LCR Honda Press Release: Crutchlow Has Surgery On Finger After Accident At Home

Cal Crutchlow has sliced a tendon in his left index finger, and had to have surgery to repair it and close the wound. Below is the press release from the LCR Honda team explaining Crutchlow's injury:


PRESS RELEASE: 04 September 2017

Following an accident whilst at his training base in Italy yesterday, Cal Crutchlow suffered an injury to the index finger on his left hand. This morning he was admitted to Pistoia Hospital and seen by by Dr. Riccardo Simonti, who diagnosed a “lesion of the extensor tendon of the second finger”, which was subsequently sutured.

The LCR Honda MotoGP rider then travelled to Parma to the headquarters of the Clinica Mobile, where he was evaluated by Dr. Michele Zasa and Dr. Luca Guardoli. Considering the location of the injury, it was decided to make a custom-made splint in order to guarantee adequate immobilization of the area. The splint was made in cooperation with hand specialist Dr. Silvio Tocco.

Crutchlow still hopes to race at the San Marino-Rimini Riviera Grand Prix at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli this coming weekend.

The LCR Honda Team would like to thank all the staff at Pistoia hospital and Dr. Zasa and his Team at the Clinica Mobile for their valuable assistance.

Cal Crutchlow

"Unfortunately, I sliced my finger with a knife yesterday and it severed the tendon on my left index finger. I slept on it, but as the bleeding continued this morning, I went to the Emergency Room at Pistoia Hospital, where I was examined by Dr. Riccardo Simonti who discovered that the tendon was severed. I then had an operation on my finger to reattach the tendon and then stitch it all back up.

“I was taken care of very well at the hospital, they did a good job. Since then I visited a hand specialist in Parma who made me a splint for the finger to give me every opportunity to ride at my best this weekend for the San Marino GP. I am sure it will be difficult, but I will try one hundred percent as always. Let’s see how it goes.”

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Presumably we'll have calls for riders to be banned from practicing any cookery involving sharp instruments shortly.

Sympathy for Cal, he seems to have a fair bit of bad luck, plus I bet it hurts like hell. Dunno why but the extremities are often worse than limbs.

Sorry, but after his broken/dislocated ankle episode at Silverstone, I don't believe a word.

He's probably trying to deflect attention away from Rossi - probably just chipped a nail.

Crutchlow is an all-in kind of guy. One look in those eyes will tell you, when he is chopping carrots his finger is just in the way of getting one in bits that much faster.

He has gotten this far on grit and determination. He would chew through a garage door to get on a faster bike. Settle down now big guy!

done three tendons in my left hand with broken glass, never the same.  Fortunately these boys have a seemless clutch so no biggie but actually takes a long long time of immobilisation.  Can just imagine CC speed chopping veggies for dinner and going through a tendon but carrying on just to beat his old record.  These guys are from a different planet.