Pramac Ducati Press Release: Pramac and Andrea Iannone Reveal Energy T.I.-backed Desmosedici

After Ben Spies' Ignite Pramac Ducati was revealed earlier today, in the afternoon, it was the turn of the other side of the Pramac Ducati garage to unveil the bike. The Pramac press office (and not the Ducati press office, as was the case for Spies) issued the following press release and photos of Andrea Iannone's Energy T.I. Pramac Ducati:


Pramac Racing and Andrea Iannone join forces with Energy T.I. gas & power in MotoGP 2013.

Unveiled today, at WROOOM F1 & MotoGP Press Ski Meeting 2013, Andrea Iannone’s bike, Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Team.

The factory supported team Ducati, announced enthusiasm and satisfaction for the partnership reached with TI Energy gas & power, putting the Energy T.I. logo as “Title Sponsor” on the fairing of the rider Andrea Iannone, in the new scenario of the MotoGP 2013.

Energy T.I. gas & power, engaged in supplying natural gas to industrial, domestic and local distributors, enters the world of motorsport as a protagonist, relying on the performance of the team and of the young Italian talent to let the image of the brand run fast in the world.

Andrea Iannone:

“I am honored to be part of this big Ducati family, I am facing this new MotoGP challenge with everything I need to do my best. I expect a period of apprenticeship as all rookies in this class, but I know that my team will help me a lot. I thank all the partners, the title sponsor Energy T.I. and Pramac Racing Team.”

The date therefore is April the7th, Grand Prix of Qatar, the first MotoGP race which will officially kick off the two wheeled season, ready to sprint off at the green light. National and international media, fans and enthusiasts will be physically and virtually on the track to live and describe with passion a real explosion of energy.

Andrea Iannone's Energy.TI Pramac Ducati


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"relying on the performance of the team and of the young Italian talent to let the image of the brand run fast in the world..."

I think they meant to say "run wide."

Yeah, thats the way to greet a new sponsor to the sport, one prepared to put its money behind an exciting new rider. Well done MSS58

is faster than hell and his personality will be a nice shot in the arm for the sport and his sponsors.

that said, the bike runs wide. everytime. and given the circumstances of the world, we should look for humor everywhere we can.

Besides, I seem to think that they would have missed it had I actually rolled out the red carpet for them.

Pramac have offered a lifeline to a an established rider coming off a horror year & a seat to an exciting rookie. They have brought two fresh sponsors to the sport. Can they announce such good news without someone using it as means to make a vitriolic stab at Ducati, disguised as humour? No, it seems. MotoGP would be a sad place indeed if Ducati went the way of Suzuki & Kawasaki or if teams like Pramac disappeared overnight.

OK. You're right. We will no longer mention those things that are patently obvious while talking about motorcycle racing, like how a bike corners. And we certainly will not use sarcasm to do it. The open real estate on the Factory liveries indicates that other sponsors have realized that the bike can't turn either.

And like it or not, Ducati is fast going the way of Suzuki and Kawasaki as evidenced by their bringing the 2012 bike to the 2013 season.

Lastly, your use of vitriol to describe a joke makes me wonder if you're capable of watching a sport where people compete - remember, there will be a winner and a loser. Not everyone gets a ribbon for playing.

dfh: you make a good point that is all too often lacking in forum world. Let's hope they're rewarded- perhaps enough to entice others (back) to the sport. well said.

missingsupersic58: I dont think dfh meant you specifically and as a fan of the sport surely you understand his position?