2012 Magny-Cours World Superbike And World Supersport Sunday Post-Race Press Releases

Press releases from the World Superbike finale on Sunday from Magny-Cours:

Biaggi champion again after closest ever finish

Magny-Cours (France), Sunday 7 October 2012 – The closest ever finish in the history of the Superbike World Championship came today at Magny-Cours when Max Biaggi (Aprilia Racing) ended the second race in fifth place and in doing so he ended up the season 0.5 points ahead of Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing Team).

Biaggi had fallen in the first eni FIM Superbike World Championship race of the day, leaving open a path of opportunity for Sykes and race one second place finisher Marco Melandri (BMW Motorrad Motorsport). With Melandri crashing out in spectacular style in race two it was down to Sykes to make the running and he did it in style after putting in his fourth race win of the year. Biaggi, receiving pit signals from his crew, had worked his way far enough forward to take the overall win and score his second SBK championship, adding to his 2010 season win, again for Aprilia.

Biaggi now has two world titles, 21 race wins, 70 podiums and five pole positions to his credit, and four 250GP titles to boot.

Max Biaggi: “This is the fourth world championship out of six that I have won at the final race, I seem to like difficult challenges! The 2012 season went right down to the wire: we started well with a win at Phillip Island after totally renewing my team and we also had some difficult moments. We had to work hard to win the title, and maybe for this reason it’s even better. A big thanks to the Team, Aprilia and the Gruppo Piaggio, from President Colaninno to every factory worker, because my success is the result of the work of a great Italian company. Thanks also to my family, my fiancée and my two children, as well as Marino Laghi who is always present with me".

In the final championship rankings in 2012, Biaggi has 358 points, Sykes 357.5 and Melandri 328.5. Aprilia also won the Manufacturers’ Championship today, by 23.5 points from BMW.

Race 1

An amazing penultimate race, held in wet conditions, saw early contender Biaggi fall on lap two and his two remaining championship rivals, Melandri and Sykes score podiums for second and third respectively. Guintoli continued his amazing form in privateer guise with a clear win, by over six seconds from Melandri and by over 16 seconds from Sykes. This was Guintoli’s third win of the year.

Sylvian Guintoli: “What a race, It’s been a great weekend for me, obviously with a wet race I knew I had a big chance, then got into my rhythm. When Marco came past it woke me up and I found some extra pace and then managed to pass Tom. I’m really happy to win in France after this crazy season with lots of ups and downs.”

Results: 1. Guintoli (Ducati) 23 Laps/101.453 km in 44'06.299 average 138.016 kph; 2. Melandri (BMW) 6.127; 3. Sykes (Kawasaki) 16.595; 4. Berger (Ducati) 21.857; 5. Haslam (BMW) 25.149; 6. Badovini (BMW) 32.778; 7. Laverty (Aprilia) 34.311; 8. Giugliano (Ducati) 47.269; 9. Corti (Kawasaki) 49.720; 10. Baz (Kawasaki) 50.192; etc.

Race 2

Sykes did all he could in winning race two, impressively by 1.354 seconds despite pressure from behind for the whole race distance on a largely dry track. Jonathan Rea (Honda World Superbike Team) was second in the 23-lap race, with Guintoli third. Biaggi’s team-mate, Laverty was fourth in the race, but Melandri crashed out of contention. Maxime Berger made it a happy day for the French with fourth on his Red Devils Roma Ducati.

Tom Sykes: “It’s difficult to accept that half a point separates us in a full season, but that’s all credit to World Superbike and how close it is. Max did a great job, but for me and my season I’m very happy, everyone gave me a full package to do something with and this weekend I was very strong. Overall we had a pole position, circuit record, two podiums and I’d like to dedicate that to Joan Lascorz, I’ve had some help from him this weekend. To close 30 points on Biaggi was magical. Now we’re all signed and sealed for next year, hopefully we can deliver!”

Results: 1. Sykes (Kawasaki) 23 giri/101.453 km in 38'15.725 media 159.092 km/h; 2. Rea (Honda) 1.354; 3. Guintoli (Ducati) 2.393; 4. Laverty (Aprilia) 13.122; 5. Biaggi (Aprilia) 13.955; 6. Giugliano (Ducati) 18.229; 7. Checa (Ducati) 18.430; 8. Davies (Aprilia) 26.648; 9. Badovini (BMW) 33.809; 10. Camier (Suzuki) 37.217; etc.

Points: 1. Biaggi 358; 2. Sykes 357,5; 3. Melandri 328,5; 4. Checa 287,5; 5. Rea 278,5; 6. Laverty 263,5; 7. Guintoli 213,5; 8. Haslam 200; 9. Davies 164,5; 10. Giugliano 143; etc. Manufacturers: 1. Aprilia 444,5; 2. BMW 421; 3. Ducati 416; 4. Kawasaki 397,5; 5. Honda 293,5; 6. Suzuki 136.5.

World Supersport

Jules Cluzel (PTR Honda) took his fourth win of the year today at Magny-Cours as he made the best of a wet track and then a drying line around the 4.411km circuit. The French rider underlined his second place in the championship with Sam Lowes (Bogdanka PTR Honda) third overall in the points after finishing second today. Third place at Magny-Cours eventually went to Dan Linfoot (MSD R-N Team India Kawasaki) after he was knocked off by an attempted pass from new champion Kenan Sofuoglu (Kawasaki Lorenzini). Linfoot restarted to finish fourth but Sofuoglu was penalised 25 seconds and thus Linfoot was eventually third and Sofuoglu fourth. In the final championship table, Sofuoglu has 231 points, Cluzel 210, Lowes 172 and Fabien Foret (Kawasaki Intermoto Step) 171. Honda won the manufacturers’ Championship by 14 points from Kawasaki.

Results: 1. Cluzel (Honda) 22 Laps/97.042 km in 42'20.985 average 137.487 kph; 2. Lowes (Honda) 1.591; 3. Linfoot (Kawasaki) 27.615; 4. Sofuoglu (Kawasaki) 27.854; 5. Foret (Kawasaki) 31.601; 6. Baldolini (Triumph) 46.745; 7. Scholtz (Honda) 50.820; 8. Antonelli (Yamaha) 50.934; 9. Talmacsi (Honda) 53.090; 10. Metcher (Yamaha) 55.664; etc.

Points: 1. Sofuoglu 231; 2. Cluzel 210; 3. Lowes 172; 4. Foret 171; 5. Parkes 135; 6. Morais 96; 7. Baldolini 96; 8. Quarmby 84; 9. Iannuzzo 60; 10. Antonelli 60; etc. Manufacturers: 1. Honda 287; 2. Kawasaki 273; 3. Triumph 125; 4. Yamaha 110; 5. Suzuki 6.

Superstock 1000

Sylvain Barrier (BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet) survived a wet track and the pressure of racing for the championship at his home round to finish second at Magny-Cours and give himself an eventual clear championship win. His French countryman Jeremy Guarnoni (MRS Kawasaki) rode with confidence and pace in the wet to win the race, but main championship challenger Eddi La Marra (Barni Racing Team Italia Ducati) fell very early and lost his chance to get back into the race. Another potential champion Bryan Staring (Team Pedercini Kawasaki) fell early and rode hard to try and get back into contention. He finished fifth in the race and eventually fourth in the championship. The final points read Barrier 153, La Marra 130, Guarnoni 123, Staring 122.

Results: 1. Guarnoni (Kawasaki) 14 Laps/61.754 km in 28'12.230 average 131.374 kph; 2. Barrier (BMW) 9.862; 3. Savadori (Ducati) 20.703; 4. Lussiana (Kawasaki) 34.445; 5. Staring (Kawasaki) 37.916; 6. Bergman (Kawasaki) 39.886; 7. Jezek (Ducati) 43.775; 8. Millet (Kawasaki) 49.227; 9. Pagaud (Kawasaki) 49.678; 10. Reiterberger (BMW) 1'03.515; etc.

Points: 1. Barrier 153; 2. La Marra 130; 3. Guarnoni 123; 4. Staring 122; 5. Savadori 107; 6. Reiterberger 91; 7. Bergman 88; 8. Massei 71; 9. Coghlan 68; 10. Baroni 56; Manufacturers: 1. Kawasaki 193; 2. Ducati 181; 3. BMW 181; 4. Honda 71; 5. Aprilia 22.

KTM European Junior Cup

The final race of the year went to local rider Guillaume Raymond (Valliance Racing) but the championship win was still taken by Lukas Wimmer (MSC Schalchen), who crashed out and then remounted to finish third. Ilya Mikhalchik (Wind Racing) was second in the race, Gaston Garcia (KTM Espana) fourth. Wimmer took the title with 136 points to 111 for Garcia.

Results: 1. Raymond; 2. Mikhalchik; 3. Wimmer; 4. Garcia; 5. Demoulin; 6. Haquin; 7. Mettam; 8. Scarcella; etc.

Points: 1. Wimmer 136; 2. Garcia 111; 3. Orellana 81; 4. Vidal 73; 5. Wielebski 72; 6. Pasek 65; 7. Patterson 59; 8. Demoulin 59; etc.

Official Tyre Supplier

"With the Magny-Cours round Pirelli closes out an important season, the ninth in a row as sole supplier of all the World Superbike Championship classes. But today was above all a day for the participants to celebrate, that is, the riders and the teams. Pirelli congratulates first and foremost Max Biaggi and the Aprilia Racing team who have achieved a splendid double win in a 3 year period in confirmation of the excellent work done by the entire team in the Championship these past few years. It would be impossible, however, not to mention Biaggi’s two fiercest rivals, Tom Sykes on his Kawasaki and Marco Melandri on his BMW, who contributed to making this year an exciting championship down to the last race. This was a Superbike Championship which was marked by an extremely battle between riders from various teams throughout the season. In fact, riders from five different motorcycle manufacturers placed in the top five, demonstrating the excellent work Pirelli has done in developing solutions which work well on different brand bikes. Our compliments also go once again to Kenan Sofuoglu and the Kawasaki Lorenzini team for their win in World Supersport, as well as to Sylvain Barrier and Michael VD Mark for their respective victories in Superstock1000 FIM Cup and Superstock600 UEM European Championship. Also, this year (as in 2011), Pirelli decided to provide incentive for our rising stars in European motorcycling who participate in the national Superstock 600 championships: this is why the Pirelli Superstock 600 Series was established last year, a Pirelli initiative which once again provided the most talented riders from the various European STK600 Championships with the opportunity to take part as wild cards in the last European Superstock 600 Championship race held here in France. The 3 riders who placed the highest in the race standings were Italian Franco Morbidelli who races in CIV, Brit Lee Jackson who races in British Superbike and Austrian Marco Nekvasil from IDM. These riders were awarded a memorial tag and also received a monetary price as an incentive for their growth and careers. In closing, we are very satisfied with the work done this year in the factory derivative Championship and we are ready to take on the next season where we will be faced with a new challenge: the new 17 inch tyres which will replace the 16.5” format which have been used until now in the World Superbike Championship.” - Giorgio Barbier, Racing Director Pirelli Moto


SBK Race 1 – Sylvain Guintoli (PATA Racing Team), 1'53.143 (Lap 17)

SBK Race 2 – Davide Giugliano (Althea Racing), 1'39.237 (Lap 5)

Total BEST LAP (SBK): Checa C. (Althea Racing): 8, Biaggi M. (Aprilia Racing Team): 5; Melandri M. (BMW Motorrad Motorsport): 4; Sykes T. (Kawasaki Racing Team): 3; Guintoli S. (PATA Racing Team): 2; Baz L. (Kawasaki Racing Team): 1; Ayrton Badovini (BMW Mottorad Italia Goldbet): 1; Leon Haslam (BMW Motorrad Motorsport): 1; Laverty E. (Aprilia Racing Team): 1; Davide Giugliano (Althea Racing) : 1

Carlos Checa (Althea Racing) with 8 best lap awards is the 2012 Pirelli Best Lap Winner for Superbike class: FASTEST RIDER OF THE YEAR

WSS – Jules Cluzel (PTR Honda), 1'47.416 (Lap 6)

Total BEST LAP (WSS): Cluzel J. (PTR Honda): 3; Lowes S. (Bogdanka PTR Honda): 3; Foret F. (Kawasaki Intermoto Step): 2; Parkes B. (Ten Kate Racing Products): 2; Lanzi L. (Prorace): 1; Morais S. (Kawasaki Lorenzini): 1; Kenan Sofuoglu (Kawasaki Lorenzini) : 1

Jules Cluzel (PTR Honda) with 3 best lap awards and the highest position in the overall standings is the 2012 Pirelli Best Lap Winner for Supersport class: FASTEST RIDER OF THE YEAR

STK1000 – Sylvain Barrier (BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet), 1’59.525 (Lap 7)

STK600 – Riccardo Russo (Team Italia FMI), 1'44.417 (Lap 6)

Jules wins at home in PTR 1-2

PTR HONDA'S Jules Cluzel won the 13th and final round of the World Supersport Championship at his home event at Magny Cours in France with his Bogdanka PTR Honda team mate Sam Lowes in second place to end the season on a high for the British based PTR team.

Ronan Quarmby on his PTR Honda had battled up to seventh place by lap five but ended up 26th after losing confidence in the damp but drying conditions. Martin Jessopp on the Riders PTR Honda showed good race pace to start in 24th and finish 18th.

It has been a successful year for the Louth, Lincolnshire based PTR Honda World Supersport race team, with Jules finishing second and Sam third in the Championship overall after securing six wins out of 13 starts between them. Jules also won the fastest lap and qualifying awards from Sam, both of them way ahead of the rest of the field. Ronan Quarmby in eighth in the Championship scored a lifetime best third place and rookie Mathew Scholtz took a best result of seventh at the last race. In addition, PTR's performance was key in winning the Manufacturer's title for Honda.

PTR is already making plans for the 2013 World Supersport season, visit www.performancetechnicalracing.co.uk for more information or to buy race proven products as used by the team in the World Championship - GBRacing motorcycle protection, HEL brake lines, EBC brake pads, Pipercross air filters, Oerlikon Balzars diamond like coatings, PTR performance parts and IRC tyre warmers. PTR is also looking for new partners to join it in the 2013 Championship, enquiries welcome to info@performancetechnicalracing.co.uk.

Jules: "I am really happy. I have won at home. I had nothing to prove today as the Championship was already finished so I just tried to enjoy myself. This morning my feeling with the bike was bad but my PTR team did a great job with my bike so I was able to lead and control the race. It was great with my family and friends here. Thanks to my PTR team, it has been a great year for me. I finished the season strong. I need to learn more about the first five races for next year."

Martin: "I went backwards on the first four laps when it was still wet and I had no confidence. As the track dried I came back quite strong and made up a lot of places and set good lap times. I learned a lot this year and enjoyed riding in WSS, it is a great class and I've enjoyed being part of this paddock."

Ronan: "I was really going for it in the race; I felt good. Then I had a big moment going into a corner and ran off the track. I got back on track but lost confidence - the conditions were very difficult with the track wet and dry. I am pleased to finish eighth in the World Championship, my best ever result, it's been a great season."

Simon Buckmaster, PTR Honda Team Manager: "In warm up we didn't have the set up right for any of our riders but the boys did a fantastic job to get the bikes dialled in for the race. Jules rode well and controlled the race and is justifiably proud in front of his home crowd. Ronan was riding well, lost the front into a corner and lost confidence and dropped back. He's had good rides and it is a disappointing way for him to finish the season. Martin stuck at it and had a good strong ride and it is a shame he was not in the points.

"Once again Kenan Sofuoglu showed a lack of respect for other riders. He is a great rider and champion but he knocked Dan Linfoot off. It is very difficult for race direction but I think Kenan needs a bigger penalty so he learns for the future.

"PTR has finished second in the Championship for the third time in four years, won the fastest lap and qualifying awards, and got third place in the Championship as well; it's been a great season. Well done to the whole team and a big thank you to all our sponsors for all their support, see you all again in 2013.

Lowes second at Magny Cours and third overall

BOGDANKA PTR HONDA's Sam Lowes finished the last race of the 2012 World Supersport Championship in a hard fought second position at Magny Cours in France to move himself into third in the overall standings.

Mathew Scholtz scored his best result of the season by finishing in seventh position to end his rookie World Supersport campaign in 16th in the overall standings, while Miguel Praia finished the race in 22nd onboard the Bogdanka Honda PTR bike.

Bogdanka PTR Honda had also taken third position in the 2012 World Supersport team standings.

Sam Lowes: "The conditions were not perfect but I knew we had a good chance this weekend because I was quietly working for the race. We've been a little bit unlucky with the weather today as I had a really good pace in the dry, but the team did an awesome job and again gave me a great bike for the wet today. I'm very happy to get second in the race and third in the championship. Thanks to the team, as the whole squad worked fantastic all year long. We didn't quite do the job we wanted to do this year but we've managed to get third in the championship and I'm happy with that."

Mathew Scholtz: "My start wasn't very good and I didn't have a lot of feeling. I was sliding a lot and dropped down to around 19th. After a few laps I got the feeling back and started to make my way up. I got up to eighth and Talmacsi was quite far in front but I managed to catch and pass him to get my best result of the season. I'm very happy with how we've ended the year. The first half of the season wasn't very good for me but I got to finish better in the second half, with a few top ten results and now seventh today. It gives me more confidence for 2013 and I can't wait for the next year. Thank you to the whole team, Bogdanka, PTR, Honda and all the fans."

Miguel Praia: "The conditions were really tricky today. I dropped towards the back of the pack at the start but got the feeling and started making my way up. In the end, I've finished in 22nd which wasn't what I was hoping for, but considering how tricky the conditions were today, it's good to be at the finish and it's an OK result."

Simon Buckmaster, Bogdanka PTR Honda Team Manager: "After difficulties in warm up the team worked well and got a set up for the race, Sam finished second in the race and third overall in the Championship, well done to him. Mathew after a difficult mid season has gone from strength to strength finishing with his best result of the year and is in great shape going into 2013."

Rea rounds out 2012 with French podium

Honda World Superbike Team rider Jonathan Rea finished second in today’s thrilling finale to the 2012 World Superbike Championship at Magny-Cours in France.

The last race of the season, upon which the destination of the title depended, was won by British rider Tom Sykes, but it was Italian Max Biaggi who took the championship spoils, finishing in fifth position and taking the series victory by half a point.

In wet conditions, Rea began race one from sixth place on the grid but a great start and a good set-up for his Honda CBR1000RR allowed the 25-year-old to move to the front and open a 10-second lead.

However, on lap 12, he was caught out by the conditions and crashed out, limping back to the pits for some repairs to his machine. Rea eventually re-joined the race to take three championship points at the flag.

Another good start to race two placed Rea fourth before he made a steady move forward, passing Eugene Laverty and Sylvain Guintoli to take his sixth podium of the season and consolidate fifth place in the final standings.

Rea’s team-mate Hiroshi Aoyama was unable to complete his last outing for the Honda World Superbike Team in the way he wanted. The Japanese rider suffered serious grip problems in race one and, despite pitting to make adjustments, was unable to complete the race. Aoyama suffered similar issues in race two but, determined to finish the race, brought his CBR home in 14th place.

Despite Magny-Cours being the last event of the 2012 season, the Honda World Superbike Team still has work to do before the year end. New rider, Leon Haslam, will have his first shakedown test on the CBR1000RR Fireblade at Assen, Netherlands on Wednesday, before a comprehensive pre-season testing and development programme begins at Aragon in Spain next month.

Jonathan Rea – 13th and 2nd

I needed some wings in race one when I got caught out by the conditions but it was frustrating because my team gave me a great bike for the wet. Everything was feeling good but I felt a bit like an amateur when I was in the gravel. At the beginning of race two I was a bit wary of the conditions and although I was able to get to the front, Tom (Sykes) didn’t make any mistakes. I’m really happy to be part of this championship and congratulations to Max on a great job. At the end of a long season I want to thank the team for their continued hard work. On certain days we’ve struggled but, on others we’ve capitalised on the strengths of the bike through the great work ethic we have as a team. We’ll go away this winter and I’ll make sure I’m in the best condition possible for the 2013 season; I’m sure the team will do the same with the CBR.

Hiroshi Aoyama – DNF and 14th

This was my last weekend with the team and I wanted to make two good races. Unfortunately, I had some problems with the bike and the tyres, similar to the problems I’ve had all year. The guys have worked hard to solve the problems and we’ve tried a lot of things. It’s a pity that nothing really worked because it was a new challenge for me to come to Superbike and I was expecting a lot more. But it’s been a good experience for me with this Honda team so I want to say thank you to the guys and the sponsors who have supported us.

Pieter Breddels – technical co-ordinator

Race one was wet and Jonathan was having an awesome race and moving away from the pack after a bit of a battle. He had a 10-second lead and was much faster than anyone when he crashed after a small mistake. That was a disappointment for everyone, with Hiroshi struggling and coming into the pits. Race two was not much better and it hasn’t really worked this season. We wish him all the best for the rest of his career. Race two was actually quite exciting for the championship. Jonathan had another good start and finished a strong second and we’re happy with that. It’s a good way to finish the season. There’s a lot of effort and resource being prepared for a development and testing programme so we can be back strong next year when we’ll try again to win this exciting championship.


Nevers (France), Sunday 7 October 2012: a bittersweet ending to the 2012 SBK championship for Althea Racing and its riders Carlos Checa and Davide Giugliano at the French circuit of Nevers Magny-Cours today. Despite high expectations and the desire to send the Ducati 1198 into retirement in the best possible way, the races were far from easy; Checa crashed out in the first race, while Giugliano finished eighth, while in race 2 the Althea pair crossed the line together, Davide in sixth, Carlos seventh.

Race 1 – Carlos made a fast start and was in third position at the end of the first lap, behind Rea and Sykes. Giugliano lost a couple of positions at the start and was down in 17th place but immediately fought back, passing a couple of riders with the passing of each lap to place himself tenth by lap three. Unfortunately the wet conditions conditioned Carlos’ race and a crash on lap seven put a premature end to his fight; he was unable to return to the track. Davide’s impressive pace allowed him to pass several more riders and he was in fifth place by lap eight. A couple of small errors meant that he lost valuable time, and positions, but he continued to battle hard all the way to the line, closing race 1 in final eighth position.


Race 2 – at the end of the first lap Davide was lying eighth, followed by Carlos in ninth. Lap five saw Giugliano record the fastest lap of the race (1m39.237), which gave him the Pirelli fast lap award for the first time. Both Ducati riders were lapping with a strong pace during the first half of the race, and were up in fifth (Carlos) and sixth (Davide) position by lap ten. In the final phase the gap between the leaders and the chasing group, composed of Biaggi, Checa and Giugliano, increased. Despite the best efforts of both riders they were unable to reach the rivals immediately ahead of them and crossed the finish line in final sixth (Davide) and seventh (Carlos) position.

The 2012 final championship standings see Checa in overall fourth place with 287.5 points. Giugliano, having gained some useful points today, moves up to final tenth position, with 143 points. Ducati closes the manufacturer’s championship in third place with 416 points, behind BMW (421) and Aprilia (444.5). The Ducati 1198 raced for the last time today and after five years of competition in the SBK series will now go into retirement, to be replaced by the new 1199 Panigale that will make its debut in the 2013 Superbike championship.

Carlos Checa:

“It was a strange weekend. A pity for the crash in race 1 but conditions were difficult and the track was very slippery, these things happen. Then in the second I didn’t have the same feelings that I’d had yesterday, the bike seemed different and was moving a lot more. This made it hard and I couldn’t lap with the kind of times that I expected. Anyway the season is over, it was long and we had highs and lows along the way. I’m happy to close in fourth overall because considering the problems we’ve had I don’t think the final result is bad.”

Davide Giugliano:

“The first race was pretty unlucky for us. We knew we had good pace and I think we had the potential to finish perhaps third but I had some small problems that prevented me from achieving that – first I had an issue with the gears and then I made a couple of small mistakes, meaning I lost a lot of time. In the second race, to tell the truth, I had this dream of winning it. Unfortunately I lost a lot of time when Melandri crashed in front of me and I knew it wouldn’t be possible. But anyway I finished ahead of my team-mate and I also won my first Pirelli award for having made the fastest lap, so I’m happy about that.”

BMW Motorrad Motorsport - WSBK - Magny-Cours - Races

At the season finale of the 2012 FIM Superbike World Championship, Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport experienced an exciting race day, which at the same time was an emotional rollercoaster ride. The team challenged until the very last race of the season for both the Riders’ and the Manufacturers’ titles but was missing the necessary luck in the end. Factory rider Marco Melandri (ITA), who rode with two broken ribs, finished second in the first race. Therefore he kept his title chances alive as well as BMW’s chances of winning the Manufacters’ crown. But in the second race, a wet patch on the track, which made Marco lose control of his BMW S 1000 RR, ended all hopes. Leon Haslam (GBR), who at Magny-Cours (FRA) was competing in his last round as a BMW Motorrad factory rider, finished fifth in the first race but also crashed in the second heat.

In the Manufacturers’ championship, BMW claimed its best ever result by finishing second with 421 points, 23.5 points behind winner Aprilia. In the Riders’ classification Marco finished the season in third with 328.5 points, so becoming the highest placed ever BMW rider in this championship. Leon is eighth with 200 points. Max Biaggi (ITA) claimed the title 0.5 points adrift of Tom Sykes (GBR) and 29 points adrift of Marco. BMW Motorrad congratulates Biaggi and Aprilia.

It was raining throughout the night and the morning. Even though the rain stopped before the first race, the track was still wet and the conditions tricky. Both Marco and Leon, who were fourth and seventh respectively on the grid, started steadily into the first heat, so not to risk too much in the treacherous conditions. Marco slipped back a few positions but made his way up towards the front by overtaking competitors and benefitting from several riders’ crashes. Halfway through the race, Marco was already third, on lap 13 he improved to second. He then fought an exciting battle with Sykes and Sylvain Guintoli (FRA) for the top position. The French local hero took the lead in front of Marco and was able to build a gap during the remaining laps. Marco comfortably secured second. Leon lost a few positions when he rode off track for a short time on lap four, but regained the places afterwards and crossed the line in fifth.

For the second race the track had mostly dried out, but was still damp in places. Leon had a good start and improved to fourth immediately and was fighting for the podium positions on the following laps. Marco slipped back to sixth but kept up with the front runners, and was preparing to work his way back to the top. But on lap seven he lost control over his rear wheel and crashed. Shortly afterwards Leon rode off the track and rejoined in eighth, losing four positions. On lap 17 his race also was ended by a crash. The second heat was won by Sykes. Ayrton Badovini (ITA) of the BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet SBK Team finished the races in sixth and ninth, his team-mate Michel Fabrizio (ITA) was 12th in the first heat but crashed in the second one.

BMW Motorrad Motorsports congratulates Sylvain Barrier from the BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet STK Team to his best ever success. The French BMW S 1000 RR rider was crowned 2012 champion of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup by finishing today’s race second on the podium.

Marco Melandri:

Result Race 1: 2nd / Gap to 1st: 0:06.127 min / Fastest Lap Race 1: 1:54.081 min

Result Race 2: DNF / Fastest Lap Race 1: 1:39.430 min

“It felt good to finish a race on the podium again after the last two unfortunate race weekends. My BMW S 1000 RR was working very well. In the first couple of laps of race one I was still struggling a bit with warming up the tyre, but once the tyre was working I could go at quite a good pace. Anyhow, it was a tough race and I did not want to overpace and risk too much. Unfortunately the track dried up more and more, which did not play into my hands. When I finally passed Tom the track was not really wet anymore, and in these conditions I had no chance to follow Sylvain who really showed a strong performance today.

“The track conditions were very difficult in race two. I pushed 100 per cent but I could not change direction quickly. When I crashed I must have hit a wet patch, and I lost the rear of my RR. My back and my leg are very sore now. Overall, this was a great season for us. We can be proud of what we have achieved. When we started the season we were quite far from the top guys. We closed the gap quickly and fought with them for the rest of the season. We won races, but we also had some bad luck and I made mistakes. Everything was possible this year, and we can be happy. I hope to start from that point next year. A big ‘Thank You’ to all the team in Germany and at the track.”

Leon Haslam:

Result Race 1: 5th / Gap to 1st: 0:25.149 min / Fastest Lap Race 1: 1:54.646 min

Result Race 2: DNF / Fastest Lap Race 1: 1:39.594 min

“In race one I had a few issues with the grip and the electronics, and on top of that I made a few mistakes. Finishing the race in fifth is a bit disappointing as I know a podium would have been possible. I had a good start in the second race, but struggled getting into first gear in a few corners. I also got a false neutral coming down the hill in the last stadium section. I had to release the brakes so as not to hit Eugene Laverty and ran off the track. I came back in eighth and tried to follow the group around Max Biaggi when I hit a wet patch. This put me down again. I am a bit disappointed about finishing the season this way, and I am also disappointed for my crew and the team who did an outstanding job all season long. Thanks to all of them guys. Max Biaggi again was Mister Consistent, congratulations for another World Championship. Anyhow, I feel a bit sorry for Tom who did some great racing this year. Losing the World Championship by only half a point is hard to take.”

Bernhard Gobmeier (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director):

“The final race Sunday of the 2012 season was really a day of mixed emotions for us. In race one, Marco cleverly managed the race – like he had done more than once this season. This was impressive. Leon finished the race in a solid fifth position. In the second race lady luck was not on our side once more. Both Marco and Leon crashed on wet parts of the track and could not finish the race. This result does not reflect the season for BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Until the very last race of the year we fought for the World Championship. At the start of the season one of us would have dreamt of this. We are all proud of having finished the riders’ standings in a very good third position and the constructors’ standings in a fantastic second place. These results are due to the efforts of the entire team. Everybody involved has played their part and can be proud of this outcome. That’s why I would not only like to say Thank You to just Marco and Leon, but to all the team members in Munich, Stephanskirchen and at the track. Congratulations to Tom Sykes and his team who showed an unbelievable will to win and to the 2012 World Champions Max Biaggi and Aprilia.”


Team Suzuki Press Office - October 7.

FIXI Crescent Suzuki racer Leon Camier picked himself up from a huge crash in the first race of today's eni FIM Superbike World Championship race at Magny-Cours in France to record a brave 10th place in race two.

Camier had made his way up to sixth place by the end of lap nine in race one, despite the treacherous conditions caused by heavy rain around the 4,411m French circuit. He then suffered a huge crash which resulted in him being catapulted off his Yoshimura-powered GSX-R and into the gravel. The Englishman was pinned under his machine and could only get to his feet once the marshals had removed his bike, made his own way back to the pits, but was obviously in a lot of pain.

Camier was passed fit for the second 23-lap race and lined up in the drier conditions in ninth on the grid. He made a poor start as he tried to adapt to the battering his body had suffered - mostly down his left-hand side - and because of a problem with the electronics, probably due to the crash in the first race, which made the bike very hard to ride. By the end of the second lap he was down in 17th, but Camier re-grouped and began to pick off riders in-front of him throughout the race. He made his way up to 10th by the start of the penultimate lap and held the position to the end of the race, despite being in considerable discomfort.

John Hopkins wasn't on the grid today after withdrawing from the weekend's proceedings yesterday following a re-occurrence of his hip injury. He made the announcement today that he will be taking the 2013 season off to get himself back to full fitness and then re-assess his options once he is back to strength.

Today's first race victory was taken by Sylvain Guintoli on a Ducati on his home soil, with Tom Sykes racing to victory in the second event to push the title battle right to the wire. Italian Max Biaggi crossed the line in fifth place in race two, which was enough to give him the championship crown by the smallest margin in Superbike history. Biaggi took his second WSBK title - the sixth World Championship in his career - by just 0.5 points from Sykes.

FIXI Crescent Suzuki will have a test at Aragon later this month and will also make the announcement of Camier's team-mate for next year very soon. The provisional date for the first round of 2013 is Sunday February 24th at the Phillip Island Circuit in Australia.

Leon Camier:

"I am really happy with our performance in wet conditions, but race one was neither wet, nor dry and that is the worst possible scenario. All was going OK until I came out of turn 11 and was high-sided. I was flipped into the air and came down heavily on my left arm and head and then the bike landed on top of me and I couldn't move. It seemed ages before it was removed and I was able to get up. I felt pretty sore, but luckily I hadn't broken anything, even though my left arm had taken a right old battering.

"The FIXI Crescent Suzuki was in a bit of mess, but the boys did a great job to get it ready in time for race two and we lined up on the grid OK. Right from the start, I felt that the bike wasn't quite right - not surprising really after its big crash - and it was difficult to ride. The electronics didn't feel quite right and I didn't get a great start, but I was determined to bring the bike home and that's what I did. Although the season didn't end the way I hoped, the progress the team have made with the FIXI Crescent Suzuki makes me feel very optimistic about the future. The bike has come on leaps-and-bounds since the beginning of the season and I'm already looking forward to my next time on it - once I've rested my left arm a bit!"

Jack Valentine - Team Manager:

"It has been probably the strangest season I've known, but the good news is that, thanks to all the hard work the team have done, we've shown that the FIXI Crescent Suzuki can be a competitive bike and run with the best. It was a pity that the conditions were so treacherous in the first race, making life hard for everybody - but that's how racing is sometimes. Leon took real hammering in the crash and it took a lot of guts for him to get on the bike in race two and, all things considered, I think he did really well to get a top-10 finish."

Luck deserts Parkes in Magny-Cours

Ten Kate Racing Products Honda rider Broc Parkes was unable to capitalise on his pole position for today’s final 2012 World Supersport championship race at Magny-Cours in France.

The 30-year-old Austrlian had been imperious during yesterday’s qualifying and got a good start to the 22-lap race at the 4.411km Magny-Cours circuit. However, he quickly realised that he had virtually no rear grip and after dropping back through the field Parkes was forced to pit for a new set of tyres.

He eventually finished in a disappointing 27th place with local Honda CBR600RR rider Jules Cluzel holding on for an impressive victory in front of his home crowd, which secured Honda’s ninth World Supersport manufacturers’ title.

Broc Parkes – 27th

I got off the line really well and was second as we went down the back straight but immediately there was something wrong with the rear grip. The rear was spinning out of every corner and I couldn’t believe it after we were so quick in the wet warm-up this morning. It was just completely different and I started going back and back until it started getting dangerous. I came in and swapped the tyre but it still felt really bad so had to come back in. We put a different pressure in the tyre and it felt much better and the lap times started to improve.

Pieter Breddels – technical co-ordinator

It was our last race with Broc today and although the conditions were dry, the track was still wet. We made an error with the tyre pressure and we must apologise to Broc for that. He was unable to do anything because of the lack of grip and we’re all very disappointed. After his magnificent pole position yesterday we really wanted to finish the year in style, but that’s not how it worked out. We’d all like to thank Broc for his great efforts this year. Despite three podiums, we weren’t quite consistent enough across the season but the whole team wishes him all the best for the future.

Sylvain Barrier: Champion on the BMW S 1000 RR.

The French rider from the BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet STK Team wins the 2012 FIM Superstock 1000 Cup.

Magny-Cours, 7th October 2012. Another title win for the BMW S 1000 RR: French rider Sylvain Barrier was crowned champion at the season finale of the 2012 FIM Superstock 1000 Cup at Magny-Cours (FRA). For his BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet STK Team it was the second title win in three years competing in the series, after the triumphant season with Ayrton Badovini (ITA) back in 2010.

In the season’s ten races, 23-year old Sylvain celebrated four victories, which was more than any other rider. In total, the Frenchman rode his RR to six podium finishes and claimed seven pole positions. Over the course of the year, he also showed his spirit to never give up. He fought his way back to the top after a setback halfway through the season when he suffered a severe shoulder injury that put him a long way back in his title campaign. At the penultimate round two weeks ago at Portimão (POR), Sylvain retook the lead by finishing the race in second. He arrived with an advantage of three points to his closest rival at the season finale on home soil. At the last race of the year he secured the title by claiming another podium and finishing second. The first to congratulate him straight after the finish line was his mentor, double Superbike world champion James Toseland (GBR).

“I still cannot believe I won the title,” Sylvain enthused. “The hard work done with the team throughout the season has paid off and I want to thank the guys, my family, James, the Clinica Mobile and everyone who supported me during the year. It was a tough race, but I was feeling very comfortable on the bike from the warm-up. I rode very carefully on the first two laps because the rear tyre was not warmed up properly and also Eddi La Marra and Bryan Staring had already crashed. I tried to maintain the gap I had with the following riders and at the same I concentrated on making the tyres work properly and did not push to the limit. It's been a fabulous week-end and I am over the moon!”

“The result achieved today in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup is amazing,” said Andrea Buzzoni, General Manager BMW Motorrad Italia. “We built on our success from 2010 and won the title again thanks to a very high-level team, a rider of unquestionable talent – who was able to grow and mature even more – and a bike that proved once more to be the best not only in the worldwide market but also on track.”

“We’re extremely happy about Sylvain’s Superstock 1000 Cup title win, especially if we consider the fact that three rounds ago we were 31 points behind in the standings,” commented Serafino Foti, BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet Superbike Team Sporting Director. “The credit for this achievement goes to all the people who supported us, to our sponsors, to BMW and especially to the team that has done an incredible job. Sylvain brilliantly kept total concentration in both tough and important times and very well deserved the title.”

Laverty 6th overall in the 2012 World Superbike Championship.

After a turbulent start to the season Eugene Laverty had a very strong second part of the season as he got to grips with his RSV4 Aprilia. In the final two races of the year Laverty managed 7th and 4th.

Eugene Laverty “I would like to have finished the season with a podium but nevertheless our pace was very strong today. It’s been an up and down year with much of our misfortune happening in the first seven rounds. I’m proud of my team for turning around our season and showing our true potential during the final few races. I’m looking forward to continuing with Aprilia for 2013 and I’m confident that we can challenge for the title next year.”

Max Biaggi: “This is the fourth world championship out of six that I've won in the last race. I guess I must like a difficult challenge! The 2012 season was tight to say the least: we started off well winning at Phillip Island after completely revamping my team, but we also had some difficult moments. We definitely worked for the title and maybe that's why it's an even sweeter victory. I'd like to thank the Team, Aprilia and Piaggio Group, from president Colaninno to the last worker because my success is just the tip of a great Italian company's work. I would also like to thank my family, my girlfriend Eleonora and my two children, as well as the always present Marino Laghi”.

Gigi Dall'Igna, Aprilia Racing Technical and Sport Director: “Winning is always something extraordinary, but winning a world championship this way, at the last turn of the last race, makes it incredibly exciting. Credit to Max who battled on every circuit, always earning important points and bringing home fantastic victories which led us to this double victory today. Aprilia's victory in the Manufacturer World Championship, thanks also to Laverty, is a reward for a great Group and a Racing Division which are the pride of Italian technology. Applause also goes to our rivals, never before so many and strong enough to make the outcome of this championship uncertain and unforgettable down to the last moment"

WSBK - Team Italia FMI second in the Stk1000 championship: Savadori on the podium, La Marra crashed out.

Il titolo sfugge al pilota del Barni Racing Team Italia nell'ultima gara sotto la pioggia francese.

The rain fell on the Magny Cours track to mix things up, denying Team Italia the title.

La Marra, who was trailing Barrier by 3 points, needed to close in front of his rival to capture the championship. After a good start, he lost the front and was not able to rejoin the race. The Frenchman, second today, thus won the title.

Fellow Team Italia rider Savadori ended his championship with a solid third place, fifth in the general standings. Guarnoni won the race.

Cristiano Migliorati (FMI Technical Coordinator)

"We were hoping for the rain, as in the dry we were not as competitive, but it didn't help anyway. La Marra is usually solid in these conditions, but couldn't find the right feeling on his bike since the warm-up. The crash ended the battle too early. Savadori, who doesn't usually like the rain, scored an important result. Barrier deserved the victory, and we collected the second runner-up finish in a row, despite fielding a new bike. It's been a positive year, full of podiums and victories."

WSBK - Team Italia FMI second in the European Stk600 with Russo. La Marra will charge for the Stk1000 title tomorrow

Russo closed in second place in France, not enough to grant him the title. Vitali also in the Top 10. La Marra will start from 2nd place tomorrow, Savadori in sixth.

A spectacular race in the UEM European Championship Superstock600 confirmed the season trend, with VD Mark and Russo battling from start to finish. Russo couldn't play defense, trailing VD Mark by 7 points. He raced for the victory, hoping the Dutchman would not get second place. He held on to VD Mark's early charge, hoping other opponents would catch up. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and the Dutch rider prevailed under the checkered flag, winning the title by 12 points. The Italian had a great run, scoring 4 victories, 4 second place, 1 third and 1 fourth.

Vitali, starting in 13th position, also closed in the Top 10 at his first outing on the French track, wrapping up the championship in 7th place, just 3 points from fourth.

Riccardo Russo (Team Italia FMI Yamaha#84) 2nd, + 1"226

"It's a shame to barely miss the title, but I couldn't do more. I have to congratulate VD Mark, with whom I shared so many great battles. Our strategy was right, but no one could bridge the gap and come fight with us two. It was a great year nonetheless: the bike has always been great, and I have to say thanks to the whole team."

Luca Vitali (Team Italia FMI Yamaha#70) 10th, + 8"310

"After some issues early on, I improved throughout the championship. I rode better, closing in the Top 10 today as well. I could have finished in a higher position, but this is racing. The team always supported me, and I'll focus on 2013 starting tomorrow."

Stk600: FP1; QP1; QP2; RACE; Championship Standigs

Nella FIM Cup Superstock1000 i piloti del Barni Racing Team Italia, dopo turni sempre in salita, nell'ultima mezz'ora decisiva per la pole tirano fuori un ottima prestazione che li mette in prima e seconda fila.

In the FIM Cup Superstock1000, Barni Racing Team Italia riders came back after struggling for two sessions, seizing second row. Championship leader Barrier is on pole, but La Marra (second in the standings by 3 points) posted a 1'41"316 (+0"237), improving by 1''5 since yesterday. Savadori will start from 6th position (1'41"866).

Cristiano Migliorati (FMI Technical Coordinator)

"We tried to win the title until the very end, but we must recognize the work of our rival. Russo had an exceptional year. Both have been too fast to be caught by anyone today, and deserve to move to the top class. Vitali missed the Top 5 by just a few points. In the Stk1000, we still have some problems with race pace.

Honda announces support of European Junior Cup

Honda has announced that it will sponsor next season’s European Junior Cup – a championship designed to identify and develop young motorcycle racing talent from around the world.

From next season, Honda will be the main sponsor and technical partner of the series, which will support up to eight European rounds of the FIM eni World Superbike championship, sharing the paddock with top Honda riders such as Jonathan Rea and Leon Haslam.

Young riders from 14-19 years and based in countries from Europe to Asia, as well as the USA and Australia, will race on an exciting new Honda sports machine that is expected to be launched at the forthcoming EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy (15-18 November), when further details of the 2013 European Junior Cup will also be announced.

The prize for the winner of the championship will be a ride the following season in a Honda team in the UEM Superstock 600 European Championship, endorsing Honda’s leadership in nurturing young motorcycle racing talent for future world championships.

Honda also announced at the recent MX des Nations in Belgium, the European 150 Championship for 11-14-year-olds, supporting European rounds of the World Motocross MX1 championship and featuring the company’s CRF150 four-stroke motocross machine.

Carlo Fiorani, racing operations manager of Honda Motor Europe, commented: “This is another exciting announcement that confirms Honda’s commitment to develop young racing talent. We are basing it on a pyramid structure that begins with national championships around the world, like the NSF100 and Hornet series, and builds to the very top level of world championship racing.”

He added: “Michael van der Mark is a great example of this progression and he has progressed from a Junior Cup in the Netherlands, to Superstock 600 and, next season, to the World Supersport championship with Pata Honda. A ride in the Superstock 600 series in 2014, is the first prize in the new European Junior Cup.”

Gerry Bryce, of Racedays Promotions, the Germany-based company that will organise and promote the European Junior Cup, said: “Racedays are very pleased to join Honda in their exciting global development programme for young riders. The European Junior Cup format has proved to be a great success and we look forward to working with Honda, Pirelli, and the World Superbike Championship to produce the next generation of top level road racers.”

Young riders interested in applying for the 2013 European Junior Cup powered by Honda, are invited to visit http://hondaproracing.com/europeanjuniorcup/register to register their initial interest.

They will be contacted by Racedays Promotions as soon as further details are available and the new Honda model is unveiled in Milan.

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