Press Release: Marc VDS And Michael Bartholemy Settle Differences

The Marc VDS team issued the following press release today, stating that the dispute between team owner Marc van der Straten and team manager Michael Bartholemy has been settled:

Statement: Marc VDS Racing Team

Mr. Marc van der Straten and Mr. Michael Bartholemy have today reached a mutual agreement to end their association which is solely due to differing strategic approaches.

"The past few weeks have been difficult for everyone in the Marc VDS Racing Team, with the uncertainty surrounding our future distracting from our main aim, that of winning races. With this agreement we can once again focus solely on adding to the successes that we've enjoyed in the past," said Mr. van der Straten.

As Mr. Marc van der Straten said, he did not hold against Mr. Michael Bartholemy the allegations reported in the press, especially regarding any supposed embezzlement. Independent of that, Mr. Michael Bartholemy has been entirely vindicated.

"In eight years Marc and myself have a achieved a lot together, winning two World Championships and establishing the Marc VDS Racing Team as one of the strongest and most successful in the paddock. I am very proud of that," declared Mr. Bartholemy.

"However, no partnership lasts forever and today we go our separate ways. I am looking forward to taking on a new challenge, but I would like to wish Marc and the team all the best for the future,' he concluded.

Mr. van der Straten will now assume leadership of the Marc VDS Racing Team, as they fight for their third World Championship title in the intermediate Moto2 class.

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Will there ever be a summary of what exactly happened and why it was all as messy as it was? Having seen nothing beyond hearsay and hyperbole it all seems a bit of a cluster truck...

I believe David wrote (and re-wrote, probably more than once) a piece on this, and didn't publish it for fear of legal action, though he may have had other motivations too.

The statement says that Marc VDS is off to fight for the Moto2 championship. What happens to the MotoGP team now? Does Bartholemy assume/maintain control/ownership?

There is _one_ MarcVDS Team, with entries in the MotoGP and the Moto2 class. Only in Moto2 are they fighting for the championship, the results in MotoGP don't look so good.