2014 Valencia MotoGP Post-Test Final Press Releases

The final round up of press releases from the teams and Bridgestone after the final day of testing at Valencia:

Last Valencia Testing Session Wraps up 2014 for Yamaha

Valencia (Spain), 12th November 2014

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP’s Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi ended the third and final day of MotoGP testing in Valencia on a positive note, finishing third and fifth in today’s session times.

Similar to yesterday, the seven hour long session started with a completely drenched track, forcing the team to wait for conditions to improve before heading out. With a little more than four hours remaining Lorenzo decided to join the action. He quickly picked up the pace and moved to the top of the standings after his 14th lap, clocking a 1’31.464.

Using this as a benchmark, Lorenzo spent the rest of the session preparing for next year’s season, as the pace noticeably quickened towards the end of the session. Though he was unable to beat his time from Monday, the Spaniard showed improvement in his times and signed the 2014 season off with a positive feeling. He completed 64 laps in total and his best efforts of a 1'31.164 put him in third place in today’s testing results, just 0.191s off the front.

Valentino Rossi started the session around the same time as his teammate and soon climbed up the order, rising to second place, just 0.012s behind him. The nine-times World Champion focused on testing new parts for the 2015 machine and went the extra mile to provide feedback. He completed 68 laps in total and wrapped up the third day of testing in fifth place, posting a best time of 1’31.301, just 0.328 off the front.

99 Jorge Lorenzo

3rd / 1'31.164 / 64 laps

“In general I’m quite satisfied, because we tried some things we couldn’t try yesterday and it was slightly better. The new parts are not a really big improvement but they’re a step forward, so I am happy about this test. It's been a long and tough season but it's not yet over for me: in few days I'll fly to Indonesia for some promotional activities and after that I will take the occasion to spend some days off in Bali with friends. In December I will participate in a car race and after that, finally, I will head to a sunny place for Christmas. In the meantime I will work hard to be back in 2015 stronger and ready for the new season.”

46 Valentino Rossi

5th / 1'31.301 / 68 laps

“We had some different stuff that we wanted to try, so we waited yesterday in the wet and worked a little bit on it today. Today was important, because it was the last day of testing before the winter and I feel good with the bike. We have some new things: a different swing arm and chassis. We also tried different parts to follow the new weight limit of the bike. I’m happy about the test. More or less everything about it was positive, so we did a good job today. From one side we need a bit of rest because it has been a long season, but on the other side I’m sure that in two or three weeks time we will miss the racing, but now it’s winter time so it’s time to relax.”

Massimo Meregalli

“There was a lot of sunshine this afternoon, but we couldn’t start the session earlier this morning because the track was wet. We were able to work out all the things we had to test and we are completely satisfied with the input and professionalism of our riders. We did quite a lot of laps this afternoon and they were exhausted after these six days at Valencia, but they did a good job and gave good feedback. Today we focused on testing the different frame and pipe. For me, the test has been positive because we have seen improvements and we got a lot of information. Our Japanese engineers will now focus on all the data they got here and bring the next step to Sepang. It has been a long season, but it went quickly! I hope that the team will get some rest. We all look forward to going home and unwinding from season, so we can get back to top energy levels and be ready for next year.”

Marquez and Pedrosa finish final test on top

The sun re-emerged today in Valencia, after rain almost completely wrecked testing yesterday. After the track had dried out, the riders finally took to the circuit around 12pm local time, with Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa looking to complete a busy test schedule.

It was Marc’s first outing on the updated 2015 prototype (since Brno test) and it proved very valuable for the HRC engineers. Marc reported positively on some areas, including the chassis front end, but admitted the engine braking, exit of corner and also rear of the chassis still needs work. His fastest time of 1’30.973 (just 0.130 off Rossi’s pole time on Saturday) on lap 58 of 68 (aboard the 2014 machine) placed him fastest on this final day.

Dani, who spent a few laps on the new machine on Monday, continued his test programme today and commented on the more powerful Honda engine. He also confessed the new 2015 RC213V needs some fine tuning before the lights go out in Qatar at the end of March. His time of 1’31.119 (lap 23/57) – on the 2015 prototype – put him in second place behind his teammate.

This is the final MotoGP test before the Winter testing ban kicks in at the end of November. The next time Marc and Dani will be on track will be in Malaysia in February 2015.

Marc Marquez

1st - 1’30.973 (68 laps)

“Today went well because we were able to gather a lot of data. We tried out both bikes: this year's and the 2015 machine. The new prototype has more potential in some aspects but, as is normal, I felt better with the 2014 bike - with which I set my fastest time. It’s true that in one day we have not had too much time to work on setting up the new prototype, but I think that it has potential and that this test has been important for Honda because of the information obtained. The HRC engineers have also found out which way to go this Winter to try to improve for the test in Malaysia, which takes place in February. Thanks to all my team and to all the fans for an unforgettable 2014!”

Dani Pedrosa

2nd - 1’31.119 (57 laps)

“Today testing was a lot more productive. The weather allowed us to set better times and we were able to put in a lot of laps to try out things with the new engine and new bike. Overall the test has been positive and the job of all our colleagues in HRC this Winter will be very important. The technicians here in Valencia have gathered a lot of data to take back to Japan and I’m sure we’ll see a big development when we’re back on track in Sepang next year.”




Valencia (Spain), 12 November 2014 - With three days of testing on the Valencia track the Aprilia MotoGP adventure has begun. Aprilia turned up for testing on the Ricardo Tormo circuit, which actually represented a taste of the 2015 season with Gresini Racing who will be managing the Italian bikes in the MotoGP class.

Melandri and Bautista threw a leg over the Aprilia MotoGP bike for the first time, also having two of the brand new pneumatic valve distribution engine available.

A brand new engine that needs to be dialled in, especially in terms of electronic management, and a completely new bike for the two riders. After 4 years in the Superbike championship, Melandri had the additional issue of regaining familiarity with Bridgestone tyres and carbon brakes. And so the goal for this first outing was to build experience, put in a lot of laps and collect as much data as possible. However, there was no lack of positive indications, especially in terms of potential – and therefore the possibility for development – of both the bike and the powerplant.

The work plan, which originally had only the test rider Alex Hofmann lapping on Monday, was changed in midstream due to adverse weather conditions. And so both Melandri and Bautista took to the track straight away, even if for only a few laps, on Monday afternoon. It turned out to be an excellent decision since the second day was characterised by a constantly wet track due to persistent rain. In any case these were not conditions that prevented the two Aprilia riders from taking a total of 73 laps (24 for Melandri and Bautista with an impressive 49).

The situation on Wednesday was decidedly better. The riders went out on the track in the late morning and kept testing until 5:00 PM. 68 laps for Bautista and 56 for Melandri are a testament to the amount of work done.

Marco Melandri: “We took a completely new bike out on its maiden run - what a great experience! For me I had to get used to some very different tyres than the ones from my Superbike seasons. That's why it was important to take a lot of laps and accumulate data and a feeling with the bike. From that point of view I am satisfied because I'm starting to figure out where to make changes and how. The bike is different than the Aprilia ridden in SBK but it was "born well" and responds well to changes. There is a lot of work to do and the next tests at Jerez will be important. Then we'll begin to have a clearer idea of our potential.”

Alvaro Bautista: “It was a surprising and very positive test! Yesterday in the wet I was able to begin familiarising myself with the bike and to understand how it needs to be ridden. Each time I got on the bike I felt more and more comfortable. Today we were able to put in several dry laps, but basically the goal was the same: put in kilometres and continue getting to know the bike. The results are positive although we obviously are aware that there is still a lot of work to do. The engine needs to be improved, but already at the end of the month we'll test the new pneumatic valve unit at Jerez. As for the chassis, we didn't make any changes to the suspension setup and geometries during these tests. We'll begin doing that at Jerez in the next testing session. I immediately felt at ease with the team and the mechanics. We are working well together and they understand my indications. I think we'll be able to do a good job together.”

Romano Albesiano, Aprilia Racing Manager, has positive feelings about the first outing: “We are satisfied with these first tests. For us this was a true début with all the unknown factors one might expect, but at the end of these three days we can look toward the future development steps with confidence. The new bike proved to be very well balanced straight away and the pneumatic valve engine that we tested on Friday impressed Hofmann with its top shelf performance and rideability. Alvaro confirmed our expectations, immediately demonstrating a good feeling with the bike and a great inclination for the fine tuning work. The times Alvaro put on the board are positive, despite the fact that we only used the 2014 engine today. Marco built experience on a bike that is new for him as well and he began his apprenticeship on the Bridgestone tyres, extremely high performance but also very different from the ones he has become accustomed to. Now all that's left is to get back to work at Noale with the data collected to prepare the developments we'll be taking to the next tests at Jerez.”

Fausto Gresini: “These tests represented an initial positive contact between the riders, the team and the Aprilia staff. This was a very important event that gave us some encouraging indications and that took place in an atmosphere of great enthusiasm. We are all very much aware of the amount of work that needs to be done, but we are excited to do it and to improve. After yesterday being conditioned by the rain, today we were able to collect the first valuable data on how to move forward. Now we will wait for the Jerez tests which will also be very important because they will be the last ones before the winter break. In any case it was important to take our first steps here and there is no doubt that we did it the right way. I am satisfied.”


Team SUZUKI Press Office – November 12.

New Team SUZUKI MotoGP riders Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales made huge steps-forward in the final day of the official MotoGP Test at Valencia in Spain today, with Espargaro setting the fastest-ever lap-time for a Team SUZUKI MotoGP machine.

The 25-year-old Spaniard, who finished seventh in the 2014 MotoGP Championship, put-in a best-lap of 1:31.973 on his 34th-lap of a total of 41-laps today, shaving-off more-than 300ths-of-a-second from Monday’s ‘Day 1’ time in his first ride aboard the 2015 Suzuki GSX-RR.

Team-mate Maverick Vinales also got-to-grips with the extra power of the GSX-RR, after stepping off his Moto2 machine that he raced to third position this year, to finish in 18th position with a time of 1:33.216; from 22 categorised riders.

Aleix Espargaro:

“I'm really happy with our first test. Unfortunately, due to the rain we missed the second day completely, but we learned a lot about the bike.

“The first day was just for understanding the bike and finding the right position, but today we could try to go to the limit of the bike, and I found that the frame is really good and it turns and handles really easily. We also made big steps with the electronics-side and we made good improvements on the traction control and engine braking.

“I'm quite optimistic with the package we have and it was good that I could make lap-times that were not so far from the top guys. Now I'm really looking forward to the next test and further development. “

Maverick Vinales:

“I'm very happy overall with the test and quite satisfied that I could make plenty of laps as it was very-important for me to learn the feel in the MotoGP bike.

“I found better grip on the bike with the hard tyre and could set the same lap-times I made on the first-day when I rode with a soft tyre. I could not make better lap-times when I tried the soft tyre again and so I concentrated on finding and keeping the best lines on the track.

“I have learned a lot about the bike and I had so much fun riding it! I look forward to the next test in Jerez, as we have lots more to try there.”

Davide Brivio – Team Manager:

“I'm pleased with this test, and now I'm really looking forward to start working with our new riders next year.

“We received a lot of feedback and comments from both riders which were very interesting to hear, especially Aleix with his MotoGP experience, while Maverick, who was riding a MotoGP bike for the first time, had made a softer approach, trying to avoid any risks.

“The most positive thing was that both riders liked the bike very much and they were happy throughout the test and enjoyed riding the bikes.

“Of-course, we still have some areas which have to be improved, such as the engine performance and the electronics, and we will test more in Jerez at the end of the month. Hopefully we will be able to conclude 2014 with another positive test and will be able to start 2015 with a fully sorted bike at the start of the season.

“I would like to thank to all the Suzuki engineers, team crew, and also Randy De Puniet for their hard work throughout the development period and now we look forward to the new season and the new era for Team Suzuki MotoGP.”

Satoru Terada – Project Leader. SUZUKI MotoGP Director:

“I'm happy that we completed the first test with our new riders and without any crashes.

“We have enjoyed the favorable comments from Aleix about our chassis, especially the front end stability. We’ve found much better settings on the rear end also. In terms of the engine control system, for sure this is one of the points that we are working-on, but now we have some good information and ideas for this area.

“Regarding Maverick, this was his first test run after moving from Moto2 and so we tried to let him run without changing too-much from the base setting.

“As for the chassis, we succeeded in finding a good direction to head towards after several adjustments to the base settings.

“For the next test we will work on new electrical engine-control settings.

“Now we have two excellent riders we are very happy to work with them on the next stage of the development programme.”

Valencia Day 3 Test Results: 1 Marc Marquez (Honda) 1:30.973, 2 Dani Pedrosa (Honda) 1:31.119, 3 Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha) 1:31.164, 4 Pol Espargaro (Yamaha) 1:31.288, 5 Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) 1:31.301, 6 Bradley Smith (Yamaha) 1:31.365, 7 Danilo Petrucci (Pramac Racing) 1:31.665, 8 Cal Crutchlow (Honda) 1:31.774, 9 Yonny Hernandez (Pramac Racing) 1:31.914, 10 Aleix Espargaro (Team SUZUKI MotoGP) 1:31.973. 18 Maverick Vinales (Team SUZUKI MotoGP) 1:33.216.

Espargaro and Smith complete performance boosting test in Valencia

Monster Yamaha Tech3 Team rider Pol Espargaro concluded the first of the preseason tests for the 2015 season with a strong result of 3rd place in the combined standings at Valencia. The MotoGP riders began the action just after midday due to waiting for the track to dry from the previous day’s rain, then the Spaniard completed 53 laps in total as he continued his test programme on the new specification of Yamaha YZR-M1. He focused specifically on electronics and front end settings with a definite improvement being achieved as he clocked a best lap of 1’31.288. This time was only 0.315 back from the leading bike, but his lap from Monday, which was nearly two tenths quicker than today’s one, sees him seize 3rd overall and his testing performance at Valencia leaves him positive ahead of the winter break.

Meanwhile Bradley Smith finished the end of season test in formidable form to clinch 5th position in the combined standings after conducting an in depth and thorough testing programme today. The British rider undertook vigorous tests to various aspects of his new Yamaha YZR-M1, namely engine braking as well as traction control settings and brake callipers as he developed ideas for the forthcoming season. The 23 year old rider completed the day with a strong time of 1’31.365 and in 6th position, with his best lap less than one tenth behind his teammate. His determined effort in testing sets Smith up confidently for the next outing at Sepang in February.

Pol Espargaro

Position : 3rd Time : 1'31.118

"The test was a really productive one and I am very pleased with the end result. I was able to produce consistent and competitive lap times which leaves me in a positive fame of mind for the winter break. I decided not to ride yesterday as the injury to my foot is not completely healed yet and I opted to wait for better conditions in order to finish my testing schedule today. I worked through different aspects, including both new parts as well as setup options.

There was not any major modifications, but certainly plenty of small factors which came together to make a difference. We focused on the electronics, the front end of the bike as well as confirming some of the adjustments that we tried on Monday. The thing I am most happy about is we found a strong setting with the electronics for when the tyre drops, which we have experienced difficulties with this season. Now I think we definitely deserve a rest which I am certainly looking forward as I want to spend some time with my family and friends, before getting ready for Sepang in February."

Bradley Smith

Position : 5th Time :1'31.204

"Today was a busy day all in all, but I am pleased with what we achieved as we undertook a lot of work and tested many different aspects. We concentrated on experimenting with new parts and concepts which we received, rather than investing time in changing already proven settings. This included modifications to the new suspension as well as engine braking and traction control ideas, which gave us more general knowledge for the future and further ideas for our armoury. I am happy with how it went and we also found some intriguing data with the front forks. In addition, I sampled the new Brembo callipers which will be good for the future. Altogether it was a truly productive day despite an unfortunate and stupid fall halfway through as I was focusing a bit too much on the feeling from the bike and so I went a bit deep into turn four. It goes without saying that the crash was not the way I wanted to finish my season, yet I am happy with the top six which is where we need and expect to be. So, I am pleased to go into the winter with a strong result and I am already looking forward to the 2015 season."

Valencia Test 3 - Pramac Racing in the Top 10. Petrucci 7th, Hernandez 9th

The first preseason test before the start of MotoGP 2015 was really satisfying for both of Pramac Racing Team riders who managed to finish inside the Wednesday Top 10. After the heavy rain on tuesday – with the fastest time setted by Danilo Petrucci - the weather condition were almost perfect on the last day in Riccardo Tormo Circuit.

Finally Yonny Hernandez had the possibility to ride for the first time on the dry his Desmosedici Gp 14.2. His technical staff made a huge job working on specific setting for his riding style as Hernandez completed 52 laps registering a quickest time of 1’33.834, finishing in 9th position and setting the 3rd highest speed (328.3 km/h) behind Pedrosa (338.6) and Marquez (333.7).

Danilo Petrucci went out on the track pushing hard and taking throughout the whole session an high pace in order to understand the behaviour of the bike with the different settings. At the end of the session, on soft tyres, he went back out on the track and setted a fantastic quick lap time of 1,31.665 (just 0.692 behind Marquez's fastest lap of the day) finishing 7th.

Yonny Hernandez (Pramac Racing Team #68)

"My first impression with the bike has been very good especially in the last part of the test. In the first few laps i hadn't the right feeling to push. I tried to work on the elecrtonics, the Team made many changes and the work gave good results. I want to thanks Paolo (Campinoti, Ceo Pramac Group) and Francesco (Guidotti, Team Manager Pramac Racing Team) who gave me the opportunity to stay in the Pramac family an other season, and all the tecnicians who made a great job during the season and in these test days".

Danilo Petrucci (Pramac Racing Team #9)

"I'm excited to ride this bike as it is really very powerful and deeply differente from the ones i rode in my career. It will be a long way starting from Sepang. I have to work hard but i'm sure to be able, thanks to make a good jod thanks to the Team. I'm very happy to be a part of Pramac Racing".

Successful first MotoGP test for Team Estrella Galicia Marc VDS

Valencia, Spain – 12 November 2014: Team Estrella Galicia Marc VDS today concluded successfully their first MotoGP test at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, Spain.

The three-day test was the start of a new adventure for the reigning Moto2 World Champions and the first opportunity for Scott Redding to test the Honda RC213V he’ll campaign for the team in the 2015 MotoGP World Championship.

With a new crew, a new bike and new rivals Team Estrella Galicia Marc VDS faced a steep learning curve at Valencia, especially as rain disrupted the first full day of testing, but Team Principal Michael Bartholemy declared himself satisfied with the progress made over the course of the three days.

For Scott Redding, the switch to the Honda RC213V proved more complicated than he expected, with the 21-year-old surprised by just how different the factory bike was compared to the Open Class Honda RCV1000R he raced this season.

After initial shakedown runs on Monday to get a feel for the bike and to refine his riding position Redding was one of the few riders to take to the track in the wet conditions on Tuesday, completing 42 laps and ended the day in third place on the timesheet.

On the final day the Briton was hoping to close the gap to his more experienced factory rivals, but struggled to find a good rhythm in the fully dry, but still quite cold, conditions and ended the test 1.6s off the fastest time, set by Marc Marquez on the Repsol Honda.

Scott Redding // 14th // 1’32.621

“Yesterday we made good progress but today, in the dry, it was a bit frustrating. I felt good on the bike, but the lap time didn’t come and I couldn’t really see why. Then right at the end of the day I got half a lap behind Dani Pedrosa and immediately it was obvious where we were losing time. From mid-corner to exit I couldn’t carry speed and I was struggling to keep the front wheel down, so we need to look more closely at the balance of the bike ahead of the next test. We’ve got the power, but now we need to work on getting that power down on the track where we need it. Again today we’ve worked on riding position, making modifications to the tank, and I feel more comfortable on the bike now. This was our first test and we’re still learning, but the team is working well together and now I’m looking forward to the next test in Malaysia.”

Michael Bartholemy // Team Principal

“Overall I am fairly satisfied with our first MotoGP test and I’m happy with how everyone has started to work as a team, despite many of them never having worked together before. For Scott it’s been a positive yet difficult test. Initially he was surprised by just how different the Honda RC213V is compared with the Open Class bike he raced this year. For him it feels like a completely new bike and it’s going to take him a little more time than he thought to figure out how to get the best from it. I know Scott is disappointed with the lap time but, for me, what is important is that we leave here with a lot of information with which to prepare fully for the first test of 2015 in Sepang.”


After overnight rain in Valencia left the track surface damp this morning, the CWM LCR Honda riders had to wait for it to dry completely before they could leave the pits for the final day of three days testing at the Spanish circuit.

Heavy rain yesterday had frustrated Cal Crutchlow’s chance to continue his familiarisation with his factory spec Honda RC213V, but today the British rider put in a solid stint of 53 laps. Making a series of short runs throughout the day, Crutchlow was finally able to improve on his best lap time of the test so far, setting a 1’31.774 late in the day on a used set of tyres.

The day wasn’t without incident as the 29 year-old experienced a strange crash when he highsided at turn one after water got onto his rear tyre, however despite some light damage to his knees and his hands, he was able to return to the track and set his best times.

Crutchlow will now return to his Isle of Man home before beginning his pre-season training programme in California ahead of his next test session with the CWM LCR Honda Team at the start of February in Malaysia.

Cal Crutchlow #35 (8th, 1’31.774, 53 laps – 10th overall)

“Overall I think we can be quite pleased with the performance during this test session. We didn’t really focus on the lap time that much, but more on improving my understanding of the bike and how to ride it. We made a few changes to the chassis set-up and the electronics package, but it is still quite difficult for me to understand at the moment. That’s why I’m happy that we were able to set our fastest lap time with the old tyre, we never took the benefit of new tyres.

Unfortunately I had a fairly heavy crash when going through turn one. I dragged my knee through some standing water on the inside of the corner and it splashed water out onto my back tyre, so I highsided when I got on the throttle. There’s a bit of pain in my knees and my hands, particularly my thumb, but I was able to go back out on track.

Finally, I’m glad we’ve gathered a lot of data that both the CWM LCR Honda Team and HRC can analyse over the winter, so now it is time to have a good rest and then prepare for testing again at Sepang in February 2015.“


After overnight rain in Valencia left the track surface damp this morning, the CWM LCR Honda riders had to wait for it to dry completely before they could leave the pits for the final day of three days testing at the Spanish circuit.

Tuesday’s heavy downpours had thwarted Jack Miller’s opportunity to get to grips with his new Open category Honda RC213V-RS, but once the track had dried today, the Queenslander put in 61 laps, with a best time of 1’33.746.

Having moved from a bike with less than a quarter of the power of his new MotoGP machine, this test was always about the Australian familiarising himself with the package he will race in 2015. Both he and the CWM LCR Honda Team were extremely happy with his quick adaptation and they will get another chance to improve that rapport when he joins other MotoGP rookies for an extra test in Malaysia at the end of this month.

Jack Miller #43 (21st, 1’33.746, 61 laps – 25th overall)

“It’s been an impressive three-day test, and it’s a shame we only got to ride two due to the weather. Nonetheless I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made with the bike over these days, everything has been new like the weight and the power, but it’s been a great experience.

I’ve improved every single time I’ve exited the pits, and I can’t wait to get more bike time in Malaysia at the end of the month. As we get more experience we will be able to work a lot more on improving the electronics and the set-up to get a better feeling with the bike.

In terms of lap times, we’re not too far away if you consider that I’ve only just come from Moto3 and I feel happy with the progress and look forward to improving even more as we ride it more. We’re not focusing on the times just now though - the main goal is just to get more and more comfortable.

Between now and Malaysia I’ve got a busy training schedule planned. My fitness actually felt good during the test, but I still think I need to get some more strength in the chest area to cope with the new machine. Much of this will come with riding though, and you can only get that strength in those areas by riding a MotoGP bike, so I’m excited to get back to work in Sepang in a couple of weeks.”

Productive test session for NGM Forward Racing at Valencia

It was a busy day on track on the final day of MotoGP testing at Valencia. After the rain that spoiled the second day of testing, today the NGM Forward Racing riders could continue the work in dry conditions. Despite one crash in the afternoon, Stefan Bradl completed in total 38 laps, setting a best lap time of 1’32.784. It was a positive day also for team mate Loris Baz, who completed 60 laps. His best time was 1’33.486.

The Valencia test session was the perfect occasion to test some new material in preparation of the 2015 season. Starting from Monday both riders tested the SC Project exhaust pipes, while today they tested the Kayaba suspension.

The NGM Forward Racing Team will be back on track ay Jerez in two weeks on the 26th and 27th of November for another important test session.

Stefan Bradl

“Today we tested for the first time the ne suspension. We need to understand the potential and continue to work. I also need to gain more confidence with this bike, which is different from the one I was used to ride. This afternoon I crashed, but fortunately without consequences the first impression with the Forward Yamaha is positive and I look forward to continue working on the bike in 2 weeks”.

Loris Baz

“It was a good start, the first day we focused on adapting the bike to my size. The second day I tested the limit on the wet, crashing twice but the feeling was positive. Today I was already more confident, even if I need to know better the Bridgestone tyres and the carbon brakes. We will continue to work in Jerez”.

DRIVE M7 Aspar riders conclude positive three-day test at Valencia

Nicky Hayden and Eugene Laverty spent all day on their new bikes, gathering crucial information as they continue preparations for 2015 season

After three days of testing at Valencia the 2014 campaign is finally over, at least in MotoGP terms. The final round of the season last Sunday has been followed by an intense period of early preparations for 2015 at the Spanish circuit, where the teams and factories have gathered gigabytes worth of data to take back to base for their winter development programmes. With a two-month testing ban due to kick in at the start of December, the next track action for the majority of teams will be at Sepang on the 4th February. Today's conditions were ideal on track, which was open from 10am to 5pm, allowing Marc Márquez to post the fastest lap of the day and the test with a 1'30.973.

The DRIVE M7 Aspar Team garage doors were opened shortly after midday, with the good conditions enabling Nicky Hayden to spend a full afternoon on board the Honda RC213V-RS after a handful of wet laps yesterday. Eugene Laverty also took advantage of the good conditions after missing out on valuable dry laps yesterday, with the new DRIVE M7 Aspar team-mates gathering vital information about their brand new machines ahead of the trip to Malaysia. Hayden completed 53 laps today with a best time of 1'32.173 coming in the latter stages of the day, whilst the best of Laverty's 62 laps was a 1'33.509. Both riders head home in optimistic mood.

Nicky Hayden 1.32.173 (53 laps): “We started a little late because of the track conditions but the last day of the test has gone pretty well and we have gathered a lot of information. I am really enjoying riding the new Honda, it has more top speed and more revs. The first impressions are good, although to be honest I was hoping to be a little faster than this. We have closed the gap to the top but we are still giving away 18km/h to the factory bikes. Hopefully HRC can help us to squeeze even more potential out of this bike. Otherwise the new members of the team have settled in and we are on the right track, making progress every day. After spending all day on the new Honda I have gained a better understanding of how it needs to be ridden. In general, apart from the extra horsepower, it is quite similar to what we had this season so it is not a big transition to make in terms of riding style. So far we are on the right path so we can leave Valencia feeling happy. I want to thank the team for all the hard work they have done to make the switch to this bike as easy as possible. Now it is time to have a rest and start thinking ahead to Malaysia, where we hope to make more progress.”

Eugene Laverty 1.33.509 (62 laps): “Obviously you always want more but the work we have done so far has been very positive. The most important thing at this test was to start to get a feel for the bike and the tyres. Today we spent the majority of the day riding with a full tank. It is great to have a team-mate like Nicky, because you can compare data and learn a lot. We need to do more work on the electronics to find a better setting for the engine braking to help us in corner entry. The telemetry shows that I am braking hard into the corners, which is surprising because I have come from a very different bike to the Honda. My feeling in corner exit has improved a lot in a short space of time and I can comfortably steer the bike with the rear, although I still need to find more confidence with the front. You get a lot more feedback from a bike like this compared to what I am used to so I have to learn to process everything little by little. It's an interesting bike and I think it will suit my riding style.”

Marquez signs off with quickest time at Valencia end-of-season MotoGP™ test
Thursday, November 13 2014

Bridgestone slick compounds available:
Front: Extra-soft & Soft (Symmetric) & Soft (Asymmetric). Rear: Soft, Medium & Hard (Asymmetric)
Bridgestone wet tyre compounds available: Soft (Main), Hard (Alternative)

Repsol Honda Team’s Marc Marquez posted the quickest time at the traditional end-of-season MotoGP™ test at Valencia, as variable weather over the three days gave the riders the chance to evaluate their 2015-spec machinery in a wide range of track conditions.

Marquez set the best time of the test late on the final day, his lap time of 1’30.973 being just two-thousandths quicker than the time set by Movistar Yamaha MotoGP’s Jorge Lorenzo on the first day of the test.

Twenty-seven MotoGP riders set times during the Valencia test which ran from the 10th to the 12th of November, with the riders completing a total of 2,710 laps over the three days. There was fine weather on the first and last day of the test, while heavy rain on Tuesday gave provided the opportunity for the riders to test Bridgestone’s wet tyres. The majority of the slick tyre compound options available to the riders were the same as what Bridgestone provided at last weekend’s Valencia Grand Prix, with the exception being a new specification hard compound rear slick for the Valencia circuit being made available to the Factory Honda and Yamaha riders.

The next official MotoGP group test takes place at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit from February 2-7 next year.

Shinji Aoki – Manager, Bridgestone Motorsport Tyre Development Department

“We had every type of track condition over the three days of testing, from fully wet to fully dry, so we were able to acquire a lot of useful data on the 2015 specification machines. Although the wet weather resulted in many riders not heading out on track on Tuesday, it did allow the rookie riders to get acquainted with our wet tyres, an opportunity that doesn’t often occur in the winter tests. Thanks to the riders we now have a lot of reference data to help us develop our race tyres for 2015 which the riders will get to evaluate at Sepang next February.”


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