2014 Moto2 And Moto3 Valencia Test, Day 2 Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the second day of testing at Valencia:

Krummenacher improves his lap times in Valencia

Valencia, February 12, 2014 - Second day of work for the Moto2 Iodaracing Team in Valencia as part of the official pre-season testing sessions. Compared to yesterday, the weather was more forgiving with acceptable environmental and asphalt temperatures close to 20 degrees Celsius.

Randy Krummenacher has completed 50 laps in total, almost the same number of laps of the first day of testing, working with the team to have maximum control over the Team Iodaracing Suter.

The final time obtained in the fifth session of the day, 1.37.799 is better than Randy did yesterday in about a second. This improvement, however, has not benefited in the rankings, which saw Randy Krummenacher get the twenty-second final position, while the best was Esteve Rabat ( Kalex ) in 1.35.907 .

Krummenacher , together with the team, decided to finish early the tests because of some concentration problems arising from the accident in the 2013 Great Britain Grand Prix who had suffered a concussion.

Tomorrow will be the last day of testing at the Valencia circuit for the Moto2 and Moto3 classes .

RANDY KRUMMENACHER - MOTO2 RIDER - "Today was a day shorter than expected. I still have to improve time than we do today, then tomorrow we'll work for shorter exits to do better. I'm definitely better than yesterday but I couldn’t do more because I had the need to stop . I am in contact with my doctor in Switzerland , with whom I have to speak again because I did not expect to still have trouble concentrating. Here the speed is much higher than in the cross and supermoto, two disciplines that I used to train in recent months. I have to get back the confidence to handle everything that happens to the speed of Moto2”.

Jack Miller in flying form at Valencia

Red Bull KTM Ajo rider clocks second fastest time in Valencia test, only 8 thousandths of a second off the top spot. Karel Hanika misses most of second day of testing with right wrist pain.

02/12/2014 - Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Spain

Jack Miller continued his excellent adaptation to the KTM bike on the second testing day held at Valencia. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider was the second fastest man of the day, with a time of 1:39.462, and was just 8 thousandths of a second off the best lap. Increased temperatures and lower winds helped make the day much easier than yesterday. Karel Hanika was unable to fully participate in the day’s testing through injury.

Rookie Hanika was forced to sit out proceedings with a right wrist injury, picked up late on Tuesday. He undertook three laps on Wednesday morning, but his injury did not allow him to ride comfortably. Teammate Miller flew the flag for the team, standing firm at the head of the timesheets. With a best time of 1:39.462, the Australian rider finished the first session with the fastest lap of the morning. During the rest of the day the Australian tried different settings for his KTM, giving the time over to his technicians and mechanics. In the end, his morning lap would be the second best of the entire day.

After passing a medical examination in Valencia, Karel Hanika could breathe easy after learning that nothing in his wrist was broken and that his injuries were limited to swelling of the appendage. He will see tomorrow if he is fit to ride.

Tomorrow sees the third and final day of testing at the Ricardo Tormo circuit, following which the riders head to Jerez as preseason continues next week.

Combined Standings - Days 1 and 2

1. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:39.454

2. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:39.462 +0.008

3. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:39.726 +0.272

4. Romano Fenati (KTM) 1:39.885 +0.431

5. Isaac Viñales (KTM) 1:40.060 +0.606

23. Karel Hanika (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:41.526 +2.072

Jack Miller

"It was a good day for us, we did not suffer any crashes, so it went better for us in that respect. We did many tests with parts that have arrived from KTM and for much of the day we concentrated on testing them out. That is why we have not had too much time to improve our laps, but I'm happy because we were in the 1:39s consistently. If time permits, I think tomorrow we can improve this even more.

We have many things to try out, and the objective of this test is not so much to up our pace, but rather to do a lot of experimenting to see the bike responds and to try out the new KTM parts. The team is happy with my feedback and I am very happy with the way we are going with the development of the bike."


ASPAR Team rider drops fastest time from Day 1 by almost 2 seconds

The Moto3 and Moto2 riders were again face-to-face at the Valencia circuit on Wednesday, engaging in a second day of testing. Sun, higher temperatures than on Tuesday and lower winds were the backdrop to the test, although the wind did pick up at around midday and hinder many riders. Jack Miller and Niccolo Antonelli led the way throughout the day, with four riders going round in the 1’39s. In the end it was Antonelli who took the top spot, for the second day in a row.

ASPAR Team rider Juanfran Guevara took a big step forward with his Kalex/KTM. He did so with a surprising time of 1’40.382, lowering his time from yesterday by almost two seconds and improving by thirteen positions on the timesheets. The Spaniard was excited with his progress upon finishing in tenth position, with his best time coming almost right at the end of the day.

10th Juanfran Guevara 1.40.382 (48 laps): “These opening two days of testing have seen us focus on trying out the new chassis. We have been going well with the setup choices but there is still plenty of work to be done. We need to collect more data. I love this new bike, I feel very comfortable riding it. We are working mostly on the engine and suspension at the moment, trying to find my best seating position. I am very happy, because we have improved our times a lot compared to the opening day. I also improved my feeling with the bike a lot. Our aim is now to completely adapt to the bike, in order to be competitive and, eventually, get up there with the top riders. Tomorrow we will try to keep developing and I hope to clock a 1’39s if all goes well.”

Consistent improvements for Husqvarna riders in Valencia

Danny Kent takes third fastest time of second day of testing and Niklas Ajo ends pleased with job done.

02/11/2014 - Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Spain

Danny Kent —79 laps, 317 km— and Niklas Ajo —58 laps, 232 km— were busy men on the second day of testing at Valencia. The Husqvarna riders made the most of the improved weather, which saw track temperatures up to 16 ºC, to continue progress with their bikes. Both improved their times from yesterday: Kent placed third and Ajo twentieth.

Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo rider Kent knew yesterday that he still had room for improvement and, from the early stages on Wednesday, felt comfortable with his bike. He was back amongst the top three, with his best time in the first session a 1:39.726 —nearly a second and a half faster than yesterday. He was unable to better it in the following two sessions, due to strong winds reaching 37 km/h and a focus on testing parts.

Ajo also improved from yesterday at the first opportunity, setting a 1:41.613 time . Despite a crash in the first session, the Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo rider could go back out and did not lose too much time. In the exclusive session for the Moto3 class, the Finn again improved his best time, clocking a 1:41.127 which put him fifteenth in the second session. He completed the day with 12 laps in the final session, focusing on different setups for his bike.

Both Husqvarna riders have one final day in Valencia tomorrow, before heading to Jerez for the next official testing session next week.

Combined Standings - Days 1 and 2

1. Niccolo Antonelli (KTM) 1:39.454

2. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:39.462 +0.008

3. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:39.726 +0.272

4. Romano Fenati (KTM) 1:39.885 +0.431

5. Isaac Viñales (KTM) 1:40.060 +0.606

20. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo) 1:41.127 +1.673

Danny Kent

"This second day was much better than yesterday, because in addition to significantly improving our times, we also did so with my feeling with the bike, and that's the main thing. There are still some things that we can improve on, so we can lower our times. I'm a little tired today, but I hope to be good for tomorrow. The truth is that today has been a major step forward from yesterday. I don’t think we can change many more settings for the bike, so now we shall add more miles to the clock and it is I who will be improving."

Niklas Ajo

"This second day was clearly much better than yesterday, but the conditions are still not the best. It is very cold and I do not want to take any risks that may cause any serious crash. I'm a little cautious. The lap times are not very good, but are consistent. We're doing fine, so we will continue going step by step and the speed will come. A good thing about today is that we were always improving. Every day I feel more comfortable because I'm changing my style a bit more. I hope to keep improving tomorrow and that we can try something else with the bike. For now, everything is perfect."


Jordi Torres and Nico Terol place fourth and fifth, respectively, after setting speedy afternoon times in the Moto2 class

Testing for Moto2 and Moto3 continued on Wednesday at Valencia, in the second of two days of testing. Temperatures were kinder to the riders than on Tuesday, with slightly warmer conditions and the sun out. However, at around midday strong gusts of wind made life difficult for those out on track –in theory. Despite the tricky nature of the wind, the best times in Moto2 were set in the combined afternoon session, with eight riders going round in the 1’35s. Esteve Rabat led the timesheets, with Thomas Luthi, Mika Kallio, Jordi Torres and Nico Terol all close behind.

Jordi Torres and Nico Terol continued to make similar improvements and clock similar lap times in Valencia. The MAPFRE Aspar duo were also two of the most active participants on Wednesday, putting in 80 laps apiece. After a wealth of experiments in the morning, with times in the high 1’36s, they were able to lower times to the low 1’36s in the afternoon. For the second consecutive day, they were amongst the top riders in the class, and were able to come close to the great times set last week in their private test.

4th Jordi Torres 1.35.711 (80 laps): "Today our idea was not to attack the lap times, but to try several things out and make a major change with the forks. Early in the day the changes were not to my liking, but we continued trying to see how far we could get with them. It was hard to turn and get on the gas once I’d let the brakes off when cornering. At the end of the day we decided to go out and do a long run to try to adapt my riding to the changes, and we improved a little. Anyway, tomorrow we will take a step back and make further changes, which we consider to be more productive. Today we found a good pace, but the feeling was not as positive as we had expected. At least we have gathered data to be able to discard some adjustments, and we have drawn our own conclusions."

5th Nico Terol 1.35.715 (80 laps): "I'm happy. At the end of the day we have drawn some good conclusions, although at the beginning we had some problems with the new bike. We had some strange front chatter which we finally identified as a tyre issue and solved. I'm also happy because today I was aggressive with wind blowing through the track –conditions that usually I do not like. At the end of the day we completed several laps in the high 1’35s and I feel satisfied with the improvement from the first day. I feel very comfortable with the bike again, but surprises still appear, like today. Tomorrow we will continue working to try to improve our grip when cornering."

Rins and Marquez continue development of Honda NSF250RW

A second day of testing at Valencia was held on Wednesday, in which Rins and Marquez focused on working with electronics and improved their lap times from yesterday.

Keeping up the hard work at the Comunitat Valenciana Circuit, Alex Rins and Alex Marquez completed a second positive day of testing on Wednesday. Both focused on refining the electronic configurations of their bikes, working on engine braking and fuel injection. Despite the strong winds making it a difficult test, Emilio Alzamora's proteges improved their performance and lap times as they improved the setup of their Honda NSF250RW machines.

After completing 54 laps ‒more than 216 kilometres‒ Alex Rins managed to cut more than a second and a half off his best time from yesterday. The 2013 World Championship runner-up stopped the clock at 1:40.231 which, at the end of a day in which he had a small afternoon crash at Turn 6, put him ninth on the timesheet. Alex Marquez also improved from yesterday, with a final time of 1:40.629.

On Thursday, the Moto3 riders will continue testing on the final day at Valencia.

Alex Rins

1:40.231, 54 laps, 216 km.

"It was a very positive day today; we have taken an important step forward from yesterday. In these first tests of the season it is mainly about putting in a lot of laps, because the Honda is quite different to the bike from last year and we still do not know it so well. In terms of the chassis, I feel more comfortable with this one than with the KTM, but I still do not know exactly how it behaves or how it responds to changes in the setup. That’s why we have to gather date on many different things during these testing days. Overall, today went pretty well –including my own riding, which has greatly improved."

Alex Marquez

1:40.629, 59 laps, 236 km.

"This second day went well and we've improved from yesterday. We still have to continue working on the chassis configuration, but with each passing day I know this bike better. It’s the same for the technicians, and if tomorrow the conditions are good then we have to take that little step forward to finish off our improvement. This morning we had less wind to face than yesterday and could go faster. In the afternoon it reappeared and we could not take full advantage of the time available. At the end I was also a little tired in my arm, but there is only one day to go and we will make the most of it."


Niccolò Antonelli and the whole Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3 are maintaining their good momentum at Valencia: after closing the first day of testing in front, the young Italian rider was on top again today with a lap time of 1'39 "454, which improves by 5 milliseconds the previous lap record for the Moto3 category, which was signed by Alex Rins last November, during qualifying for the final Grand Prix of the 2013 season.

Antonelli teammate, 16-year-old Enea Bastianini, improved by over a second his yesterday’s lap time, dropping up to 1’40”166, that led him in seventh place in the combined timesheets.

Tomorrow “Nicco” and Enea will be back on track for the third and final day of testing at the Ricardo Tormo circuit.


“I am very happy because apart from the lap time we were able to further improve the bike setup and now we are really close to what we might call an ideal setting. Of course, we can always improve in many areas, but at this point they are just refinement: in particular, I think there is still some room for progress both on corner entry and exit. Today the track conditions were better than in the first day of testing and many riders lowered their times, but we are still on top, and this is really important”.

ENEA BASTIANINI (1'40"166 - 45 LAPS)

“Today we started the day with a more aggressive approach and soon we were able to lower yesterday’s time: this was really useful because we were able to figure out several interesting things in order to improve, both in terms of setting and of riding style. Everything is going well, even better than expected, but I still believe that I still have some margin to exploit”.

FABRIZIO CECCHINI (Technical Coordinator)

“Today we continued to do a really good job, finding some set-up solutions that have enabled us to make a further improvement with both riders. We are happy mainly because our lap times remain constant even with tyres that have already had 10-15 laps, and this aspect is very important for the race distance. Tomorrow we will try some new rear shocks, with the aim to take another step forward, hoping in the good weather, given that we expect strong wind”.


The second day of the official Moto2 test at Valencia saw Lorenzo Baldassari putting in a lot of kilometers riding the Team Gresini Moto2 Suter machine. The Italian completed a total of 87 laps of the Ricardo Tormo circuit, thus accumulating a significant amount of experience ahead of his first Grand Prix in the intermediate class of the World Championship, scheduled in Qatar next March 23rd.

Baldassari continued his apprenticeship with meticulousness, without focusing too much on lap times, even though he was able to improve his time from yesterday by over a second, signing a good 1’37”819.

The Team Gresini Moto2 will be back on track tomorrow for the third and final day of testing at the Ricardo Tormo circuit.


“I'm satisfied because making so many laps is crucial for me to understand how to ride this bike: in some ways I’m still riding with a style more suitable for Moto3, where it’s important cornering speed. Today I learned a lot, also watching the other riders: I am aware that the road is still very long, but I have to keep going like this if I want to improve”.

FABRIZIO CECCHINI (Technical Coordinator)

“Today Baldassarri made a strong effort to accumulate a lot of experience and the fact that he has completed nearly 90 laps proves it. The goal was to make many kilometers, without pushing too hard, trying also to understand what the most experienced riders were doing on track. As further proof of his great determination, Lorenzo also went on the trackside to study the lines of the other riders in some parts of the track where he did not feel at ease. He is learning the right way, tomorrow we want to continue in this direction”.

Good day of testing for RW Racing GP

The second day of the IRTA test in Valencia was much better than the first – in general but also for RW Racing GP. Both Ana Carrasco and Scott Deroue managed to improve their lap times along the day, run a big number of laps and learn a lot about their bikes.

The much warmer conditions allowed the riders to concentrate more on their programmes and test a lot. RW Racing GP too was able to try new settings and adjustments of the bikes, to improve pace and handling. The effects were visible immediately, as Ana Carrasco cut 1,4 seconds of the lap time she set yesterday, and Scott Deroue 1,1 seconds.

During the day both improved further. Carrasco to 1.41,393, Deroue to 1.41,765. The Dutch rookie could have been even faster but he touched the limits in a fast lap in the final afternoon session. It wasn’t a big crash and Deroue was able to move on, but testing was finished, leaving him at 46 laps.

Carrasco ran 77 laps and was especially happy with the morning sessions. She immediately found her rhythm and was able to shift a lot of work. In the afternoon the wind took her out of her rhythm, but the results were still satisfying for both rider and team.

“It was a good day”, agreed team manager Jarno Janssen. “Too bad Scott crashed in his fast lap. I think there could have been more in it. Luckily it was just a small crash. 25th is satisfactory for now. Ana did a great job as well, but I hope she can improve tomorrow. After all we are not only here to put in the miles, but also to see where we are compared to the rest. The goal for Ana is to get near the top 15.”


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