Official Confirmation, Part 2: Yamaha Announces 2-Year Deal With Valentino Rossi

After official confirmation from Ducati that Valentino Rossi would be leaving at the end of the season, now comes the official press release from Yamaha, announcing he has been signed to a two-year deal to race for them in 2013 and 2014. The Italian will line up alongside Jorge Lorenzo for the next two years, and the press release makes their goal very obvious: winning the triple crown of rider, manufacturer and team championships. Below is the press release from Yamaha:


Friday 10th August, 2012 - Gerno di Lesmo (Italy)

It is with great pleasure that Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd confirms the signing of Valentino Rossi to ride for the Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP Team for 2013 and 2014.

Valentino Rossi first joined Yamaha in 2004 and achieved four MotoGP World Champion titles with the Yamaha YZR-M1 in 2004 & 2005 and again in 2008 & 2009. He won 46 Grand Prix races with Yamaha over a 7 year period before leaving at the end of the 2010 MotoGP season.

Rossi, who is presently 8th in the Championship standings, will partner Jorge Lorenzo who currently leads the 2012 MotoGP World Championship by 23 points, having taken five victories from the first ten completed races of the 18 race series.

Lin Jarvis

Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Racing

“This announcement is once again excellent news for Yamaha. In June we were able to sign Jorge Lorenzo for the 2013-14 campaign and now we are able to confirm Valentino Rossi for the next two years. In doing so we have been able to put together the strongest possible team to challenge for victories and to promote the Yamaha brand.

We have run this ‘super team’ together in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and during that time we achieved the ‘triple crown’ titles with Rider, Manufacturer and Team World Championship victories for three consecutive years.

The target for the future is obvious and we will do our utmost to achieve our goals.

I have no doubt that with the experience, knowledge, skills and speed of these two great champion riders we will be able to challenge for many race wins and for the 2013 & 2014 World Championship titles.

The signing of Valentino completes our future planning for the Yamaha Factory Racing MotoGP Team. Now that this is done we will put our 100% efforts into completing the job at hand and to supporting Ben Spies and Jorge Lorenzo in their search for race victories and for Jorge’s 2012 World Championship title challenge.”


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Shock of the summer Rossi going back to old pastures good luck to Rossi he will need it next year for sure when he goes head to head with Lorenzo.

Don't really give a monkeys about the politics, but I will be so happy to watch Rossi on a competitive bike again! Going to be tough to beat Lorenzo of course, but 2 years of watching the GOAT on a real machine before he calls it a day is great news for me!

Honda must be plain crazy, Livio may find himself working full time on the dakar project after this unless they know Casey will do a u-turn... Marquez and Dani and against Jorge and Rossi..If Casey ever wanted a chance to silence his critics taking the fight to yamaha next year would be it.. Hugely disappointing, would have loved to see him back at Honda against Jorge. Won two titles back to back(something no one else has done in the last 20 or so years and yamaha still shafted him, no way will he the rub of the green..

simply sticking to their plan, promoting Marquez and working on the mid-term future. Eventually hiring Rossi would have done nothing to stop Lorenzo in the future. Don't forget he's good for the best part of a decade or even more.

I think jlo, at this point in his career, has been faster than rossi as well as more consistent ever since 2010. But, as stated over and over, never count the doctor out. He is coming from a pig of bike to an established winner. The feeling he gets when he swings his leg over the 1000cc yamaha and the effect it will have on rossi’s mind just might be what is needed. Plus, rossi and jlo have never raced each other on competetive 1000cc machinery before, as rossi was diluted by the duc. As I remember, rossi had a pretty good record during the 990 era

I think next year will be very interesting, and this is just what we need.

Lorenzo said in 2009 that he didnt have to beat Rossi, but Rossi had to beat him. I think it will be the other way around.

I know Rossi will have accepted that he will be the number 2 at Yamaha, but that doesnt mean he won't be fighting to win the championship if he can. Rossi has never been the underdog when on a competitive bike before.

I know Lorenzo is as mentally strong as any rider we've ever seen, but he could be in for some real pressure next year. I wonder will Rossis mind games make a re-appearance?

I wonder what Yamaha would say if Rossi and Lorenzo are close on points with 4 or 5 rqaces to go in 2013. Or worse still, if there was a 3rd rider also in with a realistic chance of the championship.

I think that next year lorenzo will need to beat rossi. When rossi was fit on the yamaha he had lorenzo's number many times. Lorenzo is a great talent, and yes people keep saying he beat him loads in 2010, but people forget rossi was out for 3-5 races, and when he came back, it still took a couple of races to get back into, i mean come on he suffered a broken leg, ofcourse lorenzo would whipp him. But towards the end of the year with rossi getting more confidence and ability on the bike... he showed lorenzo that he still has it. Remember Motegi? sepang? ok sepang lorenzo was more concerned about the title. Look at 2010 at a 'wet' french gp, rossi did lorenzo again which didnt go down well, ok it was because the duke was working due to the conditions but rossi has shown that he can still beat the best, and im sure lorenzo would still beat him aswell. I also dont believe Yamaha would make rossi a number 2, they are alot like Mclaren in f1... they allow their riders to race every race. Catalyuna 2009 comes to mind, its going to be a good season next year. I dont think people can take too much from the testing though as each rider has different duties etc to do.

Lorenzo has commented several times in the past that he never had the opportunity to try and beat Rossi in a proper head-to-head scrap. This could be very interesting for the championship.

And, in my humble and no doubt poorly-informed opinion, I think that Rossi's time on the Ducati has taught him to be pragmatic as much as, if not more than, it has dented his confidence.

Both riders have said that the situation is now very different from when Rossi left Yamaha (no need for dividing wall, etc, etc). Rossi knows that Yamaha is focused on Jorge for its future, and seems to just be happy that they're letting him play with their ball (or bike, in this case).

Of course, don't expect this new found calm to translate onto the track. If anything, a happy, untroubled Rossi could be even more dangerous.

This is great news for Yamaha. With Stoner leaving they will have little to no resistance in the title hunt 2013 and 2014. When we had Stoner on the Ducati we had three manufacturers challenging for victories.
I fear next year may be quite boring. No one to challenge for wins on the Ducati, and a mediocre Honda with Pedrosa and a rookie. There will be Yamaha 1 and 2 on the podium(or in the gravel) all season. But then again that might be fun, remember Catalunya 2009?

With the dominence from Yamaha\Lorenzo so far this year, I expect Honda to pull out all the stops to make Pedrosa and Marques competitive in the future.

Or Honda wouldn't have lost 4 of the last 5 titles. Yamaha obviously have a brilliant machine just as they have dome for a long time now. Honda don't sit around with their thumbs up their butts and then suddenly decide to start trying.

Let's see how MM does next year and then maybe in 2014 he'll be fighting for wins. He picked up the Moto2 bikes really quickly. Not necessarily a indicator for riding a GP bike but a good sign at least. Point is, I don't think you can count MM out in 2014.

"Better than Lorenzo."
Not bloody likely.

Maybe you mean "better than Lorenzo was in _his_ first year, 2008"?

JLo started his GotoGP career with 1 win + 5 podiums. I don't know about outright wins, but 5 podiums for MM should be quite possible, depending on how many times the other 3 factory riders have an off day.

Now ring the wholesale changes? Will Preziosi finally admit that he needs to fundamentally look at the bikes design? I hope so, because if they don't, Ducati Corse will not make it past 2014 in the Moto GP paddock.

The list of riders that have not got to grips with the D16s vague front end is exhaustive.

The list of riders that can ride around it is just one.

IMO this proves that the problem is in the bikes DNA and the ability to ride around that problem is only in Stoners DNA, and even he eventually got sick of losing to riders on better machinery and promptly romped to the title on a well sorted Honda.

They definitely need to completely re-think their approach. Unfortunately their "Junior team" strategy of trying out young hopefuls seems like desperation and an inability to admit it was Casey that kept winning despite the bikes problems. It could be decades before Ducati catch lightening in a bottle again, if ever.

I'm so happy for The Doc that he can be on a competitive bike again. People have such short memories, Rossi had an injured shoulder from a motocross training accident that hampered him from the second race on, then a broken leg at Mugello. he wanted to get surgery but delayed it to try the Duc.

I hear ppl talking about Jlo beating Rossi in '10 but Rossi was not fit and used to get tired from a lot of riding. When Rossi was fit he used to beat Jlo regularly, b4 some of u comment go check ur stats on Motogp .com from '08 and '09 when he was fit.

Go VR46, i'm one of ur greatest fans n it wud b gud 4 d sport 2 c sum close racing 4 a change bcuz without u in d mix there weren't many close nailbiters.

In response to Hottbaje - "I hear ppl talking about Jlo beating Rossi in '10 but Rossi was not fit and used to get tired from a lot of riding. When Rossi was fit he used to beat Jlo regularly, b4 some of u comment go check ur stats on Motogp .com from '08 and '09 when he was fit."

Ok... Really?

If you want to use the argument of being unfit, then use it for Rossi's 2009 championship as well. Dont pick and choose to use it when it favors rossi. In 2009 Lorenzo did not score any points in 4 of the races. Meanwhile plagued with injuries of his own and still finished only 45 points behind Rossi.

By the same logic you live by, the only reason Rossi won in 2009 was because Lorenzo crashed and was injured.

When it comes down to it, both are deserving of their championships and neither can be discredited from the mistakes of the other rider. Stop being homo for Rossi and just enjoy the racing.

Both 2009 and 2010 were both influenced by injury, but I have seen many opinions based upon 2010 to justify Rossi's impending schooling in 2013.

I'm not sure either year holds much correlation to next year. If Lorenzo himself still says he wants to beat Rossi fair and square, then I will take that as a clear indication that we haven't seen it yet.

As for my own prediction... I think it's going to be hard for Rossi, but he has more of a chance on the Yam than the Duc.

Not strictly true. Rossi won in 2008 and was the favourite for 2009 What Jorge didn't do was assert his dominance until Rossi got injured. To suggest Jorge would have been on top regardless but for injury is pure speculation at best. Rossi took control of motogp in his 2nd season and maintained it for many years and won his first time out on bs tyres what Jorge has an excuse for is not improving, Rossi also failed to finish races in 2009 as well. Still will be hard for Rossi he's been at the top for a long time, but the yam front end will rejuvenate him some. Hondas prob is that they are the first people he'll take points from.

I recall Rossi spending a winless 12 months on the M1. I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen again.

On the side :
I took the time to read your comment. You should take the time to write intelligently. This - "it wud b gud 4 d sport 2 c sum close racing 4 a change bcuz without u in d mix there weren't many close nailbiters" - shows you as lazy and inconsiderate of others and makes me want to stick screwdrivers in my eyes with the hope of puncturing my brain.

"I recall Rossi spending a winless 12 months on the M1. I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen again."

You might want to check the season results again, pretty sure there wasn't a winless year at Yamaha. (Ducati yes)

feel sorry for Dovi. Where's he got to go now except stay at Tech 3? He deserves better. That's how tight the competition is at the top. He had his shot at Honda... and you only get one shot.

Still, he's an awesome rider... respect!

As for Rossi vs Jorge... bring it on! Dani will be tough next year though. He'll be leading that team.

"feel sorry for Dovi. Where's he got to go now except stay at Tech 3? He deserves better. That's how tight the competition is at the top. He had his shot at Honda... and you only get one shot."


Dovi is a good rider but I don't he got that 'something' to become the champion (unless all the aliens get seriously injured). He can be consistent for 4th or 5th position in every race whatever prototype bike he rides - even in a DUCATI - and that's it.

I just hope to hell that he doesn't go to Ducati, that'd be a shame. Maybe Gresini will ditch Bautista for an Italian rider? Or is he still under contract?

If he does though or if Cal does and can somehow make that bike work and finish ahead of Rossi by years end what will that say about Rossi and the move Yamaha didn't make by signing one of them?

Doesn't every rider on the grid want to show that either they were the right choice or that not hiring them was a mistake?

I too don't care about the politics, statistics, past form and bunkum, but I'm really pleased to look forward to some great racing next year.

George may be faster rider now, but we don't know, and we'll see, that's the great thing about this sport, no certain outcomes.

Bring it on!!!

The move always looked inevitable after Bens announcement and poor showing this season but I reckon Rossi's mind was made up this time last year already.
All that was needed was was a little behind the scenes manoevering. If there was to be the faintest glimmer of a move back to Yamaha factory he was going to pounce.
Well,thats out of the way.
The interest now switches back to Ducati signings.
Either way,Dovi missed be fuming inside.
So much for Yamaha bringing their riders up through the ranks based on merit.
Anyway,I'm very pleased Rossi will be back with Yamaha next year.
Some at Ducati may regret the move and others I'm sure are breathing a sigh of relief. Now they can get on with things without the pressure and intense media scrutiny week in and week out.
Additionally they can focus development on Hayden's input only for the remainder of the season.
For sure there will be no love letters exchanged post Valencia 2012.

Firstly, Rossi should never have left. He should have swallowed his pride and accepted the pay cut. Which is easy for me to say!

Second, you have to start feeling for Pedrosa. He's looking more and more like Mamola, the fastest person with the most 2nd places but never winning a championship.

1. All that talk about physical fitness in 2010, what could have been, what should have been is nothing more than absolutely useless hot air. Flat out bullshit. Take a look at how Jorge did that year. Take a look at how Valentino did that year. That's all that matters. End of discussion. When the year is over, your won/lost record is all that counts.

How they will do in 2013 is a whole 'nother matter. We'll see. And everyone predicting here is probably going to be wrong.

2. Forgotten in all the bruhaha: Nicky Hayden is now senior rider at Ducati. It'll be interesting to see how that is handled. No doubt the racing record after the first 4-5 races will factor in.

The best riders gravitate to the best bikes.

MotoGP just got a transfusion it was unwilling to admit it needed.

I was burned at the stake when I so adamantly said that Yamaha would embrace Rossi's return. "Yamaha has Lorenzo", "Yamaha doesn't want him, they chose Lorenzo..they'll never take him back", yada yada yada, etc.. Now 3 months later...;)

Money, money, money....and Rossi brings a lot of it.

Lorenzo's lone title comes in 2010 when Rossi was injured and missed a portion of the season. Like I said before, Yamaha knows this and they know that Lorenzo (even though a title winner) failed to attract sponsorship. He doesn't have the appeal nor does he have true belief from potential sponsors that he truly earned the 2010 title.......he admitted that himself(regarding Rossi's injury 2010).

I am Ducatisa but it's great to see Rossi in blue again. He needs to be up front!

I will be dissapointed if Ducati passes on Crutchlow and takes Dovi. Cruchlow is spirited, bold and fun to watch and would help bring life into the Ducati program I feel. Dovi is plain, unenergetic, unable to win and always settling for points, never victories! He did ride a factory bike for 2-3 many vicories does he have? Dovi too is whiner and Ducati needs not another one of those.

This season has finally gotten exciting!

Really? This season hasn't been exciting so far? Do you really need Rossi doing something to make it worthwhile?

Sometimes I wonder how many people actually like motorcycle racing.

In any case, I'm looking forward to Rossi's first confrontation with a certain Mr. Marquez.

VR46 sponsored Yamaha. love to see the look on JL's face.....

At least we won't have to rest our eyes on that unfortunate color scheme of neon yellow and marlboro red..... goodbye to the "Mc-Duc" livery....

okay, not a particularly useful comment but it's all I've got today....


Dude, is a McDonalds sponsorship a real possibility, or are you making an obvious (but still rather entertaining) "Yellow Clown rides motorcycle!" joke?

The neon yellor and red colour scheme is and always has been hilariously grotesque

re: "Colour-wise, I've always felt that Rossi on the Ducati looks like an explosion in a gelato factory"

and a big bag at that.