Casey Stoner Ankle Surgery A Success

Casey Stoner has undergone surgery to fix the damaged ligaments he suffered in a crash during qualifying at Indianapolis. The reigning World Champion was treated in a private hospital in Sydney, Australia, by a renowned Australian orthopaedic sports surgeon Dr. Peter Lam, and the doctors said the operation went well. Stoner himself posted an update on his Twitter page, stating that the operation had gone well, and thanking the staff involved. 

Stoner returned home immediately after the operation, but faces a period of rehabilitation before he will be able to return to racing. His stated intent, made during a press conference in Brno, was to return to racing one or two races before his home round at Phillip Island. "I'll be back as soon as I can," Stoner told the press. "As long as I know I cannot do huge damage like the situation I'm in now, the rest I can manage."

Below is the text of the press release issued by HRC:

Casey Stoner undergoes successful surgery

Today in Australia, Repsol Honda's Casey Stoner received surgery to his ankle, which was damaged after his crash in qualifying for the Indianapolis GP 12 days ago.

The procedure was performed by Dr. Lam's team in Sydney's North Shore Private Hospital. Doctors are pleased with how the operation went, and now must wait during this initial recuperation period to see how the ankle is healing.

WIth no complications or need for Casey to stay in hospital, he has returned home and HRC will endeavour to share information on Casey's recovery as it is known.


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A couple races prior to PI to make sure he gets his mojo fully back and then a hard fought battle with him 1, Jorge 2 and DaniBoy 3 is what I'd like to see.

MotoGP will be lessened without Casey. Imagine if he was still there next year, all would be right with the world and we'd have our much-beloved 4 aliens back. I can dream, can't I?

I'd be more likely to dream the same thing, if it weren't for the fact that Stoner is too much of a straight shooter to change his mind and come back, especially with almost all the prototype rides filled (except Ducati LOL, like that counts).
I freely admit I wasn't the biggest Stoner fan just a few years ago, but the past 2 years have really shown how great of a person he is, and just how my opinion of him was manipulated by the press in general, as well as other MotoGP fans. I look forward to seeing him race again, as I know the opportunities will be few and far between in the future. Here's hoping for some wildcard rides, no matter which series!

If his ankle is still attached to his foot and he can ride, it's hard to bet against him on a GP bike at the Island.

I really miss Marco :( He was the only one riding near Stoners pace last year when he got 2nd place at PI. The series is just hemorrhaging talent for all the wrong reasons these last few years...

I was hoping he would be up for Aragon,but even if he is a shoe in for the event at 80% fitness I doubt it. No point really. Just a lot of travelling. Defending 3rd from Dovi, starting in Motegi and HRC's back yard will be it I guess.
Next year he will be missed for sure by some of us. Some of course will miss him like a hole in the head. Shall we say he turned many a pundit's sweet dream into a nightmare.
Will he play rear gunner for Dani in the title hunt ? Not a chance.
Anyway 4 wins this year so far. All the best to the Stoner's.
Next year and alien status remains a moot point.
Let's put it this way. Should Marquez win just one race and have a decent 4th/5th season watch out for 2014. By the same token should Dovi have a string of podium runs and a dry win with Ducati,the barren alien landscape may look decidedly lush.
One thing for sure is that Stoner's retirement has opened the gates for a bucket load of young potential. Ducati Junior team ? All quiet on that side.
Sell by dates. Colin,God bless him. I believe the safety officer was a second quicker and 2 years older at the Brno test on the CRT BMW. #65 and #5. Of course Edwards was on the ART bike. Confusing this CRT stuff is.
Speaking of retired race numbers and #65. Rea,Bradl and Capirossi.
I understand #65 has been retired in favour of Capirossi. I'm happy with it, if for nothing other than his number of starts and what he did for Ducati's GP project whilst in its infancy results wise.