Press Release: Simoncelli Gallery To Be Officially Opened In Coriano On December 8th

The Simoncelli family issued the following press release, on the opening of a gallery to commemorate Marco Simoncelli in the House of Culture in Coriano, home of the Simoncelli's:

New opening of Marco Simoncelli’s Gallery “The SIC History”

Saturday, December 8th at 11:30 a.m. in Coriano (Rimini, Italy)

“What a History!”

Saturday, December 8th at 11:30 a.m. in Coriano (near Rimini, in Italy) in the “House of Culture” in Via Garibaldi, 127 opens "The SIC History" Gallery, a trip along the deeds of the great Marco Simoncelli, a Museum Gallery opened with the great help of Marco’s friends, Simoncelli’s Family and Coriano City.

“The Sic History” Gallery is located inside the “Palace of Culture” in Coriano and it is divided into thematic rooms, arranged by Aldo Drudi, a great friend of the pilot and the graphic designer of all his helmets.

Visitors can interact with the objects inside the tunnel and touch them by hands: from helmets or overalls; the aim is to create a "contact" between the public and Marco’s world. Guests can experience the most memorable moments of Marco’s career thanks to special photographs donated by the best and greatest photographers in the racing world .

The inauguration is scheduled at 11.30 a.m. and among the many friends is also expected Paolo Beltramo, the MotoGP commentator, Marco’s friend and author, in collaboration with Rossella and Paolo Simoncelli, of the book "Our Sic."

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