Suzuki Press Release: Davide Brivio Blog - On Testing Progress For Suzuki's 2015 MotoGP Return

The Suzuki press office today issued a press release containing a blog entry from MotoGP team manager Davide Brivio. Brivio discusses the progress being made on the MotoGP bike Suzuki are building for their return to the series in 2015:


Team Suzuki Press Office November 9.

Suzuki MotoGP Test Team Manager Davide Brivio talks about current progress and future plans for a 2015 MotoGP return at this week’s EICMA Motorcycle Show at Milan in Italy.

I am delighted to introduce myself as the Team Manager of Suzuki MotoGP team and as already officially announced by Suzuki in June, we are now developing our MotoGP racing bike to focus on returning to MotoGP racing in 2015.

This year we have tested the machines at four European circuits; namely, Catalunya, Aragon, Misano and Mugello, as well as several tests at Motegi in Japan.

Through those tests, we can say that we are happy with the results so far as a whole, as we were able to get through them without any major troubles at any circuit, despite many miles under very severe conditions.

Of course, we have encountered many problems which have given us a long-list of points to work on for an improved direction. We must also work to understand the unified engine control system to be used under the new regulations adopted for 2015, which is obviously very challenging for us.

However, at the same time, we have succeeded in acquiring much positive data as well: For the chassis, we tested several frames of varying rigidity and geometry to find a positive direction to aim at. For the engine, we are now aware of its linear output character and we are now able to focus more on improving power output and fuel consumption.

These positive results are very encouraging and motivate us to strengthen our determination to produce a fully-competitive machine for our return in 2015.

In the next stage of the development, we will further improve engine, chassis and the electronic control system, although we do know it is a big challenge to catch-up with the front runners.

We would very much appreciate it if you could continue to follow Suzuki MotoGP for its leap into this ultra-competitive pinnacle of motorcycle racing.

Now that the Suzuki MotoGP team has its workshop near here in Milan, we would like to request the support and assistance of those of you here today and if possible by all those in Italy.

Last but not the least, we would also appreciate it if all of you here today could continue to recognise and support the excellent range of Suzuki Motorcycles, Suzuki Automobiles and Suzuki Outboard Motors for your individual wise and wonderful - Way of Life!


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Although I am looking forward to seeing Suzuki back in MotoGP and am following the news about their testing program with interest, I think that last sentence is over-the-top marketing speak. Not really something you should put in your press release, in my opinion.

Anyway, we should be happy that they even want to take part again, now that rules are becoming so restrictive that you can hardly develop, use and display your own path of technology anymore. Combined with these challenging economic times, it would be very easy for a company to decide against MotoGP participation altogether. So good luck to them.

Funny, I am having the opposite take on this for the same basic reasons. Economy out of immediate crisis and likely to have a slow recovery so manufacturers can re-visit their plans, and costs are coming considerably down to get into both WSBK and MotoGP. Spec ECU to take what may be the most restrictive (and I would say historically Suzuki's weakest link) development area back into the "do-able" range.
That is some of the cheesiest marketing blather at the end there, isn't it?
I am hopeful now about the series in terms of manufacturer involvement than I have been since Kawi left.