2017 Jerez MotoGP Test Press Releases

Press releases from the MotoGP teams after Monday's test at Jerez:

Movistar Yamaha Book Solid Progress at the Jerez Test

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP's Maverick Viñales and Valentino Rossi concluded the one-day Jerez MotoGP Official Test, finishing first and twenty-first in today's session time sheets.

Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), 8th May 2017

After a challenging outing yesterday, the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Team returned to the Circuito de Jerez today for an official MotoGP test. Maverick Viñales and Valentino Rossi spent the extra track time usefully, improving their YZR-M1s settings and assembling useful data for the rest of the season. The duo finished in first and twenty-first place respectively in the session times.

Aside from trying out a new spec front tyre that Michelin brought for the MotoGP field to test, the Yamaha Factory Racing riders also evaluated a new chassis.

Viñales showed his eagerness to make another step forward this morning, as he headed out onto the track to put in 84 laps in total. Back in his pre-season testing groove, it only took him three laps to take over the top spot in the time sheets. Once he got a feel for the conditions it was time to focus on improving the set-up of his YZR-M1. He started the morning stint riding the bike with exactly the same set-up as yesterday during the race and it wasn't long until he further improved to a 1’38.635s. His time remained unbeaten for the rest of the day and he finished 0.002s ahead of his closest rival.

Teammate Rossi had a productive day in Jerez. Though he started the test with caution, he steadily booked progress as he worked on fine-tuning his bike’s setting compared to yesterday. Rather than putting in a hot lap, he spent most of the session testing small details of the set-up he hadn't been able to try during the Spanish GP weekend, due to a shortened amount of dry track time when rain dampened the Friday free practice sessions. After completing 62 laps in the blistering sunshine, he ended the day in twenty-first place with a fastest lap of 1'40.463s, 1.828s off his teammate's time.

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP will analyse the gained data in preparation for the Grand Prix de France, to be held at the Le Mans Bugatti Grand Prix race circuit in two weeks’ time.

Massimo Meregalli

Team Director

It was important to have the possibility to stay here for some testing after yesterday’s race. We had the opportunity to test an updated frame with both riders as well as the new front tyre that Michelin brought. The new frame had some positive points, though there are some areas that we can still improve. While Valentino was working on different bike set-ups, Maverick went out on a bike with the same set-up and tyres, when the temperature was exactly the same as yesterday during the race. He did half a race simulation and the pace was faster than yesterday. During these laps, the feeling of the bike was that it worked as we expected it to work during the race. We will now analyse all the data that we collected today and yesterday to try to understand what the culprit was. We are looking forward to the next round at the Le Mans circuit in two weeks’ time!

Maverick Viñales

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Rider

During the Jerez test we tested different things on the bike. The new chassis works quite well. We compared the same set-up from yesterday with the same tyres, to see if it was working good. Today we had a totally different result compared to yesterday, we had a really good pace. Anyway, we have to start looking forward to Le Mans, because I think that will be a good track for us, especially with my riding style, and we can do a really good job. There were positive and negative points when testing the new chassis, we have to check and analyse and then we will see. I tried the different style front tyre and I feel good with nearly all the tyres, so for me it’s alright. If they want to go back to the old compounds, for me it’s going to be OK.

Valentino Rossi

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Rider

We tried something different with the setting, but unfortunately it didn’t work in the race. Today’s results we’re trying a more normal setting, unfortunately the new stuff, also the new chassis, doesn’t work better. In this test we tried some different things and I think that we understand something important to fix the problem for the future. I tried the harder carcass tyre and for me it didn’t make a big difference, but I prefer the one with the harder carcass.

Positive day of testing for Repsol Honda in Jerez

After yesterday’s dominant 1-2 result by Pedrosa and Marquez (which, following Marc’s victory in Austin, with Dani third, made it back-to-back double-podium finishes for the Repsol Honda Team), the pair was back on track today at Jerez for a one-day test, with air and ground temperatures of 29° and 43° Celsius, respectively.

The Repsol Honda men had a busy testing schedule to go through, including comparisons with the new exhaust they received in Austin (and which Dani had only tried briefly), as well as tests of some electronics updates, Michelin front tyres (in Medium and Hard specs), and their RC213V setup.

Marc lapped more than any other rider and was second-fastest for the day, just 0.002” off the top with his time of 1’38.637” on lap 26 of 96. Dani was also very close, finishing the day third with a time of 1’38.716” on lap 48 of 52, only 0.081” down on the best lap.

Marc Marquez

2nd 1'38.637

“I’m quite happy with today’s test. We did many laps and tried many things, working hard. It took us half the day to set up this new exhaust, but I think it was important as it has some potential. It was positive and now we must evaluate if we should use it in Le Mans or carry out some more comparisons. Anyway, we took some steps forward, especially with used tyres. I’m happy because we worked a lot with the hard rear and it was a positive day. I also tried the front tyre that Michelin brought here to test, and it gives me more stability on the brakes, more feedback on turning. I like it. Of course now they’ll collect the feedback of all the other riders, so we’ll see what they decide regarding that.”

Dani Pedrosa

3rd 1'38.716

“Today we had perfect track conditions, pretty similar to yesterday but I would say with more grip. I think it was quite a positive day because we tested the front tyres Michelin brought here and did some comparison tests. I’m happy because it was important to have the chance to test the tyre in this kind of good conditions. It gives a bit of a different feeling, but of course the setting is important to understand which one is better, as it must be adapted. Today the feeling was positive enough, and now we’ll see what choice will be made and we’ll deal with it as well as possible. That will be our attitude regarding this matter. We also did some comparison tests with the exhaust I had only tried very briefly in Austin. There’s potential there for some improvement, and we just need to fix some details to make everything work better. We also made some improvements with the electronics and confirmed that our base setup was working. Now we’ll sum up everything to prepare for Le Mans.”



The MotoGP riders and teams remained in Jerez de la Frontera per a day of official tests characterized by weather conditions extremely similar to those found yesterday during the fourth race of the 2017 season. The things that needed to be verified included bike and tyre performance with high temperatures, as well as solutions aimed at preparing for the upcoming European rounds.

It was a productive and positive day for the Aprilia Racing Team Gresini, busy with their continued development of the RS-GP. Aleix Espargaró, fresh from his solid top-10 finish yesterday, worked on the settings and on the new Michelin tyre options, in addition to testing the performance of a new swingarm and the front downforce fairing. Some very good times came out of the tests and the overall information collected was positive. The Spanish rider did a total of 69 laps and he did his best one in 1'38.999 (fourth best of the day). Aleix's pace was also good in some rather demanding conditions for bike and tyres.

Sam Lowes is also satisfied, able to find the pace he had demonstrated during practice at Jerez. He and his team had some important confirmation today, with his best lap in 1'40.572 out of a total of 64 laps done.


“I am satisfied with this test. We tried a lot of things and I was able to be more competitive than I was in the race yesterday. We are working to better understand how the bike behaves in load transfers. In fact, the RS-GP is extremely stable in braking, but it suffers when I release the brake. The front tyre with the more rigid carcass provides benefits in this sector. I think it may be interesting to try it again. Overall, we took a step forward in terms of getting to know the bike and we have a lot of data to work on from now until the next race.”


“Today we worked mainly on understanding what happened yesterday. In fact, I started with the bike in identical conditions to the race, immediately improving my times. It is strange. It could be due both to the track conditions and to my lack of experience. The important thing was getting back to lapping at the times I was doing during practice. I also tested a new swingarm that should increase stability, but I think it may work better on tracks with more grip. Both the new front tyre that Michelin brought and the downforce fairing gave positive signals. They are not massive differences, but in any case it is a tangible contribution to my feeling with the RS-GP. Honestly I think this has been the best test for me so far”.

The Ducati Team back on track today for one-day test at Jerez de la Frontera

After a splendid podium place in the Spanish GP for Jorge Lorenzo, who was third yesterday at Jerez de la Frontera, the Ducati Team was back on track again today at the Andalusian circuit for one day of testing.

Together with the other MotoGP riders, both Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso took advantage of perfect weather conditions to carry out back-to-back tests with the Michelin tyres, as well as completing various set-up tests on their Desmosedici GP machines.

Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team #04) – 44 laps – 1’39.030 (5th)

“Today we tested some new front tyre solutions, but I actually didn’t find that much difference from the ones we used during the weekend. We also carried out some interesting set-up work which we were unable to do in the last few days. All in all, our speed was not bad and I go back home from Jerez with some good sensations, especially because in the race we were able to salvage a very difficult situation and this was a great result.”

Jorge Lorenzo (Ducati Team #99) – 50 laps – 1’39.124 (6th)

“Today, even though we didn’t really try anything new, we found some more effective solutions to the ones we used yesterday in the race. Overall I’m very satisfied, above all because I’m continuing to rack up the mileage on the bike and am starting to feel that it’s really mine. We were also able to test the new front tyre today, but I continue to prefer the one we have used until now because, in my opinion, it has better grip especially in mid-corner.”


Team Suzuki Press Office – May 8.

Andrea Iannone: 13th / 1:39.654 / +1.019

Takuya Tsuda: 18th / 1:40.163 / +1.528

Sylvain Guintoli: 23rd / 1:41.260 / +2.625

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR completed the day of official IRTA test in Jerez de la Frontera, with three riders involved on the factory GSX-RR’s: Andrea Iannone, Takuya Tsuda and Sylvain Guintoli.

The day was positive one, as the Engineers could revise the last feedback collected in the first four races and test many things both in the setup and the electronics.

The Team will stay in Jerez tomorrow for an additional day of private testing, where Iannone will have the chance to further test the new configurations and Guintoli will exploit some more kilometres aboard the GSX-RR in preparation for the Le Mans race in two weeks’ time. Test rider Tsuda will not take part at tomorrow’s test.

Ken Kawauchi – Technical Manager:

“It’s been quite a busy day as we had three riders that used 5 bikes, which gave us the possibility to try many things. Finally, we could find much information and hopefully find a direction to work that seems to be effective. I want to thank very much Andrea and Tsuda, they did a massive amount of work. We also had Sylvain joining us and although he could run only a couple of hours, his lap time was not bad at all, so we are looking forward to test again tomorrow with him and then see him in action in Le Mans. Still we have a lot of work to do tomorrow, we are trying different setup configurations specifically to improve the feeling with the bike and the drive speed. Some things proved to be good, others were bad, and this gave us a clearer idea of the direction to take. We are also introducing some new ideas for the electronics and Andrea seemed to be happy with the progresses.”

Davide Brivio – Team Manager:

“We did a very intense day of work today, both Andrea and Tsuda ran more than 90 laps each which allowed us to try many things. One thing was to test the Michelin front tyre, just like every other team did and we liked it. In case Michelin will decide to keep it as an option we would be positive about this. Then with Andrea we wanted to take a breath in a more calm situation as a test is to explore all the possibilities we have with the setting and balancing, and we managed to make a positive work. We collected much information, we could make many back-to-back tests and compare different configurations. The same we did with the electronics, we saw some small improvements. Tomorrow we will continue this work trying to check some more ideas we still have and finally put everything together to create an effective package for Le Mans. Also with Sylvain we started the preparation for the race, today he could run 37 laps as a first touch of our GSX-RR and the Michelin tyres, there are so many new things he has to adapt to. Tomorrow he will stay with us and he will have available for him the whole crew, since the mechanics today had to split between Sylvain and Tsuda. It’s going be a full day for him, but he’s getting back to MotoGP in his home grand prix so I’m sure that he is eager to get as ready as he can just as much as we are to put him in the best conditions for a positive race.”

Andrea Iannone:

“Today we could focus on many different setup configurations and I’m pretty satisfied because we could find a positive direction to continue the development. My feeling is that this one has been one of the most positive tests I’ve ever done with Suzuki, it’s been very intense and productive, we really tested so many things and I’m satisfied. We could explore new configurations with the balance of the bike that made me feel more confident. Also, we tried the Michelin front tyre: I like it, although to be honest I was expecting a bigger improvement. I feel better, but not that much better. We are also working on the electronics but we need some patience, for the moment we are more focusing on the rideability of the bike, on my feeling, and step-by-step we are getting there.”

Takuya Tsuda:

“As I had a chance to experience a MotoGP race for the first time in my life, it had changed my idea a lot and I could find a lot of information which I would never found if I didn’t experience the race. The test today was definitely more efficient ever and I’m sure that I will have different ideas of approach for the further development of GSX-RR. I’m happy that I had improved my qualifying time today and could also keep the good pace more consistently, and I’m confident that I can do a much better race if I start the race weekend tomorrow. I would like to thank Team SUZUKI ECSTAR for giving me this wonderful opportunity and I believe this experience will also help to improve my performance in Japan for the All Japan Championship.”

Sylvain Guintoli:

“This day was even better than I expected. The feeling with a MotoGP bike is something difficult to explain, it’s unique, and this Suzuki GSX-RR is just fantastic. For me today was only a few laps to understand how the bike behaves, and also to try to understand the Michelin tyres which I haven’t ridden since 2002, so quite a big time. I felt good, we managed to improve the lap time step-by-step and I literally can’t wait for tomorrow to keep improving the feeling and work with this fantastic bike and crew. The engine is so fast and so smooth, I’m impressed. Now I have also to work on my riding style because looking at the data it looks like I’m already strong in braking and acceleration, but I can improve the feeling with entrance and cornering speed. It’s pretty normal as it’s a completely different machine from the one I’m used to race, I was expecting this but honestly I was expecting also my gap from the top to be much bigger, but instead I’m not so far.”


PRESS RELEASE: 08 May 2017 | Jerez de la Frontera Test Day

LCR Honda rider Cal Crutchlow was back out on the Circuito de Jerez today following the disappointment of Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix. Crutchlow and the rest of the MotoGP class took the chance to carry out a day of testing in southern Spain ahead of the next round of the championship in France which takes place in just under two weeks’ time.

The Briton saw his hopes of another good result dashed yesterday when he crashed out of the race on lap six - although thankfully he walked away unharmed. The 31-year-old certainly showed no ill effects from the fall on Monday, racking up a total of 70 laps aboard his RC213V as he tested various settings on the Honda.

The LCR man finished the day in seventh place on the timesheets, but more importantly believes some valuable progress has been made ahead of the next round in Le Mans.

Cal Crutchlow – 7th

(1’39.319 – 70 laps)

“Today was a long day, we tested all through lunchtime and we had many things that we wanted to try on small runs. We were not testing any new parts, just what we were running over the weekend to see if could improve and overall it was quite positive. Our pace was good, the lap times were consistently fast – in the low 40s – which was good and it was hotter today.

We’re pleased with the way the team worked. Our electronic engineer had some late nights here and he had a busy day again, but we’re happy with what we’ve done and we can now focus on getting a positive result in Le Mans.”

Tech3 duo wrap up positive Jerez visit by achieving solid results at post GP test

Johann Zarco and Jonas Folger completed a successful and confidence boosting test today where the hard working pair attained some constructive results that leaves them upbeat for the future Grand Prix’s. Both riders experimented with various setup options and settings as well as the new Michelin front tyre. Johann Zarco completed the day in 9th whilst Jonas Folger finished 0.269 behind his teammate. Today’s findings leave the impressive premier class rookies fully primed for the Monster Yamaha Tech3 team’s home Grand Prix at Le Mans in a fortnight.

Johann ZARCO

Position: 9th - Time: 1'39.528 - Laps: 42

"After the great race yesterday, it was good to get back on the bike again and work with the team. In the GP, I wasn’t able to keep up with Lorenzo and he could exit the corners better than me. Improving this was our main focus today and we advanced, as my feeling is better. It was quite hot and windy so the conditions were similar to yesterday, which was useful. Overall, we tested a combination of various factors, because, as I said, I wanted to work on the exit drive in the corner, more than the entry, and I want to understand the electronics, chassis and suspension as much as possible. I still need the experience and I have to grow with all of the elements in my hands so that step by step I can understand this awesome Yamaha bike more. As for the Michelin front tyre, it was good to try it, and I was almost doing the same lap times as yesterday so it was perhaps better. However, I don’t have enough experience to comment fully about it. Overall, what we achieved today was beneficial and in the similar conditions to yesterday, I improved my pace and I was faster. So I can be positive for the upcoming races and for my home Grand Prix at Le Mans."


Position: 14th - Time: 1'39.797 - Laps: 39

“We achieved some solid results today and improved in several key areas so we are all really happy. It was a hot day, and the conditions were similar to when we raced which was great because we could directly compare what we found today to yesterday. We tried to find a better balance in order to use the front tyre more effectively and we also worked to find additional traction on the rear, which meant that I had to adjust how I ride the bike. I can exit the corner well so I experimented with changing my riding style to get more grip and I tried a different method which was entering the corner faster and exiting slower. This will be useful when the tyres and the traction start to drop in a race. It took us a while to get the feeling and we had to adjust the bike a bit, but we found our way and the results were positive and valuable for the future. With regards to the new tyre, it’s a very good step, and I have heard good things from the Yamaha riders. I was impressed by the tyre itself, which was really stable, especially during braking and I gained a lot of confidence with it. We made some important steps forward so all in all we are very happy and I look forward to the next race at Le Mans.”

Positive test brings Jerez weekend to a close for Miller and Rabat

Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS riders Jack Miller and Tito Rabat were back out on track today at the Jerez circuit, where they successfully completed a one-day MotoGP test.

The test brought a positive conclusion to what had been a difficult weekend, with Miller and Rabat both crashing out of Sunday's 27-lap Spanish Grand Prix.

Both riders tested once again the front tyre that Michelin last supplied at the final race of 2017 at Valencia, which is of a stiffer construction than the tyres used so far this season, with mixed results.

Rabat also worked with his crew to evaluate different traction control settings on his Honda RC213V before going on to equal his fastest time from the race weekend, but this time on the medium option rear tyre rather than the soft he used in qualifying.

Electronics were an area that Miller and his crew also worked on today, but the Australian's main focus was on evaluating chassis set up options on his Honda RC213V. Miller completed more than 80 laps and was satisfied with both his pace and his consistency.

Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS will head straight from Jerez to Valencia, where Miller and Rabat will participate in a one-day wet tyre test for Michelin.

Jack Miller: 86 Laps – 1'39.548

"It's been a positive day of testing for us here in Jerez and we've certainly put in the laps today. The best thing is that they were all good quality laps when you look at the times and the consistency, so I'm pretty happy with that. We also tried the new front tyre; well it's more of an old new front because we've tried it before. I liked it and it worked well in the heat here, but there's a question mark over how well it will work when we get to colder tracks like Assen or Sachsenring. We threw in a soft tyre right at the end, but there was too much spinning from the rear to set a faster lap time."

Tito Rabat: 71 Laps – 1'39.576

"I really enjoyed this morning and it's been a positive test overall. We focussed mainly on the electronics, trying different settings for things like the traction control and we fixed some issues we've been having as well as finding some improvements. With the front tyre we tested here the lap time and the consistency was the same as with the previous tyre, so no big change, but the character is different. We need to adjust because, while it's good for the lap time, I had some stability issues when releasing the brakes going into the corner. We also need to see how the tyre works when the track temperature isn't as high as it is here in Jerez."

Barbera and Baz complete Jerez test with positive feelings

Reale Avintia Racing riders Hector Barbera and Loris Baz completed a positive day of testing today at Jerez circuit. Barbera and Baz worked in the set-up of their bikes and test last season’s Michelin front tyre with stiffer carcass, that the whole MotoGP grid evaluated today at the Andalusian circuit.

The Spanish rider had very positive feelings, but not only with the tyres, mainly with the set-up and riding position changes made by his team to improve the lack of feeling with his Ducati Desmosedici GP16. He completes 60 laps with the fastest in 1’39.460, finishing the day 8th in the time sheets.

His teammate Loris Baz has focussed with his team on solving the problems he suffered with his Desmosedici GP15 during the Spanish Grand Prix race, and he concentrated in this year front tyre, with which he has better feelings.

Next week Reale Avintia will head Le Mans for the French GP, the fifth round of the 2017 MotoGP World Championship.

Hector Barbera | 1'39.460 | P8

“It was a positive day and I leave Jerez really happy. Today we finally found the good direction to get my feeling back and be comfortable riding my bike. At the end of the day I put one soft rear tyre and I did the best lap of my life at this circuit. The feelings are coming back and this is the best news of this test. Maybe we are not at 100% yet, but we are closer and this makes me very optimistic. We also tried the front Michelin bought here and I liked it, but the most important thing was the riding position changes, because I did the same lap times with both front tyres.”

Loris Baz | 1'40.377 | P19

“We did a really good job today when the track temperature was higher and using the same tyres from the race. We have found a solution to the problems we have had over the weekend. We also tested the front tyre that Michelin has brought, but I did not like it very much, I do not have the same feeling as with this year’s one. Overall it was a very positive practice day and I leave Jerez much happier than I finished the race yesterday. Now I have to work hard to prepare for my home race at Le Mans.”

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