Suzuki Press Release And Videos: Suzuki ECSTAR MotoGP Team Launched In Japan

Just a few hours after Aprilia and Estrella Galicia Marc VDS unveiled their 2015 bikes, it was the turn of Suzuki. In Japan, the factory unveiled their 2015 livery, featuring sponsorship by ECSTAR, the Suzuki-owned brand of lubricants. The press release, including photos and videos, appears below:

Suzuki unveils its MotoGP team name as Team SUZUKI ECSTAR

Team Suzuki Press Office - March 6.

ECSTAR, the global umbrella brand of Suzuki genuine oil/ chemical products.

Suzuki Motor Corporation has unveiled its MotoGP team name as Team SUZUKI ECSTAR. Suzuki will come back to the MotoGP class of the world’s top motorcycle racing series, the FIM* Road Racing Grand Prix (MotoGP), from 2015. The 2015 season will start from the Qatar GP, which will hold its race on 29 March, 2015.

*Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (International Motorcycling Federation).

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR will participate with the new racing machine GSX-RR, which is installed with the newly-developed in-line four-cylinder engine. Two riders, Aleix ESPARGARO (Spain), who was ranked seventh in the MotoGP class last season, and Maverick VIÑALES (Spain), who has stepped up from the Moto2 class, will compete aboard the GSX-RR.

Suzuki’s Director and Senior Managing Officer Eiji Mochizuki (Executive General Manager, Motorcycle Operations) said “Finally, Suzuki will make a comeback to the MotoGP, the world’s top motorcycle racing series. Through high-level competition, we will sharpen up our technologies, and aggressively feed them back to our production models and interact with Suzuki customers all over the world. Suzuki will challenge to improve satisfaction of customers all over the world to a higher level, through racing and our products. We ask our fans to support the Team SUZUKI ECSTAR.”

ECSTAR is the brand name of Suzuki’s genuine high-performance engine oil, which has been on sale since 1984. It has been sold mainly in Japan and exported from Japan.

In the occasion of the ECSTAR brand’s 30th anniversary and Suzuki’s participation in the MotoGP, Suzuki will seek to increase global recognition of the ECSTAR brand by establishing the ECSTAR brand as the global umbrella brand of Suzuki genuine oil/ chemical products, and making it the MotoGP team name. Starting from Europe, the ECSTAR brand will be offered to overseas distributors as a high-quality, dependable brand.

GSX-RR spec:

Overall length x width x height: 2,096mm x 720mm x 1,140mm.
Wheelbase: 1,457mm .
Engine type: Water-cooled, four-stroke in-line four-cylinder, DOHC four-valve.
Displacement: 1,000cm3.
Maximum output: Over 169kw (230PS).
Maximum speed: Over 330km/h .
Gearbox: Six-speed (cassette type).
Frame type: Twin-spar aluminum.
Tyres (front/ rear): 16.5in/16.5in .
Front suspension: Öhlins, inverted fork.
Rear suspension: Öhlins.
Brake (front/ rear): Carbon disk/ steel disk, Brembo.

Team structure of Team SUZUKI ECSTAR:

Rider Profiles:

#25 Maverick VIÑALES.

Country: Spain.
Age: 20 (12/01/1995).
2014: Moto2 – 3rd.
2013: Moto3 – 1st.
2012: Moto3 – 3rd.


Country: Spain.
Age: 25 (30/07/1989)
2014: MotoGP – 7th.
2013: MotoGP 11th.
2012: MotoGP 12th.

Team Director and Managers:

Team Director: Satoru TERADA.
Team Manager: Davide BRIVIO.
Technical Manager: Ken KUWAUCHI

Suzuki ECSTAR series:

ECSTAR is the Suzuki genuine high-performance engine oil which was born in 1984. Its name derives from the words Ecstatic and Star, meaning “the star of ecstatic performance.” By unifying Suzuki genuine oil/ chemical products into the ECSTAR brand, Suzuki will provide dependable and reliable service to the customers through Suzuki automobile, motorcycle, and outboard motor dealers all over the world.


Team SUZUKI ECSTAR – The Unveiling:

Eiji Mochizuki, Director and Senior Managing Officer of Suzuki Motorcycle Operations, introduces the newly-named Team SUZUKI ECSTAR squad that returns to MotoGP™ after a three-year absence later this month in Qatar.


The new Team SUZUKI ECSTAR GSX-RR is revealed in its new livery, along with detailed machine specifications in this new video clip from Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR: The Riders:

Meet Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Viñales, Team SUZUKI ECSTAR’s new young Spaniards as they prepare for the upcoming 18-round MotoGP™ season that begins on March 29th in Losail, Qatar.

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR – Team Manager Interview:

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Team Manager Davide Brivio talks openly about his passion, his respect for the team and its new riders; plus his realistic expectations in the 2015 MotoGP™ World Championship following a three-year absence from the premier class.

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Image Gallery

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Official Facebook page


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The livery looks fantastic. I hope when they get the extra power fully added, it doesn't overwhelm what appears to be a very well handling chassis.

It looks like we'll have another great season, hopefully well get to see Suzuki and Ducati get towards the front more often. If Aprilia pull it together for 2016, then 2016 looks like it'll really turn into a very interesting year!

Those Suzukis would have to be my personal favourites for the "Most gorgeous bike of the season" category.

I love how the frame wraps around the dry clutch and how the fairing partially covers the twin spar frame. Love the tailpiece. The 4 in 2 in 1-exhaust looks really cool. And I like the color scheme.

Just one thing I'm wondering about: The official team name is ECSTAR-Suzuki, right? Which is Suzuki's in-house-brand for oil. And yet they also have Motul as a sponsor? Both names right above each other on the same fairing? That's a bit uncommon, right? And from a marketing standpoint, it doesn't really make too much sense for either one of them? And as a fan and potential customer I would be asking myself: So which one shall I use?

Ecstar in Japanese translates as "placeholder in vacuum of unmet expectations." In this case referring to having no major sponsor, no middle sized sponsors, and a couple of minor sponsors.

Glad they sorted their oiling issue that "didn't appear on the dyno" but popped Randy's motors. Motul will surely be pleased. Perhaps now they can say it was someone else's oil? Poking fun there of course, but great observation Sebastian. The power issue is going to be a big deal, like the font they chose on the livery. 2016 and electronics may even up the field a bit, but the power deficit is going to be a major problem that I hope they can solve.

I like the looks of the bike but not the livery. I will say it is better than their other attempts, but that the Rizla was MUCH better looking in my opinion.

Suzuki has a lot going for it with Davide and Aleix on board. Just get that last 20 horsepower out of your motor, a major sponsor besides your own credit card, and then we can raise our expectations above comparing them to Aprilia.

Excellent move for Suzuki, signing Aleix and Maverick. For sure the motorcycle's potential will be fully maximized. Aprilia, with their choice of riders, I'm very doubtful even with Alvaro.

I think Alvaro always got a bit of a bum wrap. He's not the most consistent, but he's never been able to get on a decent bike either. His main issue seems to be trying too hard. I'd like to see how Redding goes on Alvaro's old bike -even with the much better brakes and suspension- before I pass too much judgement.