HRC Press Release: Marc Marquez To Start Physiotherapy As Recovery Continues

Marc Marquez has been passed fit enough to start physiotherapy after the surgery to fix his right arm at the start of June. The press release containing the details appears below:

Marc Marquez set to begin physiotherapy after six-week check

Six weeks on from undergoing surgery on his right arm, Marc Marquez underwent the next scheduled post-operative check at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid. The medical team, consisting of Dr. Joaquin Sánchez Sotelo, Dr. Samuel Antuña and Dr. Angel Cotorro, were content with the development of the right humerus.

Subsequently, Marc Marquez has been cleared to enter the next stage of his recovery and begin physiotherapy with the right arm and cardio training.

Marc Marquez

“We have taken an important step in the recovery process. In this second check-up, the doctors have confirmed that the humerus is consolidating correctly, with this we can start physiotherapy on the right arm and cardio training. I am very excited to be able to recover mobility in my arm to continue advancing the recovery process and I want to thank the entire medical team for their treatment and attention.”

Dr. Sanchez Sotelo
MD PhD, Chair of the Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Mayo Clinic.

“In the medical check-up carried out on Marc Marquez, six weeks after surgery on his right humerus, a good clinical and radiological evolution has been confirmed that allows progress in the mobility and strength recovery program of the right arm. The patient will undergo a new review within the next six weeks.”

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This bodes well for a timely return of The Marc, hope he can fix that Honda of his and we get an even better 2023 battle!

Note that I’m not his biggest fan but a three way battle (or more) between Marc, Quartararo and Pecco would be epic 😇

I’m a (retired) mechanical engineer.  My wife is a physical therapist (physiotherapist). I’ve come to realize that her profession is perhaps more important to the riders than mine. 

"..the doctors have confirmed that the humerus is consolidating correctly"

Now imagine that he heard those words first time around. He's still young enough to pull this off.