Repsol Honda Launch Press Release and Massive Photo Gallery

The Repsol Honda team issued the following press release after the launch of their 2016 campaign at a packed Sentul Circuit in Indonesia, where crowds thronged despite heavy rain:

Repsol Honda Team unveil new RC213V in Indonesia

On their way to Australia for the second MotoGP test of 2016, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa made a stop in Indonesia, for the official presentation of the Repsol Honda Team and the new RC213V, which they’ll campaign during the 2016 MotoGP World Championship.

The Repsol Honda Team met in Jakarta on Saturday with the Sport and Youth Minister of Indonesia, Mr. Imam Nahrawi, and had fun playing a futsal tournament with the journalists and the Minister, who confirmed the plan to hold a MotoGP round here in Indonesia in the near future.

Today, at Sentul International Circuit Marc and Dani, together with HRC Executive Vice President Shuhei Nakamoto and Team Principal Livio Suppo, unveiled the 2016 RC213V in front of the Indonesian fans. This marks the second consecutive year that the Team has held its official launch in Indonesia, where the passion for MotoGP is incredible. The Repsol Honda racers met the fans during a signing session before continuing their trip to Australia, where the track action will resume at Phillip Island February 17-19.

Marc Marquez

"It never ceases to amaze me how much people unconditionally love and support MotoGP here in Indonesia, so it has been an honour for us to officially unveil our RC213V at the Sentul Circuit today and to meet so many fans on the occasion. Now we go to Australia and I’m looking forward to continuing our work on the new engine and the new electronics. We made a few steps in the right direction over the three days at Sepang but we need to make some more at Phillip Island. I’m confident the HRC engineers and my team will come up with more improvements as we get used to the new software."

Dani Pedrosa

"Today we had our team launch and I feel very proud of having been part of the Repsol Honda Team for my entire career in MotoGP. This year I’m physically feeling in good shape and I’m eager to start the new season. We are facing many changes and we have a lot of work to do but I’m looking forward to it. Here at Sentul our supporters made us feel so welcome and supported; it has been a great boost in view of the next test at Phillip Island. I’m happy this year we are testing at three different circuits in such different weather and track conditions; I think it will be very useful to help us to better understand the new engine, electronics and tyres."

Shuhei Nakamoto HRC Executive Vice President

"This country is very important for Honda and Repsol and we are very happy to be here this weekend. We are also glad to hear from the Minister of Sport and Youth their intention to hold a GP here. Indonesian fans deserve to see live their MotoGP heroes in action! Next week Marc and Dani will have three important days of testing in Phillip Island. We are working very hard to improve our knowledge of the new common software and Michelin tyres. We are also working on our new engine but I believe our engineers will be able to give Dani and Marc a good machine to fight for the Championship!"

Photos courtesy of Repsol Honda:

Crowds for the launch at Indonesia's Sentul Circuit were massive, despite pouring rain

Note the upside down Repsol logo, so that it will appear correctly from cockpit-mounted onboard cameras

Dani Pedrosa's favored analog tacho is gone, replaced with the spec dash

Traction pads - because you don't control the bike with just hands and feet

Fit and finish on the Repsol Hondas is always as near perfection as possible

Kickproof? Better not go there...

The money shot

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What is the metal thing sticking up out of the tail?

The metal thing sticking up is a metal weight. They put it there when the tail camera isn't mounted, to keep the bike balance the same.

The presentation of the most winningest team and manufacturer in the history of the sport! That can't be wrong! Hope they will be fast this year!

Anyone knows what the "winglet" is in the red area in the side-fairing near the heat escape duct? It exists on both sides, right side under the "P" left side under the "S" of Repsol. Doesn't seem big enough to influence the aero from the frontal flow, but seems odd to be there to deflect heat airflow (and that could've been easily accomplished with bodywork)?

might be... still seems odd seen it's near the bottom of the upper duct... would expect it more in the middle if it that is its purpose?

Only their aero guys know for sure, but they look very much like classic vortex generators. At the cost of some drag, these "trip" the airflow to swirl into a vortex. Usually they are used keep the airflow attached where it would otherwise separate. They are widely used in aviation and have been adopted by F1.

It is always hard to draw any conclusions from photos of launch bikes. The machines used are very often bikes from the previous years, with an updated color scheme. It looks like Pedrosa's bike is using Marchesinis, Marquez' is on Oz. Could be personal preference, as the Repsol Honda website does not list a wheel supplier.

@ the pic "Kickproof? Better not go there..."
That seems to be Pedrosa's bike, because three pics below we see a different shape with a number 93 on it. That brake lever seems to be shorter too.
Besides that, it's a pretty bike again. Lots of nice machining details too. By the way, did the exhaust ends have that shape with holes around the outside already? So far I've only seen the mesh in the main exit. I'd like to hear the flow explanation for this modification.
For Pedrosa's sake, I would like to see the Honda being competitive. Unfortunately they also have Marquez, so I hope they will have lots of problems again. Pedrosa should make a move to another factory, that would be cool. Maybe Suzuki or Aprilia next year..? Just dreaming, but it would be brilliant if he would finally take the title then!