NGM Forward Racing 2013 MotoGP and Moto2 Launch Press Release

The NGM Forward Racing team issued the following press release after their team launch in Milan:

NGM Mobile Forward Racing presents their 2013 team in Milan

The NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team presents its 2013 team in Milan. The team presented its six riders; Colin Edwards, Claudio Corti in MotoGP and Simone Corsi, Alex De Angelis, Mattia Pasini and Ricky Cardús in Moto2.

Giovanni Cuzari, Forward Racing and Media Action CEO unveiled the 2013 look for both MotoGP and Moto2 bikes alongside title sponsor Stefano Nesi, NGM Mobile CEO. Also present at the event Moto2 constructor SpeedUp Factory CEO Luca Boscoscuro. The riders expressed their eagerness to begin the season and commented on the winter tests at Valencia, Jerez and Sepang.

Giovanni Cuzari – CEO/ Team Owner

“The same way that NGM has become famous for having doubled the SIM on the cell phones, we will like to do the same doubling the number of riders in our team! In the case of the CRT the long-term goal is to maintain the visibility on track even in the case of suffering “inconveniences” and creating a team that has an appealing format for a prospect constructor that might eventually become interested. It is obvious that having two riders allows the team to develop the CRT prototypes at a faster pace. In the Moto2 category our expectations are others, we want to see our visibility double, which would be otherwise difficult to do in such a crowded category, where the results are the key factor to visibility. This is how we arrived to having six riders; 2 riders in CRT and 4 in Moto2, riding with the same colors under the hope of providing satisfaction to those that believe in us.”

Marco Curioni – Managing Director

“Its a great feeling to get a new season started. We are a young team and every year has been a new challenge that has lead to a constant growth by following the opportunities that have been presented to us. We believe in a sustainable economical system in which our sponsors support the team economically but are guaranteed a return of their investment in terms of visibility. A system in which our riders, true leading characters of this sport, can concentrate on training and being performing instead of being on the constant lookout for personal sponsors. A system in which out technicians, can rely on the security/tranquility provided by the continuity that allow us to make of this common passion a professional job other than only concentrating prestige and visibility.”

Stefano Nesi - CEO President of NGM Italia

"NGM Mobile is synonymous of research and innovation in a challenging industry. Our main goal has been to introduce the Dual SIM system in a mature and complex market. We have been able to do so by differentiating ourselves from our competitors in such a way that it has allowed us the chance of conquering top position in the Italian market. Today we are proud of presenting the six riders and bikes of the team ready to ride with the NGM colors for the second year in a row for both the Moto2 and the MotoGP categories. Colin Edwards and Claudio Corti will represent the team in MotoGP and this season Alex De Angelis will be joined by; Simone Corsi, Mattia Pasini and Ricky Cradús for a very exciting season. The presence of our team with four ambitious riders in the Moto2 class will surely increase the visibility of our brand throughout the season not only in Italy but also around the world, allowing NGM to reach other parts of the globe.”

Chris Herring – FTR Director

"Working with the exciting MotoGP project of the NGM Forward Racing Team is leaving everyone at FTR really looking forward to the 2013 season. Giovanni and Marco have worked hard on the project and in the two excellent riders, Colin and Claudio, they have a programme to be very proud of. They have the full backing of FTR and its technical support and development staff and I'm sure the improved performance will be evident on track throughout the forthcoming campaign. Everyone at FTR wishes all at Forward the very best for the new season and look forward to joining in the team's celebrations of success in the 2013 World Championship."

Luca Boscoscuro – Speed Up Factory Constructor

"I am very happy to collaborate with the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team, I would like to thank the team for their confidence in our SpeedUp bike. We have great expectations for this 2013 season and hope that the work we do in collaboration with NGM Mobile Forward Racing will lead to future successes."


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