Press Release: Statement From The Permanent Bureau

The Permanent Bureau issued the following official statement ahead of this weekend's race at Valencia:

FIM MotoGP World Championship
Statement from the Permanent Bureau

Dear all,

Please find below the statement issued by the Permanent Bureau during the meeting with the MotoGP riders at the Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana:

First and foremost, sport must prevail. This Sunday is the last race of the year, and it is sport that needs to win.

We are proud of the magnificent races you have given us this year. They continue to foster interest in our championship all around the world. We also want to thank you for that.

Over the past days, there have unfortunately been some controversies that have surpassed the limits of a healthy passion and, on occasions, logic itself. You have millions of followers all around the world. They watch and admire your achievements on the track. And they also listen closely to what you say.

What you do and say, could have consequences that are not in keeping with the noble values of our sport.

In the name of the Permanent Bureau, the FIM and the promoter, Dorna, I would like to remind you that we are the only sporting organisation in the world that draws up its regulations for one of its flagship Championships with the agreement of all parties. That is the role of the Grand Prix Commission, where the FIM, Dorna, MSMA and IRTA are all represented. We know that the rules can always be improved, and having said that, I repeat that every change will be made with the consent of those concerned. In addition to the GP Commission, we have also set up the Safety Commission, in which riders are consulted on a regular basis about safety issues. Here too we are pioneers in the world of motor sport.

Once again, we want you to be aware that we intend to pursue our policy of keeping the doors open in order to hear your opinions and to allow you to contribute to making this great Championship even better. We would like to emphasise, that for next year, some changes will be made to prevent this from happening again.

We also want to remind you of the values of our sport: exemplarity, fair play, sportsmanship and courtesy. Our officials will be vigilant in observing the fair play and sporting behaviour of every one of you and will be very strict with any infringement of our sporting rules.

We must remember that we organise and practise sport at the professional level, not only because it is entertaining and extraordinary but to showcase the values we believe in. The next race will be broadcast live and followed by a very large number of spectators. We therefore have ahead of us a golden opportunity to demonstrate to the world the highest values of our sport, and in so doing, to set a great example. We would also like to assure everybody that this weekend we will pay even more attention to what occurs on the track for the benefit of the sport.

Thank you all and have a good race!

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Less heavy-handed than I was expecting. Perhaps heads are cooling off a bit, to mangle a phrase.

What sorts of rule changes could they be implying?

I also found it interesting that they used the neutral term "this" rather than specifically naming what their view of the root cause is.

....they are planning to impose a non blocking or defensive driving black flag maybe?! Maybe they just want to compensate for the last race where they should already have black flaged Marc for his driving...

I'm confused as this seems pretty contradictory. It's only my interpretation but the top section appears to be aimed primarily at VR and his actions over the last fortnight. However, "we want to assure everyone that this weekend we will pay even more attention to what occurs on the track for the benefit of the sport" might simply be saying they will not accept any "funny business" in other riders in favour of VR or JL. However, it might also be trying to placate VR or imply they are admitting to overlooking or missing other on track issues at other times in the season. If so I wonder what they are looking for and what they anticipate doing about it, as in Sepang they were quite clear MM acted provocatively but entirely within the rules (hence no penalty) and the only person who broke the rules was VR (who got the penalty). To my mind this therefore means there is nothing else they can do about it if any riders attempt to hold up or cause problems for other riders, apart from if they cause a crash. Even if this is the case then applying a penalty to the offending rider will not make any difference to the championship outcome so would still not fully benefit the sport.

Maybe I'm reading it all wrong?

That may be the most important "non-statement" I have ever read.

This was what all the riders were summoned to hear??? What did the riders take away from this?

You have got to be kidding DORNA.