2014 Jerez Moto2 And Moto3 Test Day 2 Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the second day of testing at Jerez:

Miller returns to the top of the timesheets

Australian Red Bull KTM Ajo rider takes the fastest time of the second day of testing at Jerez, with teammate Karel Hanika seventeenth.

03/12/2014 - Jerez Circuit

The Red Bull KTM Ajo team were hard at work on the penultimate day of the 2014 preseason. The riders, meanwhile, claimed very different results on the final timesheet. Whilst Karel Hanika -seventeenth- focused on making long runs and race simulations of 20 laps, Jack Miller closed the day with the fastest time of the test so far: 1:46.259.

Jack Miller began Wednesday very strongly: He improved his best lap from yesterday, setting a timesheet-topping 1:46.727 lap and becoming the only rider to go under the 1:47 mark. That was in the morning, with better weather conditions and a little less wind than yesterday. Teammate Karel Hanika was unable to take advantage of the more favourable circumstances, suffering a mechanical issue and running off track in the morning session. However, this did not prevent him from returning and setting the twelfth best lap of the morning -and his quickest of the day- a 1:47.741.

In the first afternoon session, Miller and Hanika focused on testing parts and endurance. The Australian worked with new parts sent by KTM, whilst the Czech rookie did a race simulation and upped his total to 29 -more than anyone else on track. To round off the day in the final session, Miller topped the timesheet -1:46.259- for Day 2 and Hanika recovered from an early crash on the opening laps of the stint, placing eighteenth.

Tomorrow will see the third day of the Jerez test, the last of the 2014 preseason.

Combined Standings - Day 2

1. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:46.259

2. Isaac Viñales (KTM) 1:46.551 +0.292

3. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.809 +0.550

4. Jakub Kornfeil (KTM) 1:46.901 +0.642

5. Efren Vazquez (Honda) 1:46.958 +0.699

17. Karel Hanika (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:47.741 +1.482

Jack Miller

"We were lucky in that we could test things out and also push for a fast lap at the same time, which was good. In the middle session we tried a different swingarm, which was good in some ways but still needs a lot of fine-tuning to get completely right. It was good that we had that to test and tomorrow we have some more parts to try out, but today was definitely a good day overall. I feel comfortable, in control, there were no big moments again, so I’m really happy.

Tomorrow we will try to do a long-distance run of between about 20 to 23 laps, and see how that goes. I’m not so worried about this, because today we set some good times with tyres that had 28 laps in them already."

Karel Hanika

"I think today could have been a little bit better. We were concentrating especially on long runs with many laps. We tried a race simulation as well, which was not so bad. I was able to do consistent laps, and that’s really important. I did all my laps alone, so I think that if I could follow someone I would be faster. Today we’ve been struggling a little bit with the settings, because sometimes they were not perfect. In the last stint it was better, but the session ended just as we were getting settled in. I think that tomorrow it’s all going to be ok."

New best time for Scott Deroue

Dutch RW Racing GP rider Scott Deroue today set his best time ever at the Jerez circuit. In the second session of the day he managed to pull 1.48.163 out of his Kalex KTM, good enough for 19th in the session and 20th overall on day 2 of the official IRTA test. His team mate Ana Carrasco came close, with 1.48.403, but could not improve more due to a broken chain.

In the morning it looked like it would become a not so useful day with heavy overcast, low temperatures and a strong wind. But shortly before the first session for the Moto3 class the sun came out and the conditions improved dramatically. Ana Carrasco did a 1.49.150 in the morning, Scott Deroue 1.49.664. In the second session, early in the afternoon, they both set off well and improved lap after lap. With a new tire Deroue put his head down and ran his fastest lap ever in Jerez, just before the end of the session.

The last session was more or less lost for both RW Racing GP riders. Carrasco was stopped by a broken chain. Deroue simply called it an early day.

Scott Deroue – 1.48.163 (20)

“I was close to a fast lap for a while, but ruined it myself in Turn 2. I have difficulties there all the time: I’m late on the brakes, but that gives me trouble in exiting again. Every time I lost connection to the rest of the group, but not this lap. I was on the tail of Ajo and made no mistakes. What I lost in Turn 2 I could make up in Turn 4. I’m really happy with this result. We’ve had a look at the data and my ideal lap time is 1.47.8. Hopefully I can get there next time, maybe tomorrow.”

Ana Carrasco – 1.48.403 (23)

“I’m having trouble in the slow corners, especially in the exit of the corner. My team is working hard to make the bike better. I could have been faster in the second session, but I had some bad luck in finding connection to a group, so I was on my own. In a group I’m less bothered by the wind, that halted me a little bit. I’m a short girl and I can’t put enough weight on the front of the bike which makes it difficult to control the front. But my main problem today was a broken chain that kept me aside in the last session. That’s a pity, but overall I’m not unsatisfied.”

Kent consolidates place in top spots

The Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo rider amongst fastest three on penultimate day of Jerez test. Niklas Ajo, eighteenth, continues to progress.

03/12/2014 - Jerez Circuit

The Husqvarna riders today completed the penultimate day of preseason testing at Jerez before the first Grand Prix of the season in Qatar. Danny Kent and Niklas Ajo were able to improve their lap times from yesterday and set their respective best laps in the second session, in which the track temperature was at its highest. The Briton ended the day with the third fastest time so far at the test, whilst Ajo was eighteenth quickest.

Higher track temperatures than yesterday and less intense gusts of wind enabled the Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo rider to improve right from the first session -besting his previous top lap time with a 1:47.294 early on. This allowed him to approach the second runout with confidence and dominate from start to finish, concluding the former with the best lap of 1:46.809. He and Philpp Oettl were the only riders to put in 1:46s laps in that particular session; and in the third the Brit was still fast -albeit not improving his lap time. He was third overall.

Niklas Ajo's day mirrored that of Kent. In the morning he took over half a second off his Tuesday time, repeating the feat in the second session with a 1:47.829 lap. The Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo rider rode 19 laps in that runout. A drop of 10 degrees for the track temperature before the end of the day impeded the Finn from making it three consecutive sessions with improved times.

Tomorrow the preseason comes to a close, ahead of the first appearance for Husqvarna in the Moto3 World Championship.

Combined Standings - Day 2

1. Jack Miller (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:46.259

2. Isaac Viñales (KTM) 1:46.551 +0.292

3. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.809 +0.550

4. Jakub Kornfeil (KTM) 1:46.901 +0.642

5. Efren Vazquez (Honda) 1:46.958 +0.699

18. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo) 1:47.829 +1.570

Danny Kent

"We’ve been so up and down in the sessions today. We’ve been trying a lot different parts for the bike today and some of them were good -and some not. We tried new things and we tried to improve. It was not a bad day; we improved from yesterday in terms of our feeling with the bike and also with our lap times, and I’m happy with that. In the final session we were struggling a little bit, but I’m still confident. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m not too worried. We will try some more parts again, so we have to wait and see and hopefully it’s not so windy -because I think the wind was affecting so many riders today; one lap you can get a good time and on the next you try to do the same thing and you struggle.

Hopefully the weather is a little bit better tomorrow. In terms of pace, with the new tyres for some reason you can set a fast time and then go back out and it seems to drop, and I think that’s the same for everyone. We are thinking about what we will do tomorrow but I don’t think there will be many problems."

Niklas Ajo

"Today it was still quite windy, so I was struggling a little bit with that. Maybe I was little bit too careful today, but the feeling was not so bad and the lap times were very consistent. Of course, we are one second off the top, so we have to find something for tomorrow. We’ll try to do some fast lap times tomorrow and see what happens. The feeling was really good, so that’s why I’m little bit confused as to why I couldn’t go much faster -maybe it’s just the wind. I was quite careful with that, I hope it was just the bike.

Tomorrow we will try a race simulation; Of course today we did many laps with the same tyres, so that’s kind of a race simulation, but tomorrow we will go for around 20 laps in a row and see what our race pace is like."

Rins and Marquez up the pace at Jerez

Development of Honda NSF250RW continues and both Alex Rins and Alex Marquez make progress on Day 2 of testing.

With one week to go before the start of the World Championship season, for the second consecutive day Alex Rins and Alex Marquez completed the testing workload provided by HRC for the new NSF250RW. Emilio Alzamora's proteges continue taking steps forward, lowering lap times and improving their feeling with the bike. Today Rins finished tenth on the timesheets and Marquez eleventh.

After adding 63 and 66 laps, respectively, to their tally for the preseason, Rins and Marquez continued to cut tenths off their best times. They did so whilst establishing a base setup for their Moto3 bike. The 2013 World Championship runner-up reduced his best lap by over half a second from yesterday and finished the day with a best time of 1:47.217 -0.958 off the day's fastest rider, Jack Miller. Marquez was 0.970 back, with a time of 1:47.229.

The test concludes tomorrow with the last day of preseason before the visit to Losail, Qatar, where the World Championship will begin next week.

Alex Rins - 1:47.217, 63 laps, 279 km.

"Today we tried a lot of things. We've received a lot of parts for these three days and we have focused on working with the chassis and suspension. So far we have not found the perfect setup, but tomorrow we have planned more tests and we'll see if we can find the best configuration for the bike. Today my wrist did not bother me too much -when you don't think about it you do not notice the pain".

Alex Marquez - 1:47.229 , 66 laps, 292 km.

"Today we tried quite a few chassis adjustments. The first session did not go very well because we were analysing many things, but the second was a little better. We had a better feel and I was much more comfortable on the bike. The last session was also a bit hard, but this is normal because we are testing some things and discarding others, which is important. Tomorrow we have to work with our mind on the races, which is where the points are won".


The official Moto3 IRTA Test continued today at Jerez with some difficulties for the Junior Team GO&FUN Moto3: Niccolò Antonelli suffered a minor crash and he was stuck in 12th position with a best time of 1’47”231, unable for the moment to catch the good lap times achieved in the previous test carried out in Andalusia at the end of February. Slowed by the strong wind, the Italian struggled to find the right feeling with his KTM and tomorrow, in the last day of winter testing available, he will try to regain the competitiveness that has always distinguished him during all the pre-season.

His team-mate, Enea Bastianini , finished the day with a best lap of 1’48”586, thereby improving his yesterday’s performance by 0.8 of a second; the rookie from Rimini – which has a right hand still sore - has been hampered by understeer on his bike, a problem that he will try to solve tomorrow along with the team’s technicians.


“Today we struggled a bit: the strong wind accentuated some of the problems that we had experienced previously here in Jerez so today I couldn’t ride as I wanted. The bike was a bit nervous, it was moving a lot, so we were not able to make the most of this day of testing. Tomorrow we will try to understand why, trying some chassis set-up changes. We hope to improve, however I’m not worried: we know what is our level, and we believe that soon we will return to show it”.

ENEA BASTIANINI (1'48"586 - 45 LAPS)

“Today was not great, but we’re not complaining about it: as we did yesterday during the first day of testing, we continued to try different set-ups, but we have not yet identified the best solution. At the moment I'm struggling to follow the right lines on track, because the bike is understeering. Tomorrow we will try, above all, to overcome this problem”.


“I'm not happy with this testing session: like yesterday, today Antonelli suffered once again a fall and this is quite worrying ahead of the season opener. Niccolò is very fast, but he must find the right balance that he will enable him to be competitive without making mistakes: at this time, with the start of the championship just behind the corner, it is essential to avoid mistakes, and above all we must try to be strong even when we hit hard times. Moreover, we have seen how the fall occurred to Bastianini at the end of February has had an impact on his learning process: Enea’s right hand is still not completely healed, giving him trouble, and unfortunately this is slowing him down”.


MAPFRE Aspar rider knocks two seconds off yesterday's best after finding improved set-up

The second day of the final preseason test for the Moto2 and Moto3 teams took place in similar conditions to yesterday at Jerez today, with bright sunshine hampered only by strong winds. Once again the two categories alternated track time although today it was the Moto2 riders who were on track first, getting underway at 10am, with Moto3 taking the final session of the day, which finished at 6pm.

After spending most of yesterday trying to adapt to the windy conditions, MAPFRE Aspar Team rider Juanfran Guevara was able to make some improvements today, the Spanish youngster taking to the track at around 11:30am and working hard to find a balanced set-up that allowed him to tackle the corners with as little disruption from the wind as possible. After making gradual progress throughout the day he took his biggest step on his final run and his penultimate lap of 68 in total proved to be his best of the test so far. Today's lap time represents an improvement of two seconds from yesterday and equals his best from the previous test here last month.

7º Juanfran Guevara 1.47.040 (68 laps): “We were able to set the same lap times as yesterday as soon as we went out this morning and followed on the same line of work to solve the problems we have had here with the wind. We made some changes to the front and rear set-up to find a more stable balance that could withstand the changeable wind forces. The changes paid off and my last run was the best I felt on the bike all day. We pushed hard for a better lap time and managed it on the penultimate lap of the day.”


Today, during the second day of the official Moto2 IRTA Test at Jerez, Xavier Simeon made a first, positive race simulation aboard the Suter of the Team Federal Oil Gresini Moto2, showing a consistent pace also in the final stage of the long run, with worn tyres. A good result, mainly due to a change in the chassis geometry that enabled Siméon to lower his lap times more comfortably than yesterday. His best lap of the day, 1’43”088, puts him in seventh place in today’s timesheet, and in ninth place in the combined classification of the first two days of testing.

Lorenzo Baldassarri was also focused on full race distance, making a 26 laps long run with excellent results: the young rookie was therefore not looking at the single lap performance, setting - halfway through his long run - the 15th fastest time with 1’43”522.

XAVIER SIMEON (1'43"088 - 77 LAPS)

“I'm very happy because today I was able to complete a successful race simulation, during which I steadily improved my performance. Unfortunately I had to stop the long run after 21 laps due to a red flag, but then I completed 5 more laps to reach the full race distance, using the same tyres and keeping again a good pace. Our goal was to lap constantly under 1’44” and we did it, so I'm satisfied. Today we also made an important change to the chassis geometry; although initially I was doubtful, this change actually proved to be very useful, allowing me to lower lap times with much more ease than yesterday. Tomorrow we will try to continue to work in the same direction”.


“Today I have completed my first race simulation: doing so many consecutive laps for the first time with a Moto2 machine it’s been really important for me, both from the physical point of view and from the point of view of the behavior of the bike over the full race distance. I struggled a little bit during the first laps, but then I managed to get a good rhythm and keep it for all of the remaining laps. Tyre performance has dropped at about 10 laps to go, and it’s been very interesting to ride in these conditions, having to overcome grip issues moving the body on the bike and changing riding style. I have definitely gained valuable experience in preparation for my first Moto2 Gran Prix”.


“It’s been a very constructive day, which saw both our riders engaged in a race simulation that has provided positive results. Both Siméon and Baldassarri are working very well with the team, and we can clearly see it from the results on the track. Today we were not focused on the single lap performance, otherwise we would certainly have been in a more advanced position in the standings, but the important thing is that we know that we can be competitive for the race. Finally, I must admit that Baldassarri is continuing to amaze me for the great job he is doing”.

Zarco and Herrin Complete Second Test Day in Jerez

In near perfect conditions, AirAsia Caterham Moto Racing riders Johann Zarco and Josh Herrin completed a progressive second day of testing at the Circuit of Jerez.

Circuit of Jerez, 12th March 2014

Circuit Length: 4.423km

Bike # 5 – Johann Zarco P4 – best time – 1:42.841

Bike # 2 – Josh Herrin P24 – best time – 1:44.291

Weather: air temperature 23˚C (dry) / track temperature 31˚C max

The first session saw Johann Zarco reach his target of breaking into the 1min42s within just 10 laps and rewarding him with a new personal best time of 1:42.991. Running within the top six throughout the day, the Frenchman continued to push forward to claim P1 with a time of 1:42.841 in the last of the day’s sessions, only to be nudged off the leader’s spot by Takaaki Nakagami in the final minutes.

For team mate Josh Herrin it was a difficult start, as a problem with the quick shifter in the first of the morning’s sessions prevented the eager American from chasing lap times. The team worked hard to find a solution and allow the Moto2 rookie valuable time on track.

Johann Zarco: “I am very happy to have got into the 1m42s and even in the last session I was able to improve. Finally we are 4th and only three tenths from the fastest rider.

“We are still making little modifications but I’m always feeling better on the bike and working on my riding style. I am happy because the mechanics understand how to set the bike for me from the information I give.

“It was a very good day and we will try to repeat it again tomorrow. Continuing like this we will be more ready for the races.”

Josh Herrin: “Today we struggled with the quick shifter but the guys worked hard to fix it and get me out on track. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to push to improve my lap time but we made some good progress with the base setting.

“I feel comfortable on the bike now and tomorrow I would like to do a 1m43s so I can leave feeling confident going into the first race at Qatar.”


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