Dorna Press Release: BT Sport Secures UK MotoGP Broadcast Rights For 2014 - 2018

Dorna Sports issued the following press release on the acquisition of the broadcast rights for MotoGP in the United Kingdom for the next five years. More information and full commentary will be released soon, but there are a few key details which are already known. Firstly, for details on how to receive BT Sport, see the BT Sport website. Secondly, although the commentary team is as yet unknown, the names of Julian Ryder and Keith Huewen are circulating, though this could of course be wishful thinking. Thirdly, it seems almost certain that British Eurosport will no longer provided delayed broadcast of the MotoGP races, as that deal was tied up with the BBC contract.

Below is the press release from Dorna:

BT Sport to bring MotoGP™ to British audiences from 2014

Dorna Sports announces today an agreement with BT Sport for the exclusive broadcast rights to the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship, starting from the 2014 season, to be shown across all its platforms in the UK and Ireland.

The five-year agreement will see MotoGP as premium programming in the thrilling line up of top sports on the new BT Sport channels. Motorcycle racing’s premier Championship will be part of this exciting new venture and will join other headline properties such as the Barclays Premier League and Aviva Premiership Rugby.

MotoGP fans won’t miss a minute of the action as race weekends will be covered in full starting from the free practices on the Friday and including full coverage of Moto2™ and Moto3™ as well as the elite category MotoGP.

Coverage will be hosted on-site with additional studio coverage from BT Sport’s state of the art facilities at the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.

BT Sport will create an exciting second screen experience, giving fans the ability to see races from the riders' perspective and with more interactive features showing off the most technologically advanced bikes.

This will give the UK audience a whole new MotoGP viewing experience, immersing them in every aspect of the Championship.

The MotoGP line up will be further enhanced by additional motorcycle-related programming in between Grand Prix weekends.

BT Vision and YouView viewers will be able to catch up on any live action they miss as BT Sport will make the programming available on demand, on television and on digital.

BT Sport will be heading into the world of MotoGP at full throttle, with extensive promotion across all media outlets including outdoor advertising, newspapers and magazines, as well as cross-promotion during its flagship football and rugby coverage.

Manel Arroyo, Dorna Sports, Managing Director, commented: “We’re proud that MotoGP will be part of such a huge and exciting project as BT Sport. I’m sure that BT Sport will provide the in-depth coverage that MotoGP deserves and in turn MotoGP will provide the sporting drama and excitement to help launch BT Sport as a major player in the TV market. Our new partnership comes at the perfect time, with British riders flourishing in the Championship and we look forward to our British fans being able to follow every single minute of the action.”

Simon Green, Head of BT Sport, said: “The agreement with MotoGP is really exciting. We want BT Sport to offer a wide range of sports that appeal to many different audiences and MotoGP is a thrilling sport with a massive and committed fan base in the UK and Ireland. We believe existing fans will be thrilled with our comprehensive coverage and how we intend to develop the Moto GP brand and think we can also help the sport win many new fans.”


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I have Sky TV specifically for Eurosport - MotoGP (and SBK). I'm not paying £15 per month for another channel. I'm also not changing my phone/broadband provider (extremely bad experience with BT)
I'm also not subscribing to the MotoGP website.
Looks like I'm out of the picture next year :O(

I'm not sure what to think. BT Sport might put a out a great broadcast, but I can't help thinking that I will really miss Toby, Julian, and Especially Neil Spalding's Eurosport commentary. Eurosport's coverage is even better than the BBC coverage, IMO. Although I will take either one of them over the crap that airs on speed channel...

Read somewhere it will cost £15 a month. I can think of a hell of a lot of things I'd rather spend $273.874 AUD on than watching TV 18 weekends of a 52 weekend year.

Anyone responsible for breaking up the Eurosport coverage should feel ashamed of themselves.

This year I've already been watching the practices and Moto3/2 races on streams. But I always picked the one which streamed the Eurosport coverage...

The BBC coverage was pretty bad, but at least it was free.

I can't afford any more subscriptions, this will take MotoGP back to the 60's and 70's when there was no coverage as far as I'm concerned.

Well done Dorna, I hope the FIM terminate you!

The way i see it, Dorna have shot themselves in the foot with their greedy short-termism, not only have they taken my sport away from me but i think they are in danger of seriously damaging it as well. Havent missed a race in many years (except the ones i was actually at) but I reckon I'm out, we wont be paying.

In the above poll on MCN 90.5% of voters think its a bad idea, 2.2% said yes it's good and 7.2% said they'd wait n see.

If anyone has set up a petition or facebook page please post the link on here.

This is damaging the sport. Maybe a track invasion and "Greenham Common style sit in" demonstration just prior to the MotoGP race at Silverstone is in order as disruption to the TV schedule is the only thing that will hit Dorna where it hurts.

And if you're on Virgin Cable? I assume you're screwed.

I'd watch it on the MotoGP subscription, but frankly the commentators there wind me up almost as much as Cox and Parrish. And even though HD some times works, all too often it drops back to low quality. I wonder some times why I bother with the sub.

I haven't had a single problem in years and I'm all the way across the pond much further from the Spain feed. subscription has been bought and paid for since they offered it. Compared to the Speed Channel it's Cristal. No complaints.

another little avenue of entertainment is stolen from the BBC. I'm bloody furious about this.

BT are well known to provide crap broadband coverage in the UK where they are regarded as an oversized inefficient joke. So in order for me to watch my sport, I have to take on the rest of their crap over priced 'services' too. Well, the sport will have to kiss my ass goodbye.

No don’t prefer Eurosport because I can’t stand the constant irritating pea-brained adverts, I want to watch uninterrupted coverage on the BBC, and I like their team (not to the denigration of Eurosport who I also like).

This is a direct result of the UK governments cap on the BBC revenue and their insistence that the licence fee is held for years, and that the BBC downsize their budget, so ultimately I blame them. We were warned that 'blue chip' sport would suffer 2 years ago.

Moto GP goes ‘out to the market’ so that what I once watched for free I have to bloody well pay through the nose for - BRILLIANT!

Seriously P*SS*D OFF.

I doubt she realised anyone raced motorbikes to be fair ;-)

And Cameron has never allowed any to be seen any near his estate, they'd frighten the peacocks and his chum Jeremy Clarkson doesn't like them either.

And if I cant watch it on telly, and be part of the ongoing soap opera, will i continue to patronise actual live MotoGP races? Will I gave a f*** anymore?

Anyone thinking about jumping to BT broadband, should think twice, it's not good.

I have BT broadband and its ok.... still waiting for the super fast fiber connection in my area though.

I deffinately will be sad to see it go from Eurosport..... really a big loss not to have that commentary team anymore.

But rather than listen to hearsay I have been to the BT website to find out about it. As I already have BT broadband it would only cost be £5 a month to get the basic BT TV package, that includes BT Sport, ESPN and Eurosport. I'm currently paying £4.99 a month for the Eurosport web player so its a better deal for me with BT. Also if you have BT broadband you get free access to their Sport TV web app to watch it on your tablet or phone without needing to even have BT TV. So its not as bad as some on here have been commenting.

But I will still mourn the loss of the Eurosport coverage! At least I can still get BSB and WSBK on Eurosport through BT TV though.

I appreciate that Nick but of course if you don't have BT Broadband, or you are in an area where there is no cable (like me on both counts) you are bolloxed.

Who's for starting one of those government petitions? If you get 100,000 signatures its 'considered' for a debate in Parliament. I don't know what 'considered' means, probably for a nanosecond then booted into touch by some civil servant.

We must be able to get 100,000 racing fans in the UK to protest to this? After the coverage is being taken from Eurosport and the BBC so whoever you prefer - you lose!

Let's try embarrasing the these B****rds!

I won't swear even though I want to because David will delete it...

A few years ago I was with BT. They mixed my bill up with someone else's. They said I owed them £400+. 72 (yes 72, I logged them all) phone calls and a court summons from them later (I said I would attend the court hearing), they decided to drop the court case as a "good will gesture". Was disappointed and furious, I wanted to nail the bastards for their bullying tactics. Disgraceful company.

In the UK, you will rarely hear positive things about BT from its customers. Terrible customer service and terrible media (and internet) service.

But they bid more than any other UK provider?

Dorna, has heritage and loyalty afforded ANYTHING in your reasoned decision with screening rights in 2014? No, just who came up with the most cash? Well done for making a minority sport in the UK drop to a mere pleb.

Sad day for MotoGP fans in the UK.

Still, we have BSB and WSB. At least WSB until Dorna sell it to the highest bidder. Enjoy it while it lasts...

Another seeker of illegal streams next year...

BT came to fix my mediocre broadband and failed. But the did somehow connect my telephone to someone else's number. I had ended up having to email the managing director's private email address to get my telephone number back...

I've not enough bandwidth for streams, it's torrents for me!

Seriously baffling decision to sell coverage for 5 years to a channel that does not launch until August and has no known potential number of viewers. Doesn't seem to be much consideration for promoting the sport or increasing the fanbase with this choice. It should safely rule out any sponsors looking for UK coverage I would have thought.

Swiftnick, second the petition motion ! As someone who does not have BT broadband, is on a rural exchange (sub 1000 people so no rush to broadband here) and does not wish to have 2 new subscriptions, 1 to Sky and then BT Sport, my viewing options seem limited.

Imho if the BBC spent, (read wasted), less on Football perhaps they would still have the coverage.

Agreed bumble; football is full of posy-overpaid-spoilt-brat cheats and liars! Allegedly

That's not libellous 'cos I didn't name one.

However, haven't Sky hoovered up football years ago?

I don't care what people say about the BBC team, I was grateful for full, uninterrupted coverage of each and every race. Perhaps those of us who live on the muddy island took our free coverage for granted....

I'd converted friends and family into fans. Accessibility was a big part of their interest. Free on TV, free online, record it on your DVR, download from iPlayer etc, so easy. Will those converted now subscribe to Sky/Virgin or change their broadband providers? I doubt it....

I've had conversations about PPV with those who also love the sport, they have no issue with paying a sub to the MotoGp site. €100 to feed their habit is nothing.

Most of my converted friends follow the sport simply because they can. (And partly because I gave them no choice!) But are these not the people we need to expand the sport?

Of course, at the end of the day, it's all about the money. Dorna is a business, with shareholders. If BT outbid the BBC then that is where the coverage will go. If we think a petition will save a MotoGp when the Premier League, Cricket etc went the same way then we may be sadly mistaken.

The inevitable has happened, we are now in line with the rest of the poor sods who have to pay, or worse, get nothing. God bless streaming and torrents I say!

people did not believe me.
We, as fans in Britain of all things bikes have been well and truly shafted and alienated by the one and only Ezpeleta, so lets give the greedy bald headed w@nka a big round of applause.
Not only can the majority of us not afford his astronomical ticket prices to go to the race circuits on race weekends, we can not watch it on tv and watch our warriors battle it out as of 2014
He and his band of little followers have single handedly put our riders on the big stage and then decided X amount of millions of fans in Britain who don't have a BT subscription cannot watch them on a tv channel of our choice (Eurosport & Sky) to name two just for his and Dorna's own greed. Obviously with him being spanish and having his spanish armada riding in the series, us Brits don't matter anymore.
We need a poll to try to find out how many people in Britain actually watch MGP but then again it would be a waste of time because money, and millions of it, has a louder voice than more than a 100,000+ disgruntled fans.
To start with, we all need to cancel our telephone line contracts with BT and go with who we get our tv from (Virgin, Sky) that way the lost revenue to BT will be a big hit to them and they will feel the impact.
I, and like the majority of people in Britain are with Sky & Virgin & terrestrial tv etc because they give a way better service than that of BT.
This is the death knell of MGP in Britain.
I have always been a big follower of WSB & BSB and only watched MGP because of our Brits lads but that will all be gone next year so i see WSB & BSB as being the major winners......Well until C.E F*cks WSB over too.....
I personally think the broadcasting should of been split and keeping Eurosport in the same function as it is, but i'm only a fan so that don't mean shit.
Apologies to David for the swearing on here but it is justified in this case.

Dorna's BT blurred vision
by seeyadad on Thu May 02, 2013 10:28 pm

Hey i get most of you guys are based in the states and don't all get Live MotoGP feeds but we over here in the Uk need some support??
Dick Turpin aka Carmelo Ezpeleta has taken what we would perceive as a greed based decision to give the very poor quality BT Vision the broadcasting rights as of next season!
I know the BBC have been a bit crap with their coverage due to tennis, cricket & other boring shite taking priority over world class bike racing but they don't deserve to be shafted by CE as neither do Eurosport who do an awesome job with good coverage and well heeled commentators who as we say over here 'know their shit'.
The problem we have is CE will be getting a big fat pay cheque in the short term but long term it will be detrimental to the sport and to the fans (us) as BT visions standard tv coverage is shite and the internet speed is nothing more than pants dial up speed.
This really is going to hurt us and the sport, generally in the Uk but unless we all can get together and stand up to this greedy moron he will end up losing millions of fans and supporters.
We all stood together in 2008 against unwanted changes so why not do it again?
Krop, can you do some digging and raise the profile of this problem and help us??

If we don't do something now then the future of MGP will be looking bleaker than it has in years, just when it looks like its picking itself up off its arse again and giving us something to turn the Tv on for...

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Re: Dorna's BT blurred vision
by raisinberry777 on Fri May 03, 2013 1:34 am

Wait, so the UK broadcaster for MotoGP next year is changing, no deal has been confirmed (as far as I know), let alone any details, and you're going to write them off nearly a whole year before the season's even begun?

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Re: Dorna's BT blurred vision
by Tourn46 on Fri May 03, 2013 10:04 am

raisinberry777 wrote:
Wait, so the UK broadcaster for MotoGP next year is changing, no deal has been confirmed (as far as I know), let alone any details, and you're going to write them off nearly a whole year before the season's even begun?

From what I have seen, it's pretty much set in stone that it's going to BT Vision... I live in the UK and I genuinely don't know a single person who has BT Vision. If anyone has a subscription service, it is Sky and I can't see people getting both. I'm certainly not in a position to get a TV service that nobody has heard of, that offers me nothing other than MotoGP for 45 minutes every 2 weeks... MotoGP is almost exclusively the only thing I use a TV for.

I will just have to watch via illegal means next year, well done Dorna.


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Re: Dorna's BT blurred vision
by MorganC1 on Fri May 03, 2013 5:24 pm

I totally agree. BT Vision is going to be rubbish. It is working for the BBC and they are getting good viewing figures, but the greed of Dorna is going to ruin that. Shame really, I will be doing the same as Tourn.

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Re: Dorna's BT blurred vision
by Grahluk on Fri May 03, 2013 7:14 pm

Can't you just purchaset a MotoGP season pass? It's great & I don't even have to worry how some broadcaster's going to chop up, short coverage, or clog up the race with commercials.


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Re: Dorna's BT blurred vision
by MorganC1 on Fri May 03, 2013 7:39 pm

Can't afford it mate, and my internet speed is bad anyway.

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Re: Dorna's BT blurred vision
by Albert on Fri May 03, 2013 7:41 pm

We've had BT internet for some years now and until recently never had a problem with it.
Our problem took quite a few weeks (and several threats to move elsewhere) to sort but we seem to be back on an even keel now! (touch wood!)

In amongst all this we kept getting an email towards the end of each month encouraging us to upgrade. Now I find myself wondering if they will start to try and push the new channel at us, especially with the news regarding Robin Van Persie (below) that has been plastered on our home page recently!

Van Persie, 29, will star in TV adverts, on billboards and other marketing for the channel, which will show 38 exclusively live Premier League games for three seasons from August 2013 – including 18 of the top pick matches.

The Holland international said:

“I am thrilled to be joining BT Sport as one of the faces of their advertising. It has been great fun filming the adverts and shooting the posters and I know fans will be seeing some amazing footage and pictures when the adverts start to appear.”

Simon Green, head of BT Sport, said:

“I am absolutely delighted that we have signed a star of Robin’s calibre to be in our advertising. There are few current players that have had such an incredible run of form in the Premier League over the last couple of seasons.

“For BT Sport, Robin is one of the players that embody the dynamism and skill that we are going to be showcasing with our live coverage, so we could not have signed a more powerful figure.”

The news comes after Arsenal and England winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was announced as a BT Ambassador.

The 19-year-old, who will also will also feature in the ads as well as appear as a regular guest, said:

“As a young player, I hope I can bring some real insight into the Premier League as part of the BT Sport team.”

As well as the Premier League rights, BT Sport has also secured the rights to live top tier matches from Serie A in Italy, Ligue 1 in France, Brasileiro in Brazil and Major League Soccer in the USA.

Two days ago there was more news, again, below!

It’s a big day for BT Sport with news that we have reached an agreement to acquire the ESPN and ESPN America channels in the UK and Ireland, including FA Cup, Scottish Premier League, European football and more is being added to the package of top action which will be available from this summer.

BT Group and ESPN announced today that they have agreed that BT will acquire ESPN’s UK and Ireland TV channels business. These primarily comprise the ESPN and ESPN America channels and their live sports rights portfolio, including the FA Cup, Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League, UEFA Europa League, and the German Bundesliga.

The transaction is expected to complete on July 31, 2013 after which BT will continue to operate at least one ESPN-branded channel which is expected to form part of the BT Sport TV package that will be launched by BT this summer. Additionally, the deal will allow BT to continue to show a host of US sports currently shown on ESPN America, including NCAA College Basketball, NCAA College Football and NASCAR. The ESPN channels will be broadcast from BT Sport’s new home in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. Until completion, the service for current subscribers to the ESPN channels across all television platforms remains unchanged.

The deal will enable BT Sport customers to see live coverage of the FA Cup for the 2013/14 season, the Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League until the end of the 2016/17 season and the UEFA Europa League and German Bundesliga through to the end of the 2014/15 season. These join the broadcast rights that BT Sport has previously announced, including 38 live Barclays Premier League matches – including 18 of the top clashes – in each of the next three seasons (beginning August 2013); 69 live Aviva Premiership Rugby matches for the next four seasons; and up to 800 hours per season of live women’s tennis, including the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships.

ESPN will continue to own and operate its existing digital media businesses which include multisport news and information portal, ESPNcricinfo (cricket), ESPNFC (football), ESPNscrum (rugby), ESPNF1 (Formula 1) and broadband streaming service ESPN Player. ESPN Classic has been excluded from the proposed transaction.
I believe I'm growing sceptical of cynicism!


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Re: Dorna's BT blurred vision
by Cobbett on Fri May 03, 2013 8:03 pm

Yes, a short-sighted nightmare if true.

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Re: Dorna's BT blurred vision
by Griff on Fri May 03, 2013 8:28 pm

One of those double or even triple edged swords. On one hand BT Vision works quite well in some areas, others it really doesn't,
mine is trouble free and no complaints. But it is a very limited audience at the moment and I don't really want to pay again to
watch the racing (I currently watch Eurosport on Virgin). But BT is putting a huge amount of effort into making BT Sport a "proper"
sports channel (trust me I know) but I don't want to watch womens tennis or crappy football, so it depends on package and pricing,
either way still don't know if its a good thing.

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While I cannot see what possible response could be forthcoming, an E petition would at least be embarrassing to the companies involved.

So, to all those whom have grumbled, I have started one.

It requires checking and validation before it can go active but I can see no reasons for why they could refuse.

Check back here and I'll post details once ratified. Now we've bothered we MUST sign it. Don't let us all down.

Open to any ideas as to exact wording or places to post news of it's existence.

There are many sites which enable you to set up an e-petition, I suggest that Moto4 or Seeyadad compile and word something. Don't rush in half cocked, no point in having lots of petitions.

Facebook Motor Cycling groups are good places to get responses from and there are lots of them.
Some magazines will promote the petition with a bit of editorial too.

I am incandescent.

Just over ten years ago my common-law wife had a serious issue with BT after they continued to bill her after she had cancelled her subscription and they continued to bill her. It was a six month ordeal involving court summons etc. BT will not be receiving one penny from my family. Even if I wanted BT to provide my broadband in exchange for “free” MotoGP coverage I have just switched provider and I am locked into an eighteen month contract.

I reluctantly switched to SKY three years ago. The digital terrestrial reception where I reside is unreliable at best; a modest smattering of clouds can cause a loss of signal. Eurosport’s MotoGP coverage proved to be the silver lining of this particular cloud.

Paying for SKY HD is a stretch (for full F1 races,) but an extra £85-180 a year to watch Moto GP... forget it. When you take into account the cost of a TV licence and channel subscriptions I am looking at a figure in the region of £500 per year just to watch motorsport, (which is just about the only thing that my TV is used for.)

Sponsors take note; PPV deals are tantamount to asking me to pay to watch you advertise your product.

BT broadband customers take note; the three new sports channel are are only going to be free for the first year.

Where have you see ninfo about BT Sport only being free for 1 year?

They are advertising that HD sport channels are free for one year if you sign up before 1st August, otherwise its £3 extra per month.

But everything else I see says the SD BT Sport channels a free as part of BT TV.

OK... its not very clear really. The BT website doesn't even say anything about the Sport channels being free if you have broadband. It states -

Broadband customers get the BT Sport Web App free

BT TV Customers get BT Sport included in the TV package - minumum £5 per month

HD Sport channels are £3 extra per month - free for first year

MotoGP on FTA channel gone in France next year as well.

They say they are trying to promote the sport.... Idiots.
Hope they loose billions.

I hope the French farmers like MotoGP - now they know a thing or two about organising a blockade! If they blockade the LeMans circuit and prevent the TV trucks from entering that would be awesome.

I reckon this is a cunning plan by Dorna to get us all to pay for the premium subscription direct on Then they get our money direct with no intermediaries instead of via the broadcasters.

Now maybe Moody, Ryder, Spalding and Burt should be employed direct by Dorna to add to the commentary, written analysis team?

I completely agree jbond - I don't have BT anything and I don't watch any other sport than motorcycling on a regular basis so there is no way I would buy a "sports" package from BT, Sky or anyone. My first thought was oh well, back to the subscription (which I used to have when it was not so highly priced). Than I realised that Dorna are on a win/win. More money from BT Sport and an increase in website subscriptions. Once again (as with far too many things) it's all down to the money. I like the uninterrupted coverage on the BBC - best make the most of the rest of the season I guess. Not sure where/if I'll be able to watch next year. What happened to wanting to raise the profile of MotoGP and increase viewers/fans? Shame on you Dorna.

On the feble spark of light that was coming out.
MotoGP is not football. It is still in a different sales cycle and this move will loose fans. Definitely won't acquire many more BT customers. Not me. I'm sorry to loose it on BBC but I am sure I'll find another channel on the sat. Or online. Or another series.

Sad thing.

Dorna have basically killed off MotoGp in Britain in one fell swoop.
BT are not the best apparently, and not available where I live. Dorna's over precious banning of Youtube broadcasts of clips has now become very clear.
I feel sorry for Cal Crutchlow, Bradley Smith, Danny Kent etc, their future achievements will be seen by a lot fewer people.

Maybe this is the kick I needed to claim back my Sundays.

I just can't see how they think this is the way forward for promoting MotoGP in the uk. There will be no free to air coverage in the UK at all which will decimate their viewing figures. I have SKY HD, my package is for the entire family to watch their favoutrite programmes and movies (and so I can watch MotoGP on Eurosport) but I will be one of many who won't be paying an extra £15 a month for the extra channel subscription. No way.

I was once a subscriber to the BT Vision service and it was the worst move I ever made. The broadband was useless, the on demand TV stations froze, the plug in units that sent the signal from the broadband to the box frequently lost communication with each other and the technical support (from Pakistan) was unintelligible and unable to solve my issues. So be warned if you are thinking of switching to this service, it is not worth it.

So what about the subscription to to view the races? No. I have a 42" TV - why should I pay to watch the action on a 15" laptop screen? I guess I'll just read about the races on; it'll be like being back in the seventies with no race coverage at all and waiting eagerly for Wednesdays MCN to come out.

If Cal Crutchlow, Bradley Smith, Scott Redding, Danny Webb, Danny Kent, Kyle Smith or John McPhee are reading any of these messages please show support for your fans with some sort of demonstration - Dorna will drop you guys in a heartbeat when the viewing figures in the UK plummet - it's not just about the viewers - your careers are on the line too.

Maybe its poetic. Alpha to Omega, the first and the last. Blighty is the home of MotoGP, the cradle from where it sprang in 1949. This is Sportsbike Britain, where it rains all the time. This is the Britain of Triumph, Norton, Villiers, BSA, Vincent, AJS, Brough, Vellocette, Greeves, Francis-Barnett, Cotton, Matchless, and many more. Brit bikers are a maverick bunch of individuals. I dont see us swarming lemming-like, fists full of cash, for a fortnightly 45 minute fix with the purulent flatulent BT to plump up the fat cats at Dorna. £180 for 18 races is a lot beer, or a lot petrol or two new tyres. Carmello can only take the GP away from us once. It's not the end of the world we still have the TT, BSB and WSB. But remember Carmello, 'what goes around, comes around'. Would it be vain of this little island to think we make a difference? This is the end my friend, once we're gone, we wont be back. Addios from the home of the Spitfire, and FU too

David - you posted earlier that the members of the MotoGP press were invited (summoned?) to the BT/Dorna presentation.

Did you get the opportunity to ask any questions?

(maybe along the lines of "are you barking?")

Just heard the epetition has been rejected for being too specific about 'our'/Dorna's sport. There exists a wider petition concerning the issue of sports are on terrestrial vs satellite tv but specific sports, it seems, are beyond their perview.

I signed the general one but I should imagine will be largely construed as football and MotoGP of less significance. What I had hoped was that there could be a petition specific to this one issue to highlight this particular decision. Anything more general allows Carmelo et al to choose to assume it is nothing to do with them. Perhaps a non e petition one can be started- as suggested Facebook?

I would not accept that excuse. They allowed a similar petition when BBC sold their F1 broadcast contract to SKY.

There are petitions concerning F1 free to view coverage running at the moment.

For example:

They have set a precedence by allowing similar petitions that pertain to F1.

I do not wish to cut off my nose to spite my face but I just feel like abandoning Moto GP right now. I feel sick knowing that this will be the last season I will be able to watch for the foreseeable future.

The only thing I can think of would be for every fan in the UK to abstain from watching the next GP (and beyond) to send Dorna and the sponsors a message that they might take note of.

Eurosport Germany is a FTA feed if you have a sat dish, you can watch it with the volume down, if you speak any german usually the have some serious commentators on ex racers.

For the entertainment industry in general that often cry foul of illegal internet piracy etc and how it is killing their business, isn't it moves like this that actually encourage this?

It's obvious that this move has been done with absolutely no respect for its fan base in the UK. It has been done for money with no regard to fans, access, demographic subscribers or BT's reputation in the UK, or indeed the potential viewing figures for BT's new service. The BT sales person must have put on one hell of a good presentation for Dorna! Either that or he sat down, coughed and whipped out a HUGE pile of money... Dorna, salivating said "you've got the gig!"

Would love to see the amount of Torrent downloads at the end of 2013 compared to the end of 2014 for MotoGP races. I bet the difference is LARGE! Many won't feel guilty about it either...

It doesn't need to be a government endorsed petition. Can a petition not be arranged and then sent/shown to Dorna ?
(by the end of this season)
What is the main issue ?
No to BT....back to the BBC, or
No to BT....if not back to the BBC then....delayed coverage allowed by Eurosport ?
I think there'd be more likely success for the second.

Dorna and CE do not give flying feck about our little island of minions who give up 18 of our weekends to watch his 'show'.
He has a very short memory, in that it is US the FANS who have helped to save his money-go-round circus.
The show as it is, is down to three main people. Crutchlow, Rossi and Marquez. No-one gives a toss about Mr no charisma Lorenzo even though he is an awesome rider of very high maturity compared to his younger chuppa chupps years.

Anyway, point at hand, we can start E petitions and campaigns on facebook etc but it wont make the slightest bit of difference! The Deal has been done! Ezysplatta has grabbed his big fat pay cheque and sorry...Fuck You Fans in Britain, Yer gone tha knows (feined yorkshire accent) not to be stereotypical but that is the deal and we're not included unless we subscribe to a shite provider OR tip up direct to his wallet by subscribing to
Do you all really think Our government would step in and help us?? They cant stand anything to do with motorcycles and motorcyclists so we don't stand a chance.
Also, take into account the amount of tax revenue that fat w@nka the chancellor of the frikkin exchequer will rake in? He ain't gonna turn that down is he just to help a few 100,000 people in Britain that he already anally fists at the end of every working paid month.
Apart from someone getting hold of CE and advising him under slight duress to totally change the whole situation, then put a silver bullet between his very close together eyes... as we say over here... We are F*cked proper