Ducati Press Release: Jorge Lorenzo to Race for Ducati in 2017 & 2018

And here is the second part of the Lorenzo announcement. Ducati's terse press release announcing that the Spaniard will be racing for them for the next two seasons:

Jorge Lorenzo teams up with Ducati in MotoGP for 2017 and 2018

Ducati announces that it has reached an agreement with Jorge Lorenzo thanks to which the Spanish rider will take part in the MotoGP World Championship in 2017 and 2018 aboard the Ducati Desmosedici GP of the Ducati Team.

Lorenzo, born in Palma de Mallorca on 4 May 1987, has won five world championship titles throughout his racing career (250cc in 2006 and 2007 and MotoGP in 2010, 2012 and 2015).

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My best guess is that the inital response might be cold but for those who look past the drama and petty hate, I think the prospect of getting a rider genuniely capable of giving Ducati a title after soooooo looooooong will endear him to the fans. Stoner's respect grew when Rossi and Duc 'dream team' failed, people realising that he  is actually a pretty good rider so if Lorenzo bags a title, I think he will 'earn forgiveness' angel

I have to add, I do wonder what the response would be if Marquez joined Lorenzo at Ducati and they both won titles. That would be a real 'blow your head off moment'.hahaha

If Lorenzo goes out on that Duc in 2017 and wins none of the hardcrore italian fans are going to care about who he is or what he did. They will embrace Jorge with open arms. They all understand that passion is nice but at the end of the day winning is the only thing that matters, and if that Duc can win with Lorenzo onboard then all will be fine. 

Now, if he goes out there and DOESN'T win... Pitchforks and lynchin ropes, baby! Remember that passion thing I mentioned earlier?! It's going to make for great theatre.   

<p>I wish JL all the best with Ducati. That said, it could be awhile before he and the bike click. Also, Rossi&#39;s Italian fans could possibly hate Ducati now for hiring their most hated national enemy, although this hopefully will dissipate with wins. May healthy common sense prevail in this matter. On the other side of the garage, I think Yamaha may lose some competitive edge here, but only time will tell.</p>

Like most fans, there are some riders that I like more than other riders, but what I want most is good racing. If someone I like wins by 5 seconds, good but not great. I'd rather see the "wrong" rider win an intense battle than see someone I like peel off at the front from turn one.

I don't like Lorenzo, and it has nothing to do with last year. I've just never liked him. That isn't to say he isn't a good rider, because he is amazing on the bike. It's the way he acts off the bike that just turns me off. 

I am happy that he is moving to a Ducati because, given the opinions I stated above, I can't lose. If he does poorly, good, I don't like him anyway. If he does well, great, now we finally have more teams capable of shaking it up at the front. 

I hope his move is the start of a lot of team/rider swapping for 2017. Next year could be very very interesting.

Who will be riding the other factory Ducati next year?

Dovi, Crazy Joe, or can we dare to dream; Casey Stoner.

1) I thought Italians were known for their flowery language. That was the briefest press release I think I've ever read. 

2) I assume a lot of Italians cheer for Ducati out of national pride. I assume many Italians cheer for Rossi for the same reason. Will they cheer for Jorge on an Italian bike?  It'll be interesting to see. The guy might be left felling like he's without a country if the Spanish back Marquez on a 'neutral' bike and the Italians focus on Rossi instead of a Ducati with a Spanish rider.

As for me I'm happy to cheer for anyone who has the courage to get the needle up to 350 km/h and the skill not to kill themselves while doing it. 

I just remember that Jorge had some work toghether with Gigi Dall'Igna couple of years ago, when they made success with Aprilia's 250cc machine and win some races, so what will give the future again?

Fascinating thinking aout 2017 but I wonder what the impact of this will be on the 2016 championship.

Will we still see two equally fast Yamahas all season or will more attention be focussed on Rossi who is currently about half a win further away from Marquez than Lorenzo.