Ducati Press Release: Andrea Iannone Decides Against Surgery On His Injured Shoulder

Andrea Iannone has decided against having surgery to repair the left shoulder he injured in a testing crash at Mugello in the middle of this year. Ducati Corse issued the following press release on the subject:

Iannone to forgo left shoulder operation so as not to jeopardize start of 2016 season

Andrea Iannone has opted not to have an operation on his left shoulder, which he injured in a crash during testing at Mugello in May, in order to be in a better physical condition for the start of next year's MotoGP season.

The decision was taken after lengthy consultation with Dr. Porcellini, and the rider from Vasto has preferred to go for treatment aimed at strengthening the muscles of the affected area over the next few months, with the aim of arriving at the first tests of 2016 in good shape.

The alternative for Iannone would have been surgery, with a minimum post-op rest period of three months before he can resume his training.

Andrea Iannone declared: “I have taken my decision in the last few hours. I didn’t have any particular problems with my shoulder in the last few races and the second part of the season was positive when it came to my form. This winter therefore, as well as my usual training, I will do specific activities to strengthen the shoulder. Probably in a few years I’ll have to have an operation, but I didn’t want to run the risk of arriving at the start of the 2016 championship still in convalescence and so I preferred to delay it and focus on winter preparation aimed at strengthening the muscle area around my left shoulder.”

As a result Andrea Iannone will now be present at the Ducati Team’s final test of this year, scheduled for the Jerez de la Frontera circuit on Friday 27 November.


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This news just shows how determined this man is to not just be an also ran. His strong run at the end of the season WITH the injury was something worth watching. Shoulder injuries are not easy to ride around but he has shown it to not be imposible. Wish him best of luck in the test and 2016 Season.

However he chooses to recover, he better be ready! I maintain that he will be the next alien. He plunge-passes like Dane Westby (RIP) and we all want to see him slicing and dicing at the front, like he deserves!

From what he says the injury seems manageable. I am really enjoying having Iannone in the WC.
He races hard & fast, close but fair. Also conducts himself quite well & I think he brings something to motogp that we don't have, possibly a mix of personality/the way he races & maybe humility?. He is starting to get very decent results & has not cost Duc Corse too much money in damage/repairs to the gp15.
AI is important to this championship right now, lets hope that shoulder plays the game.

While I commend AI for his toughness and want to come back next season ready to go, I hope that this decision doesn't effect him negatively in the long term. The last possible "Great American Hope" in MotoGP, in the form of Ben Spies, had shoulder problems and as we all know ended up costing him his career. With the way that these guys rely on those shoulder and other arm joints, hopefully the same fate does not befall young Andre and derail what so far appears to be a promising talent.

I agree with the Apex. Shoulder injuries are not to toy with, especially considering at this moment in time, the Michelin fronts are a little bit unpredictable; You never know when it's going to throw you off.

Speaking of the Michelin fronts, Does anyone else think there unpredictability will be a safety concern given the lack of data on other tracks or am I overthinking it? I certainly don't want to see riders in a pack and then suddenly one of them loses the front.

The teams will need to learn to how to set up for them and the riders will need to learn how to ride them. I don't think they're unpredictable so much as different. I think that seeing how the riders adapt to the new tires (and partially the electronics, though I think these will be sorted to be much closer to the factory stuff sooner rather than later) will be the most interesting part of the upcoming season. Will Lorenzo's style suffer? Will he be able to carry the same speed consistently? What about Marquez? I'm sure they'll adapt but how quickly and who first?

Different is a much better description. Hopefully teams/riders will be able to get to grips with it quickly.

Anyway, all the best with Iannone. It seems next season will have even more consistent competition at the front. Looking forward to it. Ducati will have a large number of bikes on the grid,let's see if they'll take advantage of it in terms of manufacturer's points

It's going to be a slow winter in terms of news although the conspiracy theorist in me predicts that one of the manufacturers would want more leeway with the ECU and BAM! everybody grabs their pitchforks, howling about unfair advantage, influence. it will be 'ballastgate' all over again. you had it here first :-)

I think this will have a big impact on his 2016 season for better or worse. We probably won't know the answer to that until midway through I'd guess. That or the first time he has a major off and complicates the injury. I hope he can just power his way through it...but it sounds like that isn't the way shoulder injuries work. Otherwise Spies, et. al. would still be out there. Then again I'm not a doctor or physical therapist. I'm sure he has good people giving him advice!