Ducati Press Release: End Of First Day Of Testing At Misano

The Ducati Factory team issued the following press release after the first day of a two-day test at Misano:

Ducati Team at Misano for two days of testing with Valentino Rossi

The first day of a two-day test for the Ducati Team at the Misano circuit was marked by weather that was sunny but not too hot, as Valentino Rossi joined official test rider Franco Battaini.

Rossi, together with the Italian technicians from his team and the Ducati engineers, worked on the chassis updates that he had first tried in the test after the Mugello Grand Prix. The changes are intended to concentrate the weight of the Desmosedici.

With Technical Director Filippo Preziosi and Team Manager Vittoriano Guareschi managing the test from the garage, the Italian rode from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., completing 60 laps. Tomorrow’s second and final day of the test will be followed by a fifteen-day break before a return to action at the same circuit, for the San Marino Grand Prix.


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I wonder how Rossi and crew are motivated to explore the limits of the bike/tires in the test. Does he want to push hard enough to give the engineers data the test riders are not able to obtain? The Doctor is not *yet* able to revive this patient

The patient the doctor wants to see is the hot blonde (Yamaha M1) in the next room over not the guy on life support he's been working on for nearly 2 years.

60 warm dry laps. It will take more than that and hopefully another 60 laps tomorrow to sort the bike out. But I can't help wondering where it might have been if the conditions for development and testing hadn't been so consistently negative over the past 12-18 months - wet, cold etc etc. Not entirely fixed maybe, but wouldn't they know what's wrong with the bike and have a clear plan of action to address its problems? I think so.

What of the 3 practices, QP, WUP & races over the last 18 months? Why would progress only be made on test days?

They have had 100's of laps..in race conditions..to develope a "clear plan", a few more laps isn't going to change much...new ideas are what's needed.

Rossi is patriotic and no doubt doing what he can to help ducati till the end, otherwise he wouldn't be testing.. Can't imagine that Rossi is testing older updates so will be interestig to see what they have.. Though I was surprised at just how far off the Furasawa business made them look...(admitting they don't know what to do to make their bike handle)
Have to make it work with the new rev celling putting a big dint in the desmo technology, they have to get more 'conventional' to survive at this level..