Pramac Confirm Biaggi To Test, Pirro To Substitute For Spies At Barcelona

Pramac Ducati today issued the following press release, confirming the news reported yesterday, that Max Biaggi is to test the Pramac Ducati at Mugello, and Michele Pirro is to substitute for Ben Spies at Barcelona:

Max Biaggi to test Pramac Racing Team’s Ducati Desmosedici for two days at Mugello

Max Biaggi will take to the track aboard the Pramac Racing Team’s Ducati Desmosedici GP13 tomorrow for a two-day test at the Mugello circuit in Tuscany, Italy.

The four-time 250cc Grand Prix World Champion and two-time Superbike World Champion will ride the bike of Ben Spies, whose on-going shoulder problem forced him to withdraw from the race this past Sunday and from the Ducati MotoGP test planned for this week.

The Pramac Racing Team, along with Ducati, therefore decided to let Max try the Texan’s bike, which had already been prepared for the test.

At the moment, this is the extent of the arrangement, and Ducati Test Team rider Michele Pirro will substitute Spies on the Pramac Racing Team bike at the Catalan Grand Prix on 16 June in Barcelona.

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He's the reason why I followed SBK, and the reason why I stop watching it this year. I m so not missing this Thursday.

Interesting stuff! Like everybody, I am curious to see what lap time he can manage. I enjoyed watching Max in Superbikes and although I completely understand why he retired (I would have done the same, I guess), it's a great pity he's not riding anymore.

Although it may be just two fun days for Biaggi, I think he is not the kind of person to go around touring. I wonder how he will cope with the tyres and the notoriously difficult Ducati with its reputed lack of front-end feel.

At the same time, I think Ducati reallly hope he might give them some useful feedback and insights. Especially as they are being harassed in the races by a certain Aleix Espargaro on a RSV4-derived Aprilia...

Interestingly the press release contains the phrase "At the moment, this is the extent of the arrangement"

Does this mean Pramac and Ducati are hoping to tempt him into further tests or maybe a wildcard ride? The sponsorship exposure they'd get would be immense! Also, the last WSBk champ to jump on a wildcard Ducati creamed the field in Valencia 06! Probably too much to hope for nowadays but it would be great to see him try.

I can see it now....Rossi's worst nightmare, Max's dream. Biaggi tests the Ducati, figures out the problems and they start winning GP's again.

Some pictures are too good not to paint.

Will be doing exceedingly well if he gets within two seconds of the lap times of Dovizioso and Hayden on his first day on the Ducati at Mugello. This is based on: 1, he has not raced a motorcycle for more than six months; 2, he has not ridden on the Bridgestone MotoGP tyres and 3, he has never ridden the Ducati MotoGP bike.

What would be much more interesting would be if he could ride Mugello on his championship winning Aprilia Superbike back-to-back with the Ducati MOtoGP bike. I reckon he would be faster on the Aprilia.

However, it appears Ducati is doing this for PR/entertainment value rather than expecting Biaggi to put his finger on the problem. And let's face it, it took him over a year before he stopped mucking around with the Aprilia RSV4, adopted a good setting and got on with the racing. Thing is, it seems everyone knows what the Ducati's problem is, it is just that the Ducati men have not yet worked out a cure, which indicates they do not really know all that much about racing motorcycle chassis set-up after all.

As Biaggi is a technical commentator with Italian television broadcaster Mediaset, which has the rights to both the Superbike World Championship and MotoGP broadcasts in Italy this year, Italian views should be in for a rare treat.

@ ducati9001

That is the funniest thing I've ever read on this site!
Hilarious, thanks for making my day.