IMS Press Release: Indy Qualifing Press Conference With Marquez, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Redding And Rins

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway press office released the following transcript of the post-qualifying press conference from the circuit:


Marc Marquez, Scott Redding, Alex Rins, Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo

Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013

MODERATOR: So it's a warm welcome. It's Round 10 in the MotoGP World Championship and, of course, Round 9 for Moto2 and Moto3. We're at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix. What a fabulous day of qualifying we've watched in all three classes.

In pole position in MotoGP, riding the Repsol Honda, his 32nd pole position, his fourth of the season. He's decimated the lap record here at Indianapolis. Of course, it's the World Championship leader, Marc Marquez. Joining him on the front row of the grid for the 28-lap race tomorrow afternoon, it's the World Champion Jorge Lorenzo riding the Yamaha. And completing that front row of the grid right at the end of the session, it's a double winner here, also riding the Repsol Honda. It's Dani Pedrosa.
In the Moto2 class, Scott Redding leads that championship by 23 points riding that Marc VDS machine, and in a right old battle in qualifying today with Pol Espargaro, he leads in the championship. He's taken pole position. You've got a feeling that battle may continue in the race tomorrow. We look forward to that.
Another excellent performance by Alex Rins in the Moto3 class. Of course, he won the race at Austin, Texas, that second round of the championship. He won the last round of the championship in Germany at the Sachsenring, and he's in pole position once again.

We'll have a look at the BMW M Award, it could be going on this way to Spain with Marc Marquez. Marc now has 186 points; Cal Crutchlow in second place with 161; and Jorge Lorenzo in third spot on 157. We're only halfway through the season, just over halfway now. Of course, this is Round 10; 18 rounds of the championship.

As always, a big thank you to Tissot. They are the official timekeepers of the MotoGP World Championship. And it's a delight again to welcome back Tyson Beckford, of course, the actor and the model. He was at Laguna Seca. We can't keep him away actually from MotoGP to make the first presentation, Moto3, pole position for Alex Rins. Thank you, if you want to go up. (Applause) Congratulations to Alex.
We come on to Moto2, he leads that World Championship by 23 points. It's his third pole position of the season. Scott Redding. (Applause)
Coming to MotoGP. Well, he leads the World Championship. He won in Austin. He won in Laguna Seca. He's won here for the last two years in Moto2. He's just decimated the lap record here at Indianapolis. Marc Marquez. (Applause)
Thank you, Tyson. Thought you were going to fall off the step there. Obviously, we do the picture at the end.

We start with MotoGP. Marc Marquez. Congratulations, Marc. Another pole position, another great day for you. The race is going to be tough, isn't it?

MARC MARQUEZ: Yeah. It is going to be tough, especially because the tires are quite done quite a lot for the second part of the race but for everybody will be the same. But today we did a very good lap time and very good lap in the qualifying practice. We use all that grip that give the new tire to you and especially, you know, I feel quite good.

So tomorrow in the warm-up, still we need to adjust some things with the used tires. But anyway, I think we are ready for fight for the race and try to be with both of them, try to fight. And we will see, but will be interesting and at the same time funny.

MODERATOR: Funny? We enjoy it. It's very, very exciting. Tire choice? I mean, I don't think many riders did try the harder rear compound in the end, did they? People had just a couple of laps. But it doesn't look like the choice for the race, does it?

MARQUEZ: Yeah, I think tomorrow for the race everybody will be choose the same tire. But I tried the hard one, some positive points, negative points, but we'll have to see.

MODERATOR: Marc, congratulations.

Joining Marc on the front row of the grid, Jorge Lorenzo. Getting back to fitness, Jorge. I just saw you after qualifying when you were riding around. I think you are pretty pleased to be on the front row of the grid.

JORGE LORENZO: Yes, normally I always want to try to nail the pole position and try to get it, but sometimes second place is a relief. And this time and this track, this time it's a very good position. I try my best to make a perfect lap. The first one was OK, the second one I made some mistakes that probably take out one- or two-tenths. But I think as our position we have a good pace. The rear tire don't drop so much that we expect, so maybe tomorrow we can fight for the podium or even for the victory.

MODERATOR: And the collarbone? You had the test in Brno, but this is two days now, isn't it of hard, hard practice and qualifying. Is it OK?

LORENZO: Yeah, it is not perfect 100 percent. Still in some braking, change in direction, I have little pain. But we can say this is much better than Laguna Seca or Assen, for sure.

MODERATOR: We have two races in two weeks. It is a big test for everybody but certainly a big test for you and Dani coming back from injuries, three races so quick.

LORENZO: Yeah, I'm sure every time will be better for both of us. In Brno we were better and also in Silverstone even more. This race for Yamaha is not simple, but if we can finish the race with a good result here, maybe in the next few races we can have a better pace and better feeling.

MODERATOR: Jorge, thank you. Congratulations, front row start for you.

Come to Dani Pedrosa. Right at the end there, Dani, I think you knocked Cal Crutchlow off the front row. I would think you are pleased, like Jorge, to be on the front row despite all the problems you had.

DANI PEDROSA: Yes. Now it also was long time for me not being on the front row. But anyway, the important thing is that I can ride a little better than in the last race. So this is obviously a big relief.

Anyway, still working a little on the bike and tire choice, it's also a big thing here. And I think we have to wait, also, for tomorrow, but most probably all the riders are going to use the same tires. And then it's a race where fitness is important. So in my case, yeah, I try to be there all the time. But obviously it's important to stay on the bike and do perfect laps.

MODERATOR: Tire management is going to be very, very important, isn't it? Management of the tires in 28 laps around here.

PEDROSA: Yes. Yeah, I think so, for everyone. But it's a special track for this and either you use a hard or a soft. You have to try to manage the tires.

MODERATOR: Dani, congratulations, front row start. That's your front row, ladies and gentlemen, for the race tomorrow. Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo, and Dani Pedrosa.

Come on to Moto2, Scott Redding leads that championship by 23 points. Back in pole position. In some ways, Scott, I think that's important, isn't it, coming into the second part of the season to be right up there at the front. Because it's not been difficult, but Pol Espargaro has pulled that gap back on you, hasn't he?

SCOTT REDDING: Like I said before, he will come back strong, and he did after Barcelona, which we expected. Unfortunately, we had the problem with the tire in Sachsenring which cost us some points. So it's kind of changing a little bit, but for me to take the summer break, relax, have some fun and get ready for the second half. To do this sort of thing, you know, we had a little battle there qualifying, and to come on top is good mentally for me to look forward to the second half of the season to try and stay on top as much as possible.

MODERATOR: A little bit of a staring match between the pair of you, wasn't it? That's a little bit of spice to the proceedings?

REDDING: Yeah, it was a bit spicy, but this is how it is sometimes when two riders want to win, and it's quite a big thing between me and Pol. So in the end it's not about the game, it's about racing and winning. We have to see tomorrow in the race how it plans out.

MODERATOR: As the MotoGP boys were saying, tire management is going to be important with such a long race and with the different surfaces here as well.

REDDING: We've had the problem with the tire in Sachsenring and Texas. And as Dunlop said, it is a problem at the moment, and they're working to fix it. To make the hard tire for us is not really going to be good for the race. So we need to try to manage the tire in the beginning and see where we go with that.

MODERATOR: Scott, congratulations, pole position before the race tomorrow.

We come on to Moto3. Alex Rins, a couple wins this season, both from pole position. So good record for pole position for you but, again, like the other classes, perhaps especially Moto3, it's going to be tight and close tomorrow.

ALEX RINS: Yes, for tomorrow I hope a hard race, the same like the other races with Salom and Maverick in the front. But we will see tomorrow for the tires, also. It's coming down with more laps, and we'll see.

MODERATOR: Important for you, Alex, because you've got to close the gap, haven't you, on Maverick Vinales and Luis Salom. And perhaps the only way is to win because they always finish on the podium.

RINS: The unique thing is I need to finish all the races for finish the championship more up, no? And I hope win many races.

MODERATOR: Congratulations. Another pole position for you.

There we are, ladies and gentlemen. That's me, that's the three classes. Hands up if you want to ask some questions, please.

Q: Question to Marc. Do you like this track, also, because the surface is quite slippery and you must start sliding quite well?

MARQUEZ: Yeah, normally when the track is slippery, I feel quite good with that conditions, and I can feel the bike well, and I can find the limit. But anyway, OK, I think with the other surface, also, that was better but had more bumps, also. I was quite good in that category. So I don't know. I like the track. I think with one surface or another surface, I hope that will be the same. But when it's slippery, I like it and I enjoy it.

Q: Question for the three MotoGP riders. Could you explain what is better or less better with the two compounds, soft and hard, with points?

MARQUEZ: So yeah, basically with both compounds, looks like with the hard one in the beginning you lose some time, especially with banking and edge grip. But then looks like for the second half, second part of the race, looks same or little bit better. So we need to check the temperature and try to choose the best decision.

LORENZO: Well, we have a different style of riding. So for us normally the soft one works much better than the hard one. So for me, positive on the hard one.

PEDROSA: Yeah, I mean like Marc said, usually the soft, it has some more potential because it's softer, so you can go harder on the edge of the tire. But for distance, hard spec should be a little more safe.

MODERATOR: Anybody else?

Q: Marc, there is some circuits in the world that you don't like? (Laughter)

MARQUEZ: Normally I like many, many circuits, but yeah, some circuits we're just trying a little bit more, some circuits are a little bit less. But we will see because with MotoGP, also, the lines change, the circuit in general, all circuits change, looks different with the MotoGP bike. So we will see in the second half of the season. But during the first part, in Mugello I was trying a little bit, and so we will see.

Q: Scott, you're leading the Moto2, but looks like is not the factory bike for you. Are you upset for that, and what is the situation for your future?

REDDING: Well, for me it is what it is, you know. My main job is to try and get the title this year and, you know, work my way to MotoGP and take the steps. I can't change many things, but all I can do is the best I can do with the bike. You know, we have to see how it works from there and just see what we can do.

Q: Question for Dani. Dani, you spoke about the fitness that is very important for tomorrow. What makes this track that demanding? Is it the layout? Is it the slippery surface, the temperature?

PEDROSA: It is very hot normally. And yeah, usually the heat, you know, it's very strong. The sun is really strong here. I remember, you know, two years ago it was really, really hot to race here. But obviously the racetrack has many chicanes, small chicanes. You have to play a lot with the body on the bike. And if the bike is sliding a lot, also you have to fight a little harder.

MODERATOR: Anybody else?

Q: Marc, can you talk about your record lap, how that might have differed from other laps that you put in?

MARQUEZ: You know, just I try to use all the potential that the new tire give to me. I think for one lap was good, but in the race it's better be a little bit more quiet because -- OK, everybody in the qualifying practice going the limit but, yeah, did a very good lap time. The first run, I did a few mistakes. But then on the second round, I know that the first lap will be there the best one for try to push and try to make the time.

Q: Question for Dani. Last year you and Casey were complaining a lot about chatter on the Honda and with the tires. What changed for you guys? Are you still experiencing some chatter or is that pretty much solved?

PEDROSA: Yeah, most of the tracks, yes, still. Not a big change this year.

MODERATOR: Anybody else? No?

So if we can go and do the picture with everybody, please. If everybody could sit down for a minute while we do the picture, that will be great.

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The first 4 corners should be really interesting in the 1st lap,in all probability the race gets decided there. Money on HRC to win for sure.. Why was Valentino riding so cautiously today? Settings not dialled in perfectly yet I guess.