Romano Fenati Moves Up To Moto2 In 2018 With Snipers Team

Romano Fenati is to move up to the Moto2 class with his current team, Snipers Team, in 2018. The press release, shown below, implies that the team will consist of a single rider, Fenati, in Moto2. The team have yet to agree terms with a chassis supplier, but state that they will probably field a Kalex.

Romano Fenati Moves Up To Moto2 In 2018

Agreement signed between Romano Fenati and the Snipers team to continue together, even in 2018, in class Moto2. Marinelli Cucine will support this operation. The dynamic company from Pesaro, already title sponsor this year in the Moto3 team, became in few month an integral part of of the operations of the team, thanks to the exciting propulsive thrust of its owners, Andrea Marinelli and Simona Biagini. The team will be called MARINELLI CUCINE SNIPERS MOTO2 and the colors will be on blue, white and red basis. The choice of the chassis is still being defined but it should be Kalex.

Stefano Bedon (team manager): " We strongly wanted Romano and we were right. Apart from the sport results, we have a unique relationship which led to a common growth. We are working already to be competitive from the beginning in the class Moto2, without forgetting the current Championship. We are now at half of the season but the Championship is still open".

Mirko Cecchini (Technical Chief): “We are really honored to have the opportunity to work with Romano another year. Passing to Moto2 is an important step both for the team and the rider and thinking to do it together makes me feel proud. We have always thought that it was right to try the Moto2 when we could be competitive and we are sure that with Romano it will be like that".

Andrea Marinelli (Marinelli Cucine): “A strong synergy has arisen among all of us. When you feel sensations like these you can't ignore them and you have to catch those moments which will stay indelible in the life's memories. Our task, as company, is to support the team, but also give enthusiasm and advices by following a company approach. Particularly, with Romano, we have established a friendship which led to an important support for his career".

Romano Fenati: “Moto2? Everything was born as a joke but then we convinced ourselves and thanks to Mr. Marinelli we succeeded in realizing this fantastic idea. We are all very involved in this new project as we are a big family and I am really happy of this. I am looking forward to start this new adventure. Obviously, to start it at the best we need to finish well this we have to think at Brno which is a very difficult track....".

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"propulsive thrust"
We are talking about sponsor involvement in a motorcycle racing team...right?