Aspar Press Release: Aspar Team Adds Local Partnership And Malaysian Title Sponsors

Jorge 'Aspar' Martinez continues to build upon his reputation for securing sponsorship. In the past week, the Spanish owner of the Aspar team - active in all three Grand Prix classes - has announced two tie-ups for the 2014 season, one a renewal of a relationship close to home, and one new sponsor from Asia.

The Asian deal is the biggest for Aspar. Malaysian energy drink DRIVE M7 is to be title sponsor to Aspar's MotoGP team, backing riders Nicky Hayden and Hiroshi Aoyama who will be racing Honda's RCV1000R production racer. Mutiara Motors, the owner of the DRIVE M7 energy drink brand, is attempting to broaden their market to Europe and other parts of Asia, and backing MotoGP is a good vehicle for a brand which is already strongly associated with racing through Mutiara Motors' other racing activities. But the signing of the deal is also a sign of motorcycle racing's increasing reliance on energy drink sponsorship, a risky strategy as international momentum for banning advertising energy drinks is starting to build.

The other agreement announced is much more local for Aspar. The Aspar team announced a collaboration with the Valencia CF football team, the city's representative in the Spanish La Liga national championship. The two teams are to work together to help promote the Valencia region, and to cross-promote the two sports.

Below are the two press releases issued by the Aspar team:


MotoGP team will have Malaysian energy drink as new main sponsor

The Aspar Team will once again be expanding its operation in MotoGP for 2014, with a new project which features an international flavour. Adding to the team’s Spanish roots and an American and Japanese rider combination, the premier class outfit will be incorporating a new Malaysian main sponsor: DRIVE M7. Part of Mutiara Motors group, DRIVE M7 is an energy drink brand which has had a presence in its home continent since 2011. Now it looks to make gradual expansion into the Asian, European and North American market. The Aspar Team continues a progressive internationalisation process, with a real revolution in 2014.

After establishing itself in the MotoGP/CRT class over the past two seasons, the Aspar Team has an even more competitive project in place for 2014 and the new Open Class concept put in place for the top level of Grand Prix racing. The new Honda RCV1000R and former World Champions Nicky Hayden and Hiroshi Aoyama are the new lineup, which will begin preseason testing shortly. The new team colours will be the green, silver and black of DRIVE M7.

The DRIVE M7 brand has a long history of sporting collaboration, in disciplines such as Formula V6, Drift, Japan GT300 and GT500. The move to MotoGP as main sponsor of the Aspar Team –soon to be named DRIVE M7 Aspar Team- is another step forward for the company. M7 a company renowned for its production of some of the best international car performance products. DRIVE M7 is scientifically formulated and tested to provide maximum power and endurance to its consumers.

Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ (CEO): “We have had a very special moment this week, with the confirmation that the Aspar Team and Drive M7 will collaborate next season. It is very positive for us to receive the support of a large international company like Drive M7 –above all in such an important year, with an enormous change planned for the Aspar Team project. In 2014 we have a new, more ambitious, challenge ahead. We are changing bike, changing our riders to two former world champions and introducing a new main sponsor. Both those in charge of Drive M7 and ourselves are delighted with this alliance, and are sure that it will be a long-lasting one. We hope to be able to match Drive M7 with our sporting success and image, doing everything within our powers. Also in terms of European expansion, we wish to aid Drive M7. Aspar Team would like to thank the Drive M7 family for their unconditional support.”

Mokhtar Datuk Ahmad (Managing Director): “We feel very happy to be joining forces with the largest private team in MotoGP –a structure directed by a multiple world champion in Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’. We are convinced that this alliance will be very important, because both parties share objectives. We don’t only see the Aspar Team project as a matter of sponsorship, but as a coming together of two great entities with common interests. We are delighted to have two former world champions in Nicky Hayden and Hiroshi Aoyama as part of the project, and they will surely give us plenty to talk about over the coming season. We would like to underline the importance of our agreement once again; it is a very big year for our country, Malaysia, which will celebrate an international tourism expansion project under the Visit Malaysia 2014 banner this year.”


Aspar Team and Valencia CF present synergistic collaboration agreement to strengthen Valencia brand internationally

Aspar Team and Valencia CF today presented a collaboration agreement made official at last year’s Valencian GP. At 1pm on Friday afternoon, at the Mestalla stadium VIP box, media specialising in coverage of both entities were in attendance as the synergistic joining of forces was presented in a press event. The agreement has been established with the intention of strengthening the Valencia region’s brand on an international level, under the banner “Two Teams. One Feeling.” Aspar Team and Valencia CF are two of the most important sporting entities in the region.

Valencia CF Communications Director, Damià Vidagany, led the presentation, introducing firstly a video of some of the best moments in the history of Aspar Team and Valencia CF. Later, he demonstrated the ‘Fan Zone’ concept: An exhibition of Aspar Team memorabilia which will be hosted at Mestalla. A brief talk alongside Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ was also undertaken, before Valencia CF President, Amadeo Salvo, took his turn on the microphone.

Amongst those present at Mestalla were Aspar Team riders Hiroshi Aoyama, Nico Terol, Jordi Torres and Juanfran Guevara, plus Valencia CF players Míchel, Dani Parejo and Juan Bernat. A group photo involving the Aspar Team and Valencia CF representatives was taken in the VIP box, demonstrating the close bond between the two entities and the slogan of the day: “Two Teams. One Feeling.”

Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’: “It is an honour to be here. The most important thing –and the nicest thing- is that we always want to try new things. We can feel very proud of our constant desire to innovate and become more international. It is a source of enormous pride to be able to represent the Valencia brand around the world. Thanks to VCF for this adventure together, which I am sure will be very fruitful.”

Amadeo Salvo: “This agreement will help and benefit us all. The Valencia CF club crest will be displayed at 19 Grands Prix and we will work together on commercial projects to strengthen the brand. I am sure that this alliance will make both parties much stronger.”


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There have been moves in California and New York to crackdown on the sale of energy drinks.

Anyhow I don't have a problem with companies like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar or any other beverage company being sponsors as they have been very supportive of teams, individual athletes and motorsports in general.

All that really matters right now is the joy I am feeling that not one part of NH69's leathers, apparel, hat, shoes, or bike will have any red in it! AMEN!

...specifically that energy drinks aren't going anywhere, and their advertising is going to become more dominant, I'd like to suggest you read this:

That's the biggest of the new media channels, and most progressive and protective of its brand values, legacy, image etc... and they've just embraced the network of the most dominant and pervasive of energy drinks.

BT Sports, the new home of MotoGP in the UK is also a carrier of the Red Bull Network.

David, you want to reconsider your claim that any noise you're hearing about these drinks makes bike companies partnering with them "a risky strategy as international momentum for banning advertising energy drinks is starting to build." ?

I think any effort by any aspect of motorcycling sports to dilute (puntentional, foul!) or abstain (ohh, very close to the punline) from energy drink flavouring and colouring (hummm...) their businesses is risky. Not drinking the Kool-aid (WTF?) of sparkling (seriously?) involvement and sticky (stop it...) engagement with this mostly insipped (yes, deliberate misspelling, draws the foul) is needlessly going thirsty. (FFS! STOP!)

Time for a cup of coffee.

I'll make a bold prediction. In 10 years, sports marketing of energy drinks will be banned. There are initiatives in France, the US, and a lobby in the EU. That lobby is just starting, but it is gaining momentum. Energy drinks are an easy target: they are mostly sugar and water, contain a massive amount of sugar (really, a ridiculous amount of sugar) and large amounts of caffeine. The big food companies will point at energy drinks and use them as a sacrificial lamb. Energy drinks will come under fire from both obesity campaigners for the amount of sugar they contain, and from health campaigners for the amount of caffeine they contain. They are easy pickings.

Yes, Red Bull is massively involved in all sorts of marketing. The TV network you point to is basically one long Red Bull advert, and they provide it for free to a lot of broadcasters. Red Bull, Monster, all of the energy drink companies do an pretty commonplace job of marketing. But then, that's most of what their product is. After all, if your company can afford its own TV channel, you are doing pretty well.

Right now, a lot of professional sports (and especially motorcycle racing) is overly dependent on energy drinks. If that money goes, it will once again leave a massive hole in budgets. MotoGP has already been through this once when tobacco was banned. They need to be prepared for when it happens to energy drinks, and alcohol. If energy drink sponsorship isn't banned, then having a broadly diversified sponsorship base won't harm your situation. If it is banned, then a broad sponsorship base becomes a matter of survival.