AGT Rea Racing Press Release: Want To Buy A Moto2 Bike? Starting At €58,000

Want to buy a Moto2 machine? AGT Rea Racing, the team run by and for Gino Rea, have a number of Moto2 machines on sale. The bikes include Tito Rabat's Marc VDS Kalex, the Caterham Suters of Johann Zarco and Josh Herrin/Ratthapark Wilairot, and Gino Rea's own Suter from 2014. Prices start at €58,000 and rise to €80,000 for Rabat's Kalex, while a vast amount of Suter spares are also on offer. For more details, see the press release issued by the team below.

Marc VDS Kalex, Caterham Suter & AGT REA Racing Moto2 bikes for sale to public

AGT REA Racing have acquired the Marc VDS Kalex & Caterham Suter Moto2 race bikes (including Johan Zarcos full bike that finished on the podium at the final Moto2 race of 2014) and are now offering these to the public and race teams. Read below for details:

Marc VDS Kalex 2014 Moto2 (Tito RABAT) Complete Bike

Marc VDS Kalex 2014 Chassis and Swingarm, wiring loom, Moto2 Engine, Ohlins front & rear suspension, Brembo Brakes, Akrapovic Exhaust, OZ Wheels, 1 Kit Chassis Setting Materials- Pivot, Suspension Link A, Head Insert A,B,C.

Total Price Euros 80,000

Johan Zarco Caterham Suter Moto2 2104/2015

Complete Bike (as finished on podium at last race in Valencia), Long Chassis (2015 spec), Prototype swing arm, Moto2 Engine, WP Suspension, Brembo Brakes, OZ Wheels, Graves exhaust, 2D Datalogging.

Total Price Euros 65,000

AGT REA Racing Suter MMX, Gino Rea 2014/2015

Complete Bike, Long Chassis (2015 spec), Moto2 Engine, Ohlins suspension front and rear, Brembo Brakes, OZ Wheels, SC exhaust

Total Price Euros 60,000

Caterham Suter Moto2, Josh Herrin/Ratthapark Wilairot 2014

Complete Bike, Moto2 Engine, WP Suspension front and rear, OZ Wheels, Graves exhaust.

Total Price Euros 58,000

Suter Spares- €150,000 worth of spares at 40% discount price. Fairings, Wheels, Discs, Swingarms, Footrests, Chassis setting materials, Petrol tanks, Wiring loom & more.

Contact- David Rea +447710728900 / or

Martin de Rooy +447768885888


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I thought that this racing class was supposed to be a lot cheaper then the 250, back in the old days you could purchase a 250 production racer for about 40.000 euros.
In my humble opinion is the current Moto2 (rediculous name) class nothing more or less a production class, only difference is that you to pay a lot more money for it. :-(

... the Euro didn't exist and since there has been a recession and inflation.

These Moto2 machines are all pretty much equal to the best bike on the grid, a production racer wasn't the same spec as a factory machine. How much would the best 250cc cost you?

...cost somewhere in the region of 1mil Euros a year, and I'm fairly certain that was a lease, not purchase. And Aprilia had to think you were worthy of it too.

Its Always difficult to compare prices in the past with the prices of today, my point was that these kind of production racing is a lot more expensive then it was when you could buy a production 250. The prices that Aprillia was charging at the end of the 250 days were rediculous and no where near the reality and yes it was lease. When one manufacturer is in the position to control who gets the best machine, then the championship is over. The funny thing however was ofcourse that the last championship didn't end up with Aprillia. I almost forgot to tell that a production TZ250 was back in 2001 about 45.000 euros, that was a new one and not the price of a used Moto2 production machine. Also the 250 had a "proto" type chassis. ;)