Press Release: KTM To Supply Tech3 With MotoGP Machines For 2019

KTM have confirmed their widely-predicted collaboration with Tech3 for the 2019 season and beyond. Here's the press release:

KTM Motorsport confirms cooperation with Tech3 in MotoGP from 2019

MotoGP Announcement

From the 2019 MotoGP season KTM Factory Racing will join forces with Hervé Poncharal and his Tech3 squad to field a strong satellite team putting all in all four KTM RC16 on the grid for the Austrian brand.

Since re-joining the MotoGP World Championship in 2012 KTM has achieved tremendous success. An initial foray for the inaugural Moto3 championship saw KTM become the most successful manufacturer in the class. This achievement fueled a year of development before joining the premier class in 2017. At the same time a move was made into the intermediate championship and soon victories followed in Moto2 and with seven top ten finishes in MotoGP KTM enjoyed a fruitful rookie campaign in both classes. KTM Motorsports will aim to further improve in all three categories during the upcoming season starting middle of March with the first round in Qatar.

Pit Beirer (KTM Motorsport Director): “We are very happy to join forces with Tech3 in MotoGP from 2019. The team has many years of experience and achieved a lot of great results in this championship. Their professional structure will make us even stronger. Having four KTM RC16 on the grid is also another big step for us, both for the development of our MotoGP bike and expanding KTM’s structure in the paddock. From the Red Bull Rookies Cup up to MotoGP there is a clear path to the top. We are looking forward to start a great cooperation and I’m thankful towards Hervé Poncharal for the future trust in KTM.”

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The logical strategy would be Tech3 to have KTM”s in Moto3 and Moto3 giving the factory 8 direct feeder seats in GP racing.   Farewell to the Mistral......

Nice to see clear intentions from KTM. Attacking GP with money to burn, aiming at the very top. just to build tarmac related image, and give more firepower to PR strategiests. 


On the other side of grid, aprilia, not so long ago, the biggest EU brand, wasted PR capital of over 20 GP world titles. ....f'ing politics....

Tech3 on KTM for Moto 2, for sure. That is the point of doing a family deal for KTM, is they get to have satelites in moto2 and GP, one team owner/manager to cooordinate with. Doubles their exposure and test results.

I wonder if they'll really be satellite bikes or if KTM will use the opportunity to have 4 "factory" bikes on the grid to increase their development speed!

I expect KTM to have the factory bikes in Herve's garage, as their own. That was the point of Tech3 looking for a new contract, factory bikes of current year and factory support.

they already have their own frame for Moto2?


I’m more intrigued that IF Dorna won’t expand the MotoGP grid beyond 24 bikes UNLESS Rossi wants a slot for the VR46 team and that’s not reckoned to happen until Rossi stops riding, does this mean that KTM have effectively stolen Yamaha’s satellite grid slot for the next two years-KTM’s 4 bikes 2019/20 against Yamaha’s 2 ??

Question #1. Moto2 switches from Honda 4 cylinder engines to Triumph triples in 2019 so their existing frame is obsolete.

Question #2 Yes & No. There are teams at the bottom of the Ducati tree that could be inticed to switch to Yamaha. Even if, say Avinta switched there would still be 6 Ducatis on the grid. 

>Question #1. Moto2 switches from Honda 4 cylinder engines to Triumph triples in 2019 so their existing frame is obsolete.<

Well, yeah... but so is every current Kalex, Suter and any frame configured for the Honda 600...

so no biggie for KTM... or any other team... They already have untuned versions of the Triumph engine for frame construction and testing... Kalex has already tested theirs.

Avintia bye bye? or 26 on the grid. An unforeseen development by Yamaha, but a minor issue as Dorna will do anything to keep the GOAT involved. Zarco to move with Tech 3, might not be so easy for him as having a sorted bike like thr Yam, he's a class act, but development may slow him down. I hope not :)..

Been thinking about the Rossi / Yamaha situation and despite the mutually beneficial relationship between the two, the Yamaha traditional hierarchy based structure does not make sense for VR|46 team and thier aspirations.   

Looking backwards, the Yamaha Factory Racing team only came into existance when Wayne Rainey's team withdrew, first in NL then relocated to Italy, technically a private team its never been in YFRT intrest to have Tech3 on equal footing, if Tech3 were then Japan could easily transfer funding to the other team.  

Rossi would see himself, his millions and sponsors as at least equal to Wayne Rainey so would expect full factory current season machinery at his disposal.   Team equality does not fit with the existing Yamaha structure and working agreements. 

My point being if Yamaha bestowed factory status on Rossi's team, YFRT would fight the decision with vigour and the fall out would eventually go public and if there is one thing Japanese Corporates hate its public discord.....

So eiither Rossi stages a silent coup to take out YFRT and Lin Jarvis and becomes the factory team or he takes his milliions, sponsorship and massive public profile elsewhere, no doubt every factory - with the exception of Honda would give him anything he wants!  

I may be 100% wrong with this view, if so someone with better knowledge has another take on this please correct me.  



Depending on how things go in 2018 (and/or 2019) in MotoGP, Rossi could ride for the Yamaha WSBK team the following year.

N.b. Just my own idea - have not heard/read anything saying this is even being considered, but it would bring fan interest to WSBK.

I believe the question is good, just poorly phrased. I believe he meant to ask if the Tech3 Moto2 team would now field KTM frames. I believe the answer is yes, and should be, considering the move to the triumph motor in 2019 and KTM having the resources and planning in place for that step already.

Interesting point. Rossi has stated that there is no likelhood of VR46 venturing into the top class until 2020 at the earliest. That is an eternity in racing years and will keep us chattering between seasons for years to come.

If Yamaha finds itself sucking hind tit for a year or two, they may change their mind about how many bikes to supply. It could also easily take KTM longer than that to get to the pointy end of the championship. And Zarco, presumably like every racer wanting to make a mark, will go to the fastest bike he can find. After a lifetime in this biz, Rossi must surely know ALL the angles by now and holds a lot of cards, few of which he will table until the game is on.

Hi Dave, 

Any chance that the Tech 3 team could possibly be branded as Husqvarna, to mirror efforts done in their dirtbike racing?  Husky bikes would look great!