Pramac Press Release: Pramac Boss Paolo Campinoti On Pramac, Ducati And Mugello,

The Pramac Racing team issued the following press release with Pramac CEO and team principal Paolo Campinoti. In it, Campinoti discusses the link with Ducati, his fifteen years in the MotoGP paddock, and the emotional significance of racing at Mugello.

Campinoti: "Pramac Racing is our brand ambassador. And Mugello is our Maracanà"

Having competed in MotoGP for 14 consecutive seasons, Pramac is a pioneer in the premier class of motorcycle racing. Mugello will host the Gran Premio d'Italia during the last weekend of May, and this will be practically a home GP for the group from Casole d'Elsa (Siena).

"We will be as enthusiastic as Brazilian kids playing in the Maracana Stadium" jokes Paul Campinoti, CEO of Pramac Group and Team Principal of Pramac Racing.

In 2002 Pramac linked its brand to MotoGP, and soon after the team took on the role of global ambassador for the group.

"This is vehicle to launch and sustain our image around the world - explains Campinoti. And at the same time a moment of high technological exercise. The best energies of our company are projected in a global competition of the highest level. We are proud to have created a structure like this as it is undoubtedly one of the longest of the entire MotoGP in terms of continuity".

In 2007 Alex Barros conquered the podium at Mugello, and last season Andrea Iannone set there the speed record of 349.6 Km/h with the Ducati Desmosedici GP14 of the Pramac Racing Team. And this was not the end of the story, since the first podium of 2015 in Qatar hosted the Ducati rider from Vasto.

"This year Andrea is not running for us, but it is as if he had never left. We are very happy to support him in his great adventure at Ducati. This is proof of our affection towards him, but third place is not enough: we expect to see him on the top step of the podium in the nearby future".

Since 2006 Pramac Racing has forged a strong relationship with Ducati.

"This is a fundamental relationship for us. We are proud to be part of the project of a large company like Ducati. With the arrival of Gigi Dall'Igna there was obviously an extraordinary quantum leap. He succeeded in putting all the pieces into the right place. We believe we can contribute to the development of the factory. We are a team where young people can develop and what Andrea Iannone did is a prime example".

With almost fifteen years of experience Paolo Campinoti is able to tell how the MotoGp has developed since the millennium.

"Our team improves year after year, managing to develop during very complex seasons. That is why I wish to thank Carmelo Ezpeleta and Dorna for the fundamental support they provided to many teams in order to overcome the crisis. Now the MotoGP is in good health, the attention from fans and media is growing at a higher pace that Formula 1, and the changes to the regulations to be introduced from next season will compound growth further".

In the meantime, races are back in Europe, where the atmosphere is different among the hospitalities of the paddock.

"Hospitality is the expression of a large family. It is good to socialise during the race weekend, and it is still a very real and familiar affair. First of all we challenge each other on track and then we relax together with a glass of wine on Sunday evenings. An extraordinary atmosphere."

Last season, the stands of the Circuit of Mugello were packed with Pramac fans.

"It will be the same this year. The company lives with great passion the adventure of the MotoGp. And our fan base at Mugello is always very large, passionate and loyal".

Before Mugello, it is time to race in Jerez and Le Mans.

"There is no getting around it. I will be happy if we will manage to finish in the top 10 with both Hernandez with Petrucci. They are two extraordinary guys with whom I have a great relationship. But I am not intrusive during weekends. The management of the team is up to Francesco Guidotti who has done an extraordinary job in creating a structure that works together and knows that every single detail is very important to achieve the ultimate target".


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