LCR Honda Press Release: Jack Miller Rounds Off Full Program Of Testing At Sepang

The LCR Honda team issued the following press release, after Jack Miller completed his three-day test at Sepang:


Today in Malaysia saw the last of the on-track action in 2014 for the CWM LCR Honda Team and their rookie rider Jack Miller, as they concluded a three-day test at the Sepang International Circuit.

The 19 year-old Aussie has made significant progress over the past three days as he prepares the huge step up from the Moto3 World Championship to the elite of MotoGP in 2015. With help from HRC the team are gradually revealing more complex aspects of the Open electronics package on the Honda RC213V-RS, and with more time spent on the bike Miller admitted he felt increasingly comfortable, despite a small lowside spill in the morning.

After having completed a long run out on track in the afternoon the testing session was once again halted, as it had been the previous two days, when rain fell just after 4pm. However the Queenslander had already improved on his best lap of the test, with a quickest time of 2’02.9.

Miller now flies to back to Europe, where he will undergo a small operation at the Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. The Australian will have four loose screws removed from an old right collarbone injury, and the operation will be performed by the MotoGP medical team’s renowned Dr. Xavier Mir.

Jack Miller #43 (2’02.9, 33 laps)

“In general I was really happy with how the bike went, we made more improvements today and every time I get on it I feel more and more comfortable, and that means I’m getting faster and faster. I can’t thank the CWM LCR Honda Team enough for their hard work, and Honda too for their support, they are all teaching me really well how to ride in MotoGP.

We had a small crash in the morning, but it was nothing serious and there was no real damage to the bike, as it was at slow speed carrying a bit too much lean angle over a couple of bumps. All in all, I would say I’m very happy how the bike worked during the whole test. It has been positive.

I’m looking forward to the off-season now, and I’ll be training hard and getting my body in the physical condition needed for MotoGP. We managed a long run today and whilst it was really hard, my body stood up to it, so I look forward to coming back even stronger in February.”


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Miller is starting to sound like a MotoGP rider already, a beautifully generic press release saying not a lot.
It must be such a fun time for him, who could imagine a better toy for a young rider.

Redding qualified with a 2'02.874 on a scorching hot track a few weeks back. His days on a MotoGP bike still numbering in the single digits, I'd say Miller's tracking a pretty steep learning curve.

Redding was riding the older RCV100R rather than the newer RCV213V-RS when he set that time though.

It's hard to tell just how much better the new bike is than the old - because it's only been to one race meet and Aoyama rode it.

Nomrmally they don't. Somebody must think its good...

My first reaction was still a ways off and not any quicker than the older open Honda.

Of course he's learning. I think he's taking it slowly.

Kinda reminds me of Bradly Smith impressive rateable progress in early going, under intense scrutiny for having a contracted ride before many thought he'd earned it.

Only downside is if spend time learning slowly and not crashing it could be difficult to find that extra bit past the limits you've learned.

OK, looks like he is indeed on the RS.

"While the rest of the MotoGP field can now head on holiday for the rest of the year, with the next official test scheduled for February 2015, Miller will head to Sepang later this month for more testing.

The Malaysian test will give Miller his first chance to ride the bike he will use in 2015, the improved version of Honda’s customer MotoGP bike."

Laverty has to wait until February 2015, but Miller got the opportunity to get onto the RS sooner due to his rookie status.

HRC have one RC213V-RS bike already complete, the bike which Aoyama raced at Valencia, and Abraham and Hayden tested there. As Miller is testing on his own, at a test put on by the factory, they gave him a chance to get used to the new bike as soon as possible. So he tested on the RC213V-RS.

Honda thought that they wouldn't have the bike ready for Valencia, but they managed it. The development path of this bike has changed a few times this year.

...and all the RCV1000's are being fitted with headlights and license plates?
I want one! Where can I send my $100,000?!? It won't fit down my chimney, but I have been really good this year. I even started paying my $40 per year for Motomatters.

Honda, you better be birthing one HECK of a new Fireblade if you aren't making the V4 Superbike. What the heck else are you doing in those workshops? Re-watching 2014 WSS over sake?