KTM Press Release: RC16 MotoGP Bike Has Another Test At Valencia

KTM issued the following press release after the latest test of their MotoGP bike at Valencia:


MotoGP Test 2016 – Valencia (2016)

Rain and a wet track on the first day, sunshine on the second and an overcast sky and strong wind on the final day presented the team and the two riders with new challenges at this second test on the Circuit Ricardo Tormo. However, despite the difficult weather, the team still managed to take more positive steps in the development of the bike.

Mike Leitner (Vice President Onroad): “A big compliment to both riders and all credit to the team who all managed extremely good work over these three very different and difficult days. Despite all this we were able to carry out a lot of tests and work in various directions. Similar feedback from both Mika and Randy put us on the right track for how we need to keep working ahead of the next round of tests. The team again made progress in the area of the electronics and we are able to get a better understanding of the tires and to set the bike up accordingly. As regards to the performance, we were able to take a clear step forward compared to the test here in November of last year.”

Mika Kallio (Test Rider MotoGP): “When it comes to the feeling we discovered a couple of important issues on the final day, where we worked on the front and the balance of the motorcycle. In the meantime it is also positive how the electronics are working and even though we lost more than a day because of the weather, we were able to tick off all the points on the plan. I am feeling more and more comfortable on the bike and although we are still taking it rather easy on the track, step by step we are working towards the limit.”

Randy de Puniet (Test Rider MotoGP): “For me this was a very important test, I am happy with the bike and we were able to try a lot of new parts. Unfortunately, because of the weather conditions and the other things we tested, I put in fewer laps than Mika. But with the experience we both gathered we will be able to start even better in the next test.”

The KTM MotoGP Factory Racing Team will use the time between now and the next test at the end of April to analyze the data from both the previous tests and further improve the KTM RC16 with updates and new components.


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David, great to see you cover the evolution of the new KTM.

I am very interested in something I read about it a while ago regarding how KTM was planning on selling these bikes [1] directly to teams, at a very competitive price. If I remember right, the price for the full bike including a standard spares packages was quoted around 140,000 EU, which is frankly an order of magnitude cheaper than the 2 million EU satellites bikes currently on the market.

What your thoughts on KTM's plans, and how do you see this changing the sport and grid sizes in the future? The price quoted is at Moto2 levels of cheap, which could drastically change the economics of MotoGP if proven successful.

This is why I watch this project with great interest. If they build a bike that is as competitive as a current satellite bikes, we may see grid sizes explode and competition soar. Nothing would make me happier.



1. http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/ktm-rc16-price/

140,000 EU for a track-only version available to public, not a GP-spec. The article specifically compares it to the RC213V-S.

No way any GP bike gets on the grid at 140,000 EU.

"Time will tell how potent KTM’s offering to teams will be (KTM will not directly run a racing effort, instead giving factory support to an already established MotoGP squad), and as we get closer to 2017, we will learn more details about the company’s 1,000 V4-power GP bike, and its customer counterpart as well, which is due in the second-part of 2018.

For now, we get word that it will cost a mere €140,000, a “more affordable” option to the Honda RC213V-S, if KTM is able to find demand for 150 to 200 units."