Dromo Press Release: Misano Receives Brand New Surface For Start Of 2015 Season

The Misano World Circuit is to be completely resurfaced. Under the direction of Studio Dromo, the engineering and circuit designing firm run by Jarno Zaffelli, the track is to receive a new layer of asphalt, especially formulated to cope with the stresses of both world championship racing and exposure to the salt sea air which blows in from the Adriatic coast. The work is due to continue until 10th March, and Studio Dromo issued the following press release describing the work in detail.


Works of resurfacing of 4,226 meters on the international circuit has started.

The project and site engineering is from designer Jarno Zaffelli, owner of the studio Dromo. The works will be done by specialized company Pesaresi SpA in Rimini using feeders technologies for the very first time in Italy.

Misano World Circuit, March, 1st, 2015 – Technology and safety characterize the intervention that the property of the Misano World Circuit, the Santa Monica SpA, decided to carry on the eve of the 2015 sport season. It's been a few days that the Works of complete resurfacing of the circuit has started, and they will continue - weather permitting - until March 10.

Few weeks after the inauguration of Flat Track, now a new investment, for the complete overhaul of the international circuit and the construction of new connections that will bring two new track configurations, 3.2 Km + 1 Km, bringing the commercial offer at the highest level.

An intervention that follows those performed successfully for the noise containment, renewable energy sources with the construction of a modern photovoltaic system and with an eye to environmental protection, with the full use of the materials inside the 'plant and with the contribution of only Italian materials for construction.

The operation was entrusted to major consulting firms in this industry.

The work of design and project management have been entrusted to Jarno Zaffelli - (Dromo Circuit Design)

"Misano will be the best of its form. Not only will be faster, but all interventions, calculated with our certified softwares based on DroCAS ™, are the footprint of the overall improvement in safety, active and passive. All the operations will be done in about 14 days with 80 operators, 50 vechicles and 3D positioning systems based on the finding laser DTS ™ to stretch more than 5,000 tons of asphalt special. The most important operation will be the balance of all the escape routes for car and motorcycle, the formulation of a specific asphalt to counterfight the effects of salt and moisture, the reprofiling of curves and curbs and also the construction of two new connections, the Brutapela and Acquedotto's turn.

A total of 35 points of intervention and the total reconstruction of the main track’s asphalt that once again demonstrates our expertise in supporting racetracks around the world for both cars and motorcycles "

For the definition of the project and of the actions needed, it was essential the participation of international sports federations.

“Misano World Circuit - comments Franco Uncini, FIM responsible in charge for the safety on the MotoGP circuits – has accepted, also this year the MotoGP request for improving the safety systems. The property of the circuit has always agreed to the FIM and FIA requests, clear sign that management of MWC is always careful to ensure a track and a plant to the highest level of safety and performance. Increasing safety allows to increase the performance and consequently to increase the public’s interest in Misano which is always present in large amounts. Also this year we expect to see the 'sold out'! "

“Misano World Circuit - concludes Luca Colaiacovo, President of Santa Monica S.p.a – is one of the most modern and complete plant in Europe with about 600 thousand annual presences and it represents for the territory a powerful economic force.

Technology, sustainability and safety are fundamental points of our research and innovation activity. Each year we invest considerable resources in this direction, which ensures the structure to remain fully competitive to accommodate both large sporting events and commercial. We believe that the new asphalt will be fully appreciated by many fans of motorsport who will find in Misano ideal conditions to live the thrill of turning on the track in complete safety."

The winner of the works is the Pesaresi Spa Company from Rimini, founded in 1961, leader in the field of road construction. Pesaresi has been awarded in recent years of important contracts for widening the third lane of the A14 highway. Pesaresi Spa is always attentive to technological innovation with an organizational structure that can control the production process to the laying of materials, thanks to a modern laboratory for the research of high-tech materials.

The list of works:

  • 53,000 square meters of asphalt with high adherence exclusive formulation salt-proof and moisture
  • Escape way redesigned according to the calculations of safety DroCAS ™ to increase capacity decelerating damaged while maintaining unaltered the spaces for manoeuvre in case of error
  • New Kerbs with embedded drainages and reprofiling of existing
  • Reviewing the system of surface drainage
  • Renovation of sections and profiles to increase the surface flatness
  • Two new fittings, Brutapela and Acquedotto, introduce curves with original designs specifically designed for driving schools as GuidarePilotare
  • New removable anti-skid paints
  • Reprofiling of all curves to improve vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure

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...any doubts that it will be custom tailored to suit the Yamaha M1 to the greatest extent possible? :);)

"All Italian materials" developed with Gigi to get the Ducati to turn in.


Probably there will be Michelin's special additives embedded in the asphalt, which will as a result have the ability to repel Bridgestone's rubber compounds.

Or, maybe they will just do a good job resurfacing the track and let the
racers decide who is fastest. You know, like happens in the real world
everywhere but Indianapolis, where they had some problems
with pavement quality a few years ago.

I'm still pissed they aren't going to be racing at Laguna any more. No way
I'll go to Texas or Indy, I'll fly to Europe before I do that.

I can understand your frustration with INDY up until they finally gave her a reasonable facelift, and that is awesome but what do you really expect from a track that is mostly contained within the confines of the main track that the facility is mainly designed for at that venue? Lol :) The MORE Races here in the USA can only be a GREAT THING! More races everywhere would be even better in many ways.

For sure miss Laguna- we went to Austin for the fist G.P. there and it was nice but just not the same. Maybe Misano this year?

Ok, Indy's track is uninspiring, but as far as weekend experience's go, i cant imagine many cities/ venues beating out Indianapolis. Track facilities, food, restrooms, etc etc are excellent. The city itself is a template of how to put on large events.NO PRICE GOUGING, Plenty of rooms, traffic down to a science, again, good food and plenty of watering holes, and most important, law enforcement that is polite,understands you are there to have a good time and blow off some steam. You cant go nuts, but they turn their heads to minor stuff that some other cities get a bad name for. If you have not experienced downtown Indy on GP weekend, you are selling yourself short. To bad the AMA have decided not to align the Flat Track race with the GP weekend any longer. It seems like a dumb move.