2013 Moto2 and Moto3 Jerez February Test Day 3 Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams at the end of the test at Jerez:

First Moto2 test underwater in Jerez de la Frontera

Second 2013 season test for the riders of Moto 2. After testing at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia last week, the NGM Mobile Forward Racing team moved to Jerez de la Frontera during the 19th - 21st of February to continue with the preparation for the next championship.

The riders have spent the last three days improving their feel for the new bikes and to work on their setup. However their progress was marred due to inclement weather. The first and third day were a wash out until the last session, with the second day providing the riders with drier condtions albeit foggy.

The NGM Mobile riders decided to tackle their long-runs, focusing on technical issues without struggling on single-lap pace. Lap times will start to be more significant from next Irta test, when all Moto2 riders will get the same type of engine supplied by their respective teams.

SIimone Corsi - 3

“I’m happy about the improvements done. The bikes feeling is good even if we still have to work a lot because I have difficulties to follow the top riders on the single-lap time. Unfortunately I fell down during the second day and so the work slowed down but I want to get ready for the Irta test because I want to make a difference."

Alex De Angelis – 15

“We improved compared to Valencia test. We had some problems with the tyres degradation but we found a setup that enabled us to keep the tyre temperature more constant. Unfortunately we are still far from the top five so we´ll have to work harder. Moreover the weather didn’t help at all because we rode only one day in dry conditions which meant that our work was disrupted. "

Mattia Pasini -54

“We are working well and making large steps. The bike is getting better and we are beginning to understand how to ride it and how to set it up. We have to keep working but it feels good. The atmosphere in the team is perfect and we have to exploit all the potential we have."

Ricky Cardús – 88

“We faced several tough days due to the varying weather conditions. Generally I have been feeling good. For the first time I was riding this bike on in the wet and everything went right, furthermore we managed to get a good lap time. Now we have to keep working to improve."


It rains for the last test day in Jerez and the low temperature than Tuesday doesn’t permit to the ride to improve their lap time on the wet. The next appointment for Moto2 and Moto3 classes will be for the IRTA Test from 18th to 21st March again in Jerez de la Frontera

Johann Zarco has worked on the set up of his new Suter MMX2 using different settings compared to tuesday on the wet, finishing, after 40 laps, in forth position with 1’55.287 at 0.427 from Terol’s best lap.

Johann Zarco, Rider Moto2 # 5: "Today we have worked again on the wet set up with different regulation than tuesday, the conditions were different so we haven’t improved our time but we reduced a lot our gap from the top. I’m looking forward to IRTA Test because in these days I have found a very good feeling with my bike and I’m sure that I can fight for the first position this season”.

Red Bull KTM Ajo undertake last day of Jerez in further wet conditions

Arthur Sissis and Zulfahmi Khairuddin make the most of final day in Jerez to add kilometres to the clock, whilst Luis Salom elects to avoid risks on wet track.

21/02/13 - Circuito de Jerez

The dry conditions at Jerez only lasted a single day. The Red Bull KTM Ajo riders had to contend with fine rain from the opening hour of Thursday’s final test day, forced to change their plans for the second time this week. Arthur Sissis and Zulfahmi Khairuddin decided to ride, whilst Luis Salom erred on the side of caution after previously riding in the wet on Tuesday.

On a wet track, Sissis and Zulfahmi dedicated the first session of the day to putting kilometres under their belts. The Red Bull KTM Ajo riders racked up 23 and 27 laps, respectively, with both going round in under two minutes and taking sixth and seventh spot, respectively. A 13ºC ambient temperature and a strong wind blowing gusts of up to 20 km/h were the backdrop as the young riders adjusted their wet weather settings.

In the Moto3-only session, the Australian and the Malaysian riders concluded their test, dropping their times from earlier in the day. Sissis stopped the clock at 1’59.464, whilst Khairuddin’s best lap was 1’59.389. The quickest rider on Thursday was Jack Miller.

Red Bull KTM Ajo will be back onboard their machinery in under a month’s time –from March 18th-21st– at the Moto3 Official Test at Jerez. This will serve as a final preparation for the opening round of the season in Qatar.


1. Jack Miller (FTR Honda) 1:58.354

2. Alex Rins (KTM) 1:58.495 +0.141

3. Jakub Kornfeil (Kalex KTM) 1:58.644 +0.290

4. Romano Fenati (FTR Honda) 1:59.044 +0.690

5. Miguel Oliveira (Mahindra) 1:59.100 +0.746

8. Zulfahmi Khairuddin (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:59.389 +1.035

9. Arthur Sissis (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:59.464 +1.110

-. Luis Salom (Red Bull KTM Ajo) -

Luis Salom

"This test at Jerez has been very good. On Day 1 we rode in the wet and the feeling was good in those conditions. Yesterday, in the dry, we rode very comfortably with the bike; we were fast and had a strong pace. I am very happy, because both the team and KTM are working very well. Personally, I have made a big change that has taken me a couple of steps forward. I was able to ride on my own and get my best time like that, without a tow. I am learning fast with this team. They are improving me as a a rider."

Arthur Sissis

"These three days haven't been all positive, due to the weather conditions. It rained a lot and the track was wet for most of the test. Today we weren't able to ride much; we changed a couple of things, but it didn't work out as we had hoped. The good thing is that we have a good wet setup."

Zulfahmi Khairuddin

"Today the weather wasn't good and the track was tricky. We focused on trying out some different suspension adjustments and I am happy with how the bike performed in the end. I think that we did a pretty good fast lap and I think that, after this test, we have a generally fast bike in wet conditions."

Aki Ajo

"It's a pity, because the weather conditions weren't the best for us here. We were hoping for more dry track time, but that wasn't possible. Luckily we had good weather yesterday and were able to improve a lot, so we're happy with that. The bike is completely new this year, so we hope that we can have more dry tests and continue to prepare for the start of the campaign."

Bad weather prevents Niklas Ajo from riding

Avant Tecno KTM rider elects against riding on Thursday in Jerez due to wet conditions.

21/02/13 - Circuito de Jerez

Niklas Ajo and Avant Tecno KTM’s testing for the week came to an early end on Thursday, as rainfall forced a conclusion to his time on track at Jerez. The Finnish rider had missed the first day on Tuesday due to bad weather, and again chose not to risk further damage to his recently-recovered knee today.

Rain was a persistent adversary for Niklas Ajo in Jerez. The Avant Tecno KTM rider only completed laps yesterday, on a track which has characteristics that require more strength from a knee injured during the winter. For this reason and due to the wet surface, the Finn rode only 40 laps this week. His best time was a 1’50.140.

Niklas Ajo will be back at Jerez from the 18th-21st of March, for the third and final Moto3 test of the 2013 preseason.

Niklas Ajo

“In the end I was only able to ride on one day -and even then it wasn't in every session. The pain in my knee didn't allow me to do any more. Yesterday we could try things out, but on Tuesday and today the track was wet and we preferred to not take any risks. That way I can recover fully. We hope that in the upcoming tests my knee is in better shape, so that we can put more kilometres on the clock before the start of the season."

Positive second test for Marc VDS despite rain at Jerez

Jerez, Spain - 21 February 2013: All three Marc VDS riders declared themselves satisfied with the progress made during the second preseason test of 2013 at Jerez, despite rain disrupting all but one day of the three tests days.

Scott Redding ended the test third on the Moto2 timesheet, just 0.5s off the fastest time set by last year's championship runner up, Pol Espargaro. The Marc VDS rider was also fifth fastest in the rain of the opening day, after rediscovering his wet weather form aboard the 2013 Kalex.

Mika Kallio was initially fast in the wet conditions on the opening day, but dropped to seventh position after encountering problems with the Dunlop wet tyres. In the dry the 30-year-old Finn was also seventh fastest, running a different set-up to normal on the bike, but was unhappy that the gap to the top of the timesheet was more than one second.

Livio Loi quickly mastered the tricky conditions on the two wet days at Jerez, running top five until a crash - at turn three on Tuesday and turn two on Thursday - brought a premature end to both days. The 15-year-old Belgian slipped back to 21st on the timesheet while working to refine the set-up of his Kalex-KTM machine in the dry conditions of the second day.

The Marc VDS Racing Team will return to the Jerez circuit on 22nd March, for the third and final preseason test of 2013.

Scott Redding #45: 3rd - 1'42.849

"We had some problems in the wet last year, so it was great to jump on the bike the first day in the rain and instantly have a good feeling. The same was true in the dry the second day; the bike just felt right from the first pit exit. We tried quite a few things on the bike, to improve it in a couple of areas, including getting the bike to turn better. Overall it's been a very positive three days, despite the dodgy weather, and I'm looking forward to coming back to Jerez for the final test next month."

Mika Kallio #36: 7th - 1'43.509

"My first exit on wets on Tuesday was good, but as soon as we changed tyres I couldn't get within two seconds of my own lap time. The same was true today; I just didn't have the grip to go any faster in the wet. We need to figure out what the problem is, because I have no confidence with the wet tyres at the moment. We had a good base set-up for this track last year, but it didn't work as well at other tracks. For this test we went a completely different way with the settings, but we simply didn't get enough dry track time to confirm the changes. We will go to Albacete for two more days of testing, where we'll decide on a direction with the settings before returning to Jerez in March."

Livio Loi #11: 21st - 1'49.576

"The first day was very good, I was all the time third or fourth, but then I had a little crash. Overall I was happy with day one. In the dry on the second day we had some problems with set-up, but we managed to improve both the bike and my lap time each session, so not the best day but it was okay. Today the first free practice was good and I was running fourth. In the second session I don't know what happened, but I lost the front into turn two. The track was drying and I didn't do anything different, so I don't really know why I crashed. Anyway, overall it's been a good test and now I head to Le Mans to get more time on the bike."

Michael Bartholemy: Team Principal

"Both Scott and Mika had a lot to test on the only dry day here at Jerez, so neither were really pushing for fast lap times. Even so they were both on the pace in the wet and in the dry. I'm confident that when we return in March, with nothing left to test on the bikes, they'll both be a lot closer to the top of the timesheet. Livio had a good first day, but struggled a little with set-up in the dry. While he's unhappy not to be closer to the frontrunners, he learnt a lot during this test and, as a rookie, this is more important to his future than a few fast laps on a bike that isn't set-up properly. He will get more experience testing at Le Mans next month, before returning to Jerez for the final preseason test."


Rain returned to hinder the progress of the Moto2 and Moto3 teams testing at Jerez today, with many riders opting to stay in their garages rather than take unnecessary risks. Only yesterday's brief respite in the adverse conditions allowed Niccolò Antonelli the opportunity to test his form and fitness, when he showed that he has the potential to be a serious contender this season. Lorenzo Baldassarri completed just a handful of laps today after already demonstrating excellent pace in the wet on Tuesday. The Team Go&FUN Gresini Moto3 pair are now looking forward to their next preseason session, planned for the 18th-21st March back at Jerez.

Niccolò Antonelli “Like the first day it was better for me to watch from the sidelines today because it wasn't worth taking any risks. It's a shame but between now and the next test in March we have time to recover fitness and build on the work we managed to get done yesterday when I was only 50% fit.”

Lorenzo Baldassarri “There's not much to say after the amount of laps we completed today but we were happy enough with our performance in the wet on the opening day. It is a shame that the weather has been like this today but we'll be back on track in mid-March and I can't wait.”


For the second time in three days the Moto2 riders at Jerez were restricted to watching the rain hammering down on the track from the confines of their garage as the inclement weather in southern Spain ruined their testing plans. Ratthapark Wilairot managed a handful of laps during a brief respite in the downpour yesterday, just enough to give him confidence ahead of the next test back here at Jerez in March.

Ratthapark Wilairot “It has been a real shame that the test has been such a washout here this week. We had a lot of work planned but were able to complete hardly any of it on the wet track. I am happy with the few laps we did and hopeful of better weather at the next test in March.”


Doni Tata Pradita's attempts to further acquaint himself with the Suter Moto2 bike were dealt a blow on the final day of a three-day test at Jerez today, when heavy rain returned to limit any meaningful track time. It is a minor setback for the Indonesian rider's adaptation to the class but he will have the opportunity to make up for lost time next month when the paddock returns to Jerez for a four day session.

Doni Tata Pradita “The weather here has prevented me from continuing with my adaptation to Moto2. I need to get kilometres under my belt in order to get up to speed but doing laps in the wet is nowhere near as productive as in the dry. Hopefully we get better weather here at the next test in March so that I can improve my feeling with the bike before the season starts.”

Team Italia works hard during the second Moto3 tests of the season

Romano Fenati is 13th but fourth fastest in the wet, Bagnaia familiarizes with the Honda-FTR

After the strong debut last week in Valencia, San Carlo Team Italia wrapped up three more days of test in Jerez with the rest of the Moto3 field. With rain falling during day one and three, Romano Fenati took advantage of the adverse weather to practice in the wet, showing great improvements and posting the fourth fastest time (+ 0.690) during the last day. The Italian rider was 13th fastest in the cumulative time sheets (1'48.842), where Viñales was still on top.

"I trained a lot in the wet during the winter break - Fenati said - I'm pretty happy with these tests. We worked hard and tried many things on the bike, which is pretty similar to what we had last year. We are still chasing KTM, but in March we'll try the new engine and hopefully it'll be enough to cut the gap."

Francesco Bagnaia (1'49.829) kept familiarizing with his Honda-FTR bike. The rookie closed the three days in Spain with the 26th time, one second behind his teammate.

"Romano was one of the best rookies last season and I hope to follow his steps - Bagnaia said - I'm happy with the way things are going, we're working hard and the first results are showing. I love the bike, it allows me to entry corners with a lot of speed. I'm more confident on the FTR and starting to ride it the way I want to. The level is really high but it was to expected with the best young riders in the world. I can still improve a lot. I'll be ready when the championship starts."

Both riders will try the new Honda engines at the last Moto3 tests, which will take place in Jerez on March 18-21.


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