Ducati Press Release: Desmosedici GP15 Launched In Bologna

The official press release from Ducati Corse after their launch of the Desmosedici GP15 MotoGP bike:

2015 Ducati Team and new Desmosedici GP15 presented today at Ducati Auditorium in Bologna

CEO Domenicali: “The spirit I have seen in the company in the last few months reminds me of the same enthusiasm and motivation with which we began our adventure in MotoGP.”

Dall’Igna: “The Desmosedici GP15 is a major step forward and, together with our two riders, will allow us to aim for ambitious targets.”

The event was broadcast in live streaming worldwide thanks to the support of Telecom Italia.

Factory riders Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone unveiled the new Ducati Desmosedici GP15.

The 2015 Ducati Team was presented today at the Ducati Auditorium in Borgo Panigale, and the new Desmosedici GP15, the bike with which factory riders Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone will take part in the 2015 MotoGP World Championship, was unveiled.

The event was conducted by Guido Meda, Italy’s long-time MotoGP TV commentator and Deputy Director of SKY Sport Italia.

The first to speak was Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, who commented on the atmosphere in Ducati Corse and the excellent results achieved by the Bologna-based company in 2014.

Claudio Domenicali: “The spirit that I have seen during these last few months in Ducati Corse re-minds me of the same enthusiasm with which the MotoGP project got underway in 2003. The new GP15, which is really quite revolutionary in many of its concepts, best represents the pride and the desire to win of everyone in Ducati Corse, and whom I would really like to thank for their efforts. I personally followed the final phases of starting the engine on the dyno, the first tests, the perfor-mance checking of the new engine, the assembly of the bike and starting it for the first time and I witnessed an emotional feeling and extraordinary devotion. We are only at the start but I am sure that the results will soon reward our efforts. Ducati has just finished an excellent 2014, a year in which we recorded new record sales, delivering 45,100 bikes to customers, 2% more than 2013, and confirming for the fifth year in a row our positive growth trend. Racing has always formed part of our DNA, and returning to a role as protagonists would mean completing a global framework of growth. We can but look forward to 2015 with confidence, and it is for this reason that I wish the two Andreas and the entire team all the best for the new season.”

Domenicali was followed onto the stage by Luigi Dall’Igna, Ducati Corse General Manager, who spoke of the new GP15 project and the aims for 2015.

Luigi Dall’Igna: “The Desmosedici GP15 that will make its debut in the next test in Malaysia is a completely new bike, different to the one we used two weeks ago in Sepang, even though certain aspects of the aerodynamics are quite similar. With the GP14.3 we have made some major progress with the software, which will be easy to switch over to the GP15, but also steps forward in the suspension, chassis and engine departments. The GP15 will start with the same settings as the GP14.3, but it will have many more possibilities for adjustment. Our aim this year is very ambitious, because we want to win at least one race. We know that it is an extremely tough objective, but we are used to accepting the most difficult of challenges. Last year we said that we wanted to reduce the gap to the winner to less than ten seconds. This was also an ambitious challenge, but we achieved it in the second half of the championship. Winning a race means finishing ahead of two giants like Honda and Yamaha and their four riders, who are for sure four of the strongest, but this in any case is our aim and we know we can count on Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone, who in my opinion are capable of fighting on equal terms with their adversaries.”

After unveiling the Desmosedici GP15 in its new colours, the two riders of the team spoke about their expectations for the 2015 championship.

Andrea Dovizioso: “In a few days’ time we will be going to Malaysia for the second winter test ses-sion at Sepang and I can’t wait to test the new GP15. I am very happy with the improvements that we managed to achieve last year and so, with this new project, I can only be optimistic for the com-ing season. I think that the spirit and the desire to win that I see in Ducati are vitally important for all of us. I expect a lot of support from the Ducati fans this season: we have worked a lot and well in the last couple of years and now it’s time to reap the benefits.”

Andrea Iannone: “I am very happy to form part of the Ducati Team, because it’s always been my dream to join the factory team. I already feel part of this family, and I have already established an excellent rapport with my team of technicians and mechanics, which enabled me to go immediately well with the Desmosedici GP14.3 in the recent tests at Sepang. Now we are back in action in Ma-laysia for the penultimate tests before the start of the season, and I’ll ride the GP15 for the first time, in the knowledge that at the start we’re going to have to work hard to make the bike competitive. In any case I am optimistic and I can’t wait to take to the track in a few days’ time.”

The presentation was broadcast in web streaming thanks to the technical support of Telecom Italia, offering media and fans worldwide the possibility to follow the event live.

In a few days’ time the Ducati Team will leave for Malaysia where, from 23 to 26 February, the second round of winter tests at Sepang will be taking place and where the GP15 will make its track debut.


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It must be galling for the big knobs at Ducati to walk past a long line of pictures of Casey Stoner's wins on a Ducati, with nobody else's face for relief.. and have to swallow the fact that it was Stoner, to whom they paid peanuts, that put Ducati on the map as a serious contender for motoGp honours. Since they pissed Stoner off, they have had what - one podium? - for something like $30m in rider contract costs.

Soichiro Honda knew the value of Mike Hailwood, which is why he paid Mike to NOT ride for anybody else when he retired fom Honda. Ducati were too pig-headed; they bought a 9-times World Champion who could not ride the thing for all the money they could throw at him.

It's 75% about the rider..... who ditched Ducati and went to Honda and delivered a WC first year up.

Domenicali is a tool.

Again with this? How many years ago.................

This is 2015. Ducati have made a great effort to obtain Luigi, and to start over. They have. They look to have an all new bike, two strong riders, and the sail on the ship is in the right direction for once. We should all wish them well (all of them) and for greater competition in the series. It's going to be nice to break the Honda/Yamaha stronghold on the series once again. Let Dovi and Crazy Joe reap the benefits.

3 different mfr's at the front means better races. Better races means better passing and more dog fights. That means more attendance, and more viewers for the sport.

Casey Stoner is a test rider for HRC. He would not have won a 2nd world title for Ducati.

Most experts say it's 50/50 bike/rider these days with these electronic nightmares.

Good luck in 2015 Ducati.


-a motogp fan.

To oscar,

I agree Stoner has what it takes as he has proven so many times, but aren't you forgetting about the 2007 Bridgestone tyres that really suited / were specifically made for / the D16 of those days?

Once the spec tyres came in not even stoner got around a bend the way he did a couple of years before when using the specific BS's... oh yes, and he complained about...? the front?

and who won the championship in 2008 using those same BS's?

I say it's more about the tyres then you wish to believe...

for the rest all i can say is, good luck in 2015 Ducati!