Yamaha Assen Press Release: Disaster For Lorenzo, Good Start For Rossi

Yamaha issued the following press release after the first day at Assen, including a medical update on Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo is being held in hospital at Assen, where he is undergoing further check ups to ensure he has no internal injuries. He will fly to Barcelona on Friday, and should be fit for surgery to fix the injury in the next 48 hours. The press release is shown in full below:

Disaster for Lorenzo Whilst Rossi Finds Form in Assen

Assen (The Netherlands), 27th June 2013

Despite being the fastest rider in the first day of practice today, the Assen TT proved again to be a disaster for the third year running for current World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. The Mallorcan had dominated the morning dry session and had shown an impressive pace in the afternoon’s wet practice until a huge high side at the fastest corner of the track. The first diagnosis is a left clavicle fracture which will require surgery. As a result the title challenger will miss Saturday’s Dutch Grand Prix.

Team mate Valentino Rossi's confidence in the improved set up of the YZR-M1 after the recent Spanish test continued today with the Italian nine-time champion showing a competitive pace in both the morning dry session and afternoon wet practice. Rossi was fourth in the morning, 0.6 seconds from first in the dry, then rose to second in the afternoon downpour, just 0.25 seconds from front man Marc Marquez.

Valentino Rossi

4th / 1'35.958 / 36 laps

“It's been a positive day for us because in the dry it was not so bad this morning, we continued to work with our new setting and the first impression was positive, although we still have to work to improve. We had something important to try this afternoon in the dry but unfortunately it was wet. Anyway we continued our work in the wet and it was a good practice, we did a good job with our new setting and the bike was also very good in the wet. I improved lap by lap; I had good pace and I was in second position. We have to continue to work in both conditions, everybody knows here in Assen it can be wet or dry. Unfortunately Jorge had a big crash and an injury. It's a great pity for Yamaha, for the Team and for him as he is fighting for the Championship. I hope that he comes back as soon as possible, hopefully for the next race in Sachsenring. I hope to do a good result because I am now the man of the team for Yamaha, for the Factory team and all the guys.”

Massimo Meregalli

Team Director

“Unfortunately we didn't start the practice in Assen as we wanted. Jorge, after an incredible free practice one, had a crash in the wet in the afternoon and he broke his collarbone. This is a real pity as we were coming from two brilliant results and looking for a third. We have to accept this, it is part of our sport. We wish him the best to come back as soon as possible and stronger than before. Vale did two good practices, it seems the feeling he was looking for in the front is back. Fortunately we had the opportunity to test in Barcelona and in Aragon to find it. Let’s see tomorrow what we can do. Here it is very difficult to predict the weather forecast but we are ready whatever the circumstances.”

Dr. Xavier Mir

Chief of Hand Surgery at the Dexeus Hospital (Barcelona) and MotoGP Team Medical Doctor

“Jorge has a high inertia trauma but results are normal from initial neurological examination. We will move to Assen to make head and chest scans and also an abdominal exploration. Our first diagnosis revealed that there is a left clavicle fracture with a slight shift that will need surgery to repair the bone. This injury is in the background while we rule out any other major injury that may become apparent within 24 hours. These kind of impacts at more than 200 km/h need some time for the body to recover to be able to discard any other major injuries. In principle tomorrow he can travel and within 48 hours he will be operable.”

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Jorge has single handedly convinced me that Electronics are not the full "Safety Net" that a lot of people think they are. His high sides have taken me back to memories of the 500s with that "light switch" powerband they used to have. Sending people up and over the bars all the time. Looking at Jorge from his big crash in China in 2008, Laguna in the same year (saw that one in person), to the crash today. I do not think anyone of the top riders rely as heavily on electronics as him. His high sides are LEGENDARY in this age of four strokes. When Casey and Dani others were saying the electronics were not a save all back in 2007 I was cynical. Not wanting to believe them, before I accepted that Casey in particular could have scrapped in the days of 500s with very little electronics and been fine. But LORENZO... if he is high siding like this still in the full blown electronics age, may have killed himself back in the days of 500s.

Glad to see he is ok other than a broken collarbone so far. He was able to get up and walk away from the accident. Undoubtedly running the crash back in his head over and over while he shook his head while experiencing what must have been serious pain. Both mentally (for the mistake), and physically. If it is a collarbone break alone he could still be in the championship hunt. Never know when Dani may crash out.

I found Cal's comments interesting stating that Jorge had not broken any bones before. But if I remember correctly he broke both ankles in the China high side. Then raced with broken ankles. I am beginning to look forward to hearing what Cal has to say every time he talks because he is always stuffing a foot right in his mouth to the point where it is getting comical to me. His race craft is improving, but his mouth is running on automatic. Casey and definitely Colin spoke their minds, but usually on facts they knew for sure. Facts that could be backed. Cal...Cal is something else. It is almost like before he speaks he thinks, "F*&# it! I am just going to say it."

Rossi seems to be looking more solid in consistency today. Hope he is able to step up this weekend and be a factor in the race for the win. I just cannot write him off, but at the same time if he does not win or be a factor in the race no longer bothers or surprises me.

I don't think this was a classic highside. It looked to me like he lost the front on the stripe or in standing water, which set up a headshake which resulted in his vault. I don't think more or less electronics nor different power delivery characteristics of the motor would have had any effect on this one.

he touches the paint with the front end, and it slid, flicked him around and off he went. Nowhere near a classic highside and absolutely irrelevent to discuss hte electronics on the bike in relation to the accident.

All the electrickery in the world won't keep you from crashing once you get both tires on wet paint stripes at his speed. He ran wide and got bit.

Laguna was at turn 5. He got it in too hot there after taking turn 4 at full speed. Not too sure if you can call that over dependance on electronics either. Me thinks he rather upset the chassis.

I remember being told by a wealthy associate of the Ducati team that Stoner's winning ways had a bit to do with his faith in the electronic assistance devices. Bayliss' dismal showing was due to his lack of faith. Hearsay, hearsay...

The crash comes frome an obvious mistake: he lost the front on the white line positioning the rear on this slippery line too => with any bike, at any period, if you're in 5th or 6th gear at this point, good bye.

He did the same mistake in Donington 2009, with less consequence and speed.

Hopefully not too serious this time neither ... except for the championship.

" Undoubtedly running the crash back in his head over and over while he shook his head while experiencing what must have been serious pain. Both mentally (for the mistake),"

I am not saying that the electronics were the reason for the crash. He hit the deck because he messed up. That is why I wrote him thinking about his mistake.

What it did make me think about were his crashes from the past relying too much on electronics. In this case, overconfidence in the himself for miscalculating the conditions.

It was just a little over exuberant commenting on my part about the past. He made the mistake, not anything else.