Casey Stoner To Race At Indianpolis

HRC has confirmed that Casey Stoner will race at Indianapolis, after testing the fitness of his damaged right ankle in the morning warm up. Stoner will have an injection in his ankle before the race to help stave off the pain for the duration ofthe race.

Below is the HRC press release:

Casey confirms he will race in Indianapolis

After suffering a variety of fractures to his ankle, tibia and fibula along with torn ligaments due to his spectacular high side crash during qualifying yesterday, Repsol Honda's Casey Stoner has confirmed he will be on the grid for the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix today.

Casey arrived at the track early this morning and was greeted by a team of local doctors from the Circuit Medical Centre. After some initial tests they confirmed that they were satisfied with Casey's movement and mobility and declared him fit to race, if he felt comfortable to do so. The ankle was heavily strapped and supported, and his Alpinestars boot modified to allow Casey to ride in this morning's twenty minute warm up session. Although painful, the current World Champion reported that he felt comfortable on the bike and would like to take part in the 28 lap race.

Local doctors will give him a 60mg Toradol injection an hour before the race to dull the acute pain, along with Aspalgin to help him manage for the 45 minute race.

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De Punet, Rossi, Barbera, Stoner nowadays the racing with injury or quickly after a major one is becoming routine.
Modern times have better medicine but also less patience.

Best of luck to Casey (and all the other who suffered some highsides).