the podium again but now we go into the summer break on the back of a positive result and we can look forward to Indianapolis with a lot of optimism that we will be up there battling for the top three again.”

Xavier Simeon: DNF – 17 points:

“I made a really good start and was already inside the top 20 at the end of the first lap. A few riders passed me on the straight and then I lost contact with the group involving Krummenacher and Zarco. But I think I could have finished comfortably in the points and possibly around 12th. I was finding a good rhythm when Pons crashed in the last corner and I could not avoid him so we crashed out together. It's pity because we had some bad luck and a few problems during the whole weekend and could never perform like we did in Sachsenring last week. Now I just hope to recover well during the summer break and get back to the good feeling I had in Germany at the next round in Indianapolis.”

Herve Poncharal – Team Manager:

“That was an incredible race an d I'm delighted with Bradley's performance. Bradley did an incredible job from the start to the finish line and he pushed like a demon. We know he is a fighter and today he rode like a true champion. He was only one second away from the win and after all that effort he really deserved to finish on the podium. I'm also happy for the Tech 3 Racing Team. Everybody has been working non-stop to put the Mistral 610 back at the front in Moto2 and they can now start their summer break with a lot of satisfaction about today's result. We can also take a lot of confidence from today into the remainder of the season. It's a big shame that Xavier crashed today. During the whole weekend he could not show his true potential that we could clearly see in Sachsenring. Now we have to look forward but I am sure the break will allow him to be 100% fit for Indianapolis and fighting back inside the points. I'm sure too that Bradley's result will be a boo st for him as it is the first time the Mistral 610 has been so close to the front in 2012.”


After the fantastic Sachsenring result, Caretta Technology Team wasn't able to obtain good positions on the italian track of Mugello. Masbou finished 12th gaining some points. Miller was 21. The Australian learned soon the right paths but he wasn't able to do better. Both the riders complain problems with the cyclistic setting of their bikes. They enlarged all the corners riding too much asphalt. The technical staff is studing some new chassis solutions to use from Brno GP.


Niccolò Antonelli backed up his impressive qualifying performance with an excellent showing in the race at Mugello today, equalling his best result of the season so far in fourth place. The Moto3 rookie fought hard in the lead group for much of the race and was unfortunate to miss out on the battle for a podium finish when the front three made a break in the latter stages. The youngster was disappointed in the end but can take huge encouragement from his progress, which suggests a bright future.

Niccolo’ Antonelli (4th) “Fourth place isn't bad even though we ended up a little way off the fight for the podium today. Unfortunately because of one of the riders in our group we lost contact with the front guys and we weren't able to recover. It's a shame but I think today we have taken a positive step forward. Obviously we have work to do to get more confidence on this bike but I think from now onwards we can start to have fun.”

Fausto Gresini “Niccolò didn't do badly at all! It was just a shame he missed out when the front three made a break and he got stuck battling with the guys around him. But he did a great job and set some very good lap times. He is making progress and working well, even though he is disappointed today because he would have liked to carry the fight to Fenati, with whom he has a healthy rivalry. Overall it was the right result and a good step forward.”

Hard fought sixth for Redding at Mugello

Mugello, Italy - 15 July 2012: Scott Redding took a hard fought sixth place in today's Italian Moto2 Grand Prix at Mugello to retain fifth position in the championship standings. Mika Kallio fought his way through the field from 22nd on the grid, eventually crossing the line in 11th position.

Redding, starting from seventh on the grid after a difficult qualifying session yesterday, got a good start that saw him latch onto the back of the leading group on the opening lap. Rather than go all out from the start to make up places the 19-year-old Briton opted instead to settle into a good rhythm before picking off his rivals one-by-one.

Progress through the field was steady, with the result that Redding was one of six riders all battling for the lead as the race entered the final stages. The Marc VDS rider pushed hard in the closing laps to try and break into the top five, eventually putting a pass on Marc Marquez for fifth place on the final lap, only to lose it again as the Spaniard used his weight advantage to drive past on the straight.

Kallio was also forced to battle his way through the field today, after a crash during yesterday's qualifying session saw him start today from the eighth row of the grid. The 29-year-old Finn made up eight places on the opening lap and, by half race distance, had moved his way into the top ten.

Kallio looked set to continue his upward progress until the return of the chatter that has affected so many of his races this season. The Marc VDS rider then struggled to maintain his previous pace, was forced to concede tenth place to Johann Zarco and did well to fight off challenges in the final laps to finish in 11th position.

Scott Redding #45: 6th Position

"The front tyre we used today takes a couple of laps before it starts working properly, so I wasn't pushing too hard from the start. Even then I had a couple of moments before I felt confident enough to really start pushing. Once the tyre came in I was able to make up places quite quickly, but I just didn't have the pace to close on the battle for the podium. Towards the end I managed to catch Marc Marquez, but it was difficult to pass him as I was losing so much on the straight. On the final lap I managed to squeeze through on him for fifth, but as soon as the track straightened out he just cruised past me without even needing to use the slipstream! I'm happy enough to score points here at Mugello, a track that has always been difficult for me, and now I'm looking forward to Indy, which is the complete opposite."

Mika Kallio #36: 11th Position

"The bike felt good from the start and I was able to make up places quickly on the opening laps, eventually joining the leading group of riders. I was pretty confident I could work my way closer to the front, but then at half race distance I started to struggle with chatter once again. It's the same problem we've had in previous races and it's starting to get annoying now. We've tried many different set-ups to eliminate the problem, none of which have worked. Now we need to look at the engine and the clutch for the cause, because we have to sort this issue out. Today the chatter meant my lap times dropped off because I just couldn't push. I'm disappointed to finish outside the top ten for the first time this season, especially when I could have been top five without the chatter issue."

Michael Bartholemy: Team Principal

"It's been a difficult weekend for Scott, but today he rode an intelligent race to finish sixth and consolidate fifth position in the championship standings. The temptation was for him to go all out from the start, leaving himself with grip issues later on in the race, but instead he stayed cool and picked off places as the race progressed. Again he was losing ground accelerating out of the turns; otherwise I think he could have mounted a stronger challenge on Smith and Marquez. Mika could have been in the top ten once again today, but for the chatter that has plagued him this season. We need to look more closely at the engine and clutch, as these could well be the cause of the problem. Whatever the cause, we need to find a solution, as Mika is more than capable of finishing inside the top five every weekend without this problem."


Ratthapark Wilairot achieved his main objective at Mugello today, which was to finish the race, but he missed out on the points by a single position as he crossed the line in sixteenth place. It was a respectable finish from the Thai rider, who battled throughout the race with the discomfort of an arm-pump problem.

Ratthapark Wilairot (16th) “Not a bad finish to a difficult weekend, with a lot of crashes and a bad starting position. In the race I was able to recover some ground and could have done better if it wasn't for an arm pump problem in the later stages. I tried to adapt my riding and brake less but it was very painful. I have only ever had this problem once before, in Qatar earlier this year, so when I go back to Thailand I will go and see the doctor to check it over.”

Fausto Gresini “Feem gave it his best shot today and was unlucky to miss out on the points. Unfortunately he had a physical problem and that certainly didn't help matter but it's been a tough weekend.”


Another race, another result that provides very little in the way of satisfaction to the team. Gino Rea again struggled to find enough confidence in the bike to push for a points finish and his disappointment is shared by the team.

Gino Rea. (19th) “It has been a difficult day. After the crash in warm-up we went back to yesterday's session. At the beginning of the race the bike felt better but from the middle of the race when the fuel load drops and the tyres wear we lose weight on the front and grip on the side, which makes it is so difficult to change direction and exit the corners. We learnt a lot from this race so we will try to take that forward and with some testing over the summer we can really improve this package.”

Fausto Gresini “There is not much I can say. I am so disappointed and I think some important decisions need to be made because we cannot continue for the rest of the season in this way, without challenging for results.”


It’s a wounderful sunny day in Mugello for the Italian Grand Prix, just the strong wind created some problems to the riders causing some crashes.

Danilo Petrucci has finished his race just after three laps for a crash. After a good start, the Came Iodaracing Team rider was fighting in the CRT’s leading group when at the beginning of the fourth lap he has lost the front of his bike finishing in the gravel.

Simone Corsi has finished in 18th position in Moto2 class. The Roman rider, with a broken rib for the crash during the practice of yesterday, did a good start and riding in the leading group since the tenth lap when he made a mistake in the first corner. From that moment Corsi decided to not push hard because of the pain, and has finished the race in 18th place.

In Moto3 class Luigi Morciano has got the 27th place, while Jonas Folgers had to retire during the sixth lap because the engine of his TR002 suddenly has lost power.

"I did a good start and I was fighting in the CRTs’ leading group – Petrucci declared – but during the fourth lap at Poggio Secco corner I lost the front of my TR003 and I crashed out. We were quite competitive on this track and this is very positive looking to Laguna Seca race”.

"It was a very hard race – Corsi said – my FTR was very good and we were very competitive for all the week end. In the first part of the race I was fighting in the leading group, then I did a mistake and I decided to not push because in every brake and change of direction I feel a strong pain”.

"I’m not happy for this result – Morciano declared – the only positive thing is that my engine has over 800 km and this is good for the TR002 evolution”.

"During the warm up my engine was very good – Folger said – but during the race after six laps it lost a lot of power and I decided to retire. Now there is a long pause of the championship and the Emir and Iodaracing technicians can work a lot on the TR002”.

Gearbox problems slow Toni Finsterbusch and Mike di Meglio

Both MZ factory riders Toni Finsterbusch and Mike di Meglio could have scored world championship points at the Grand Prix of Italy, but ran into gearbox problems.

Moto3 rider Toni Finsterbusch had started from 21st place on the grid, but moved up to a group of riders that battled for tenth place. But his plan of getting right into the middle of the pack and therefore within reach of the point rankings didn’t work out due to a temporary failure of his gearbox. “In the end, Toni missed the point rankings. But he rode his best lap of the weekend in the last lap of the race, which was 0.7 seconds faster than his previous best time. He did very well at his first race on this challenging circuit. His height is also a factor because aerodynamics are crucial in the Moto3 category”, said MZ CEO Martin Wimmer.

Team-mate Mike de Meglio, who replaced injured MZ rider Alex Lundh at Mugello, was also close to the point rankings when a gearbox problem on his Moto2 bike forced him to go straight into the gravel trap. “He continued after the mishap, which was great”, said Wimmer. “After the incident, he clocked good lap times in the 1.54’s and he made it to the checkered flag. Considering that he worked with a new team and new mechanics this weekend, he did a good job”, added MZ Racing Team manager Peter Rubatto.

Toni Finsterbusch (Moto3) – 18th position:

”I am not happy with my result. I don’t like to finish in the last place of a group of riders. I tried to get further in front on the second last lap, but then I missed a gear and I lost lots of speed so the others passed me again on the straight. I was 0.7 seconds behind this group of riders before the last lap of the race and managed to catch up again. I tried to take a lot of momentum onto the final straight, but when I shifted into fourth and fifth gear I realized that I didn’t have enough speed to improve my result. In comparison to the others, I am a bit too tall for a Moto3 bike. My motorcycle worked really well and if a smaller rider had been on it today, it would have been even faster.”

Mike di Meglio (Moto2) – 22nd position:

“I don’t know what happened exactly. I approached a corner, shifted down and all of a sudden, I was in first gear. There was no other way than going straight. Now we have to check what happened. It’s a pity because I was close to the point rankings.“

MotoGP Moto3 - Team Italia on the podium in Mugello with Fenati (2nd)

Romano misses the victory by 0.02 seconds, Tonucci almost scores points

Fenati gave a great performance in front of home fans and, after running at the front throughout the race, he barely missed the victory.

After starting from third row, he mixed audacity and strategy in his overtakes. Lapping constantly under the 2 minute mark, Romano did not let Viñales and Cortese pull away, followed by Antonelli in fourth position.

With 8 laps to go, the rider signed the fastest lap with a 1'58"642 and pulled away together with the two at the front, fighting for the victory until the very end. He was just 0.020 seconds behind Viñales on the finish line.

With this results, he goes back in fourth position in the standings behind Cortese, Viñales, Salom and leads among the rookies.

Starting from the 19th spot, Tonucci tried a comeback but was slowed down by traffic early on. He managed to climb back from 25th place to 14th, fighting for points with Martin, Calia, Techer and Finsterbusch. In the final rush, he closed in 16th position.

Michael Ruben Rinaldi (wild-card and Team Italia Moto3 rider in the CIV championship), scored his first point in the world stage, finishing 15th.

Romano Fenati (Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#5) 2nd, + 0"020

"It's been a hard and fair race. When we lap so close, everyone could win and I'm happy for my result. Now we have a little break, but I want to stay focused on what we've done so far. I can't wait to head to Indy, as it has a fascinating history."

Alessandro Tonucci (Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#19) 16th, + 36"285

"I didn't start well but once I found my rhythm I came back. I tried to attack and did some good overtakes. Before last lap I virtually had points, but I was pipped in the slipstream during the last straight. The first half of the season ends here, and I hope the second half is better."

Roberto Locatelli (FMI Technical Coordinator)

"Romano proved to be a top rider in Moto3. Alessandro got off a difficult start, but came back nicely. The team is working at its best, and we're ready to face the second half of the championship."

Stumble for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team at Mugello

It has not been a good day for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team here at Mugello where the expectations were so high. A complicated beginning of race with De Angelis touching with another rider after the first turn causing him to go long and with Takahashi having the exact same problem and ended up going long.

The comeback during the race for the Japanese rider made him finish in 17th position very close to the points, while the rider from San Marino, at the team’s home race, ended the race after only three laps due to a crash exiting the Casanova Savelli turn.

Yuki Takahashi

“The start was not very good and then I made a mistake entering the first corner in the wrong gear and that made me lose positions. In this weekend everyone has worked very hard and I am very happy with the general setting. It is getting better and better. During the race we had some problems but the setting was good. I am sorry I wasn’t able to make a good result for the team’s home race. From now on I want to concentrate on making good results in this second half of the season.”

Alex de Angelis – not classified

“Unfortunately what happened today during the race is what had already happened before during the free practices, in the change of direction the bike is very unstable. After a good start of the race I touched with rider and went long on the first turn and lost positions. I was pushing to comeback and exiting the Casanova Savelli the bike was going too fast and I couldn’t do anything else other than go straight. I tried to break before the barriers in order not to crash. I am really sorry because I thought it could have been a good race today with good results. Even if it is only our third race with the FTR we have achieved a lot so far.”

Pietro Caprara - Moto2 Technical Director

"Unlucky race for Alex De Angelis, who after only three laps lost control of his bike for reason that we are currently analyzing. We are analyzing the problem that we thought we had solved but that seems to have resurfaced during the beginning of the race. It was a real shame for the contact in the first turn with another rider. It was a beginning of race in which he was gaining positions until the crash. Unlucky race for Yuki Takahashi as well, in which at the end of the first lap went straight after a touching with another rider. An uphill race from the start with a big gap, which is a shame because he could have fought in the Top8 positions with the pace he had during rest of the race.”

Brad finishes out of the points at Mugello

The Gran Premio D'Italia TIM didn't end up as Brad Binder and team RW Racing GP hoped: a 24th place is certainly very disappointing.

After a great start that brought him into 13th position , the young South African went straight in the last corner, which cost him a lot of time. "Bradical" found himself in last position, and after over taking a few riders it was basically a lonely ride for him. This mistake prevented him from having a good race, even though he absolutely had the potential to obtain a position in the points.

This result definitely disappointed Brad, who was really looking forward to racing on the Italian track, which is his favourite on the whole MotoGP calendar. The weekend hadn't started in the best way, in fact Brad and his crew had to deal with the usual technical challenges, but the situation wasn't too bad, and knowing what a great racer Brad is, confidence levels remained optimistic for a finish in the points.

Brad Binder : " I'm really disappointed. I love this track and I would have loved to get a good result here but unfortunately I went wide in the last corner during the first lap, and that was basically it.

Now we have a month to rest and get some energy back after these tough 3 races in a row! Let's hope my luck changes in the second part of the season!"

Brad with his SA Fans

A contingent of SA Fans made the trip to Mugello to support Brad - pictured with Brad and brother Darryn are - Christo Reeders, Armando Loureiro, Leisel Hauzer, Kaz Hauzer, Audrey Johnson and Alessia Landi.


Team manager Johan Stigefelt: “I have big respect for Brad that he continued the race. There was so much more potential in this race. Looking at the data he could have been very close to the top 10. I feel sorry for him he couldn’t be there where he belongs. Now we have the summer break the riders can recover and we will continue working. So will Kalex and KTM. They have done a lot of work for us in the first part of the season and I am sure they will continue during the summer as well. The new engine for Luis we got here is very fast. We expect a new one for Brad in Indianapolis.’’

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