Summer Sale: The Last Few Copies Of The 2013 Motorcycle Racing Calendar Going Cheap!

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SKU: 2013-calendar 2013 Motorcycle Racing Calendar Front Cover

The 2013 Motorcycle Racing Calendar has been a great success, as you would expect from a quality product featuring the stunning photography of Scott Jones. However, we still have a box or two of the calendars sat in the corner of the office, and so to help clear some space, we're offering those calendars at a big discount. Get your collector's item 2013 calendar while we still have them!

About the calendar:

The 2013 Motorcycle Racing Calendar has a double-page spread for each month, with one of Scott Jones' fantastic photos above a month grid containing birthdays for most of the leading riders in the MotoGP, World Superbike, Moto2, World Supersport and Moto3 classes. To help race fans plan their weekends, every MotoGP and World Superbike round is highlighted on the month grid for easy reference. The simple and clear layout of race weekends makes planning your race trip, viewing party or personal TV / watching schedule a snap. And as ever, the center pages feature a double-page close up of the 2012 MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. 

This year's calendar is 10% larger than previous years (13" x 9.35", or 33cm x 23.8cm), and features a special finish to bring out the best of Scott Jones' pictures. The calendar is produced in a limited run, with no more to be produced once the calendar sells out. This year's calendar is priced at $27.95 US plus shipping and handling, though subscribers receive a massive discount of nearly 40% of the original price, and can order the calendar for just $15.95 plus shipping and handling. The discount is applied automatically if you order a calendar while logged in as a subscriber. In response to your suggestions from last year, we have managed to reduce the shipping costs of the calendar, making it much more affordable for both US and overseas customers.

The calendar is currently shipping, but if you need a token to give as a last-minute gift while you wait for the calendar to arrive by post, you can download our gift voucher to give instead.

Calendar Layout

Below you can see a sample double-page layout. US readers should note that the calendar grid has been laid out with the week starting on Monday (European style). This is an explicit choice; the purpose of the calendar is to allow our readers to see the racing at a glance, and as the races are nearly always run on Sunday, it is much easier to see when a race weekend is if the calendar starts on Monday, rather than on Sunday (US style). In response to requests from last year's calendar, shading has been added to Saturday and Sunday, to make it clear from a distance that the weekend is at the far right-hand side of the grid. The months and days are now shown in four languages, English, Spanish, Italian and French. 2013 Motorcycle Racing Calendar - Monthly grid layout

Back page, complete with overview of all the photos shown on the calendar: 2013 Motorcycle Racing Calendar - Back cover


Technical details

24 pages + cover
13" x 9.35" finished (13" x 18.5" flat)
100 lb paper stock
5/5 Process Color + AQ varnish 
Folded, with a saddle-stitch and punched hole.

List price: USD $0.00
Price: USD $15.95
Dimensions: 350 mm × 260 mm × 5 mm
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I was under impression that calendar was provided to the subscriber as part of the membership? If not, no biggie at all. I look forward to buying it.
Additionally, and again, I may be wrong, but at check out it seems US subscribers are being charged twice for shipping? My cost of the calendar was correct at 15.95. Shipping was 4.95 but then final amound charged to me was 24.90.

I'm not being a cheapskate, only wondering if this is correct (times are tough here in the states!).

take care

Hi there,

the free calendar used to be part of the 'old' subscription package we offered, which was discontinued at the end of last year. You should have received an email about this some time ago. If you cannot find it, I shall send it back out again. For 'old-style' subscribers, they will be receiving a year's free subscription to compensate them for the loss of their old package.

Current subscribers pay less ($40 a year) and receive discounts on merchandise.

As for the $5 extra, what appears to have happened is that you added the extra 2012 calendar being offered with the 2013 calendar. If you don't want to receive this, email me and I'll cancel your order and refund your money, and you can place a new one.

Hope this clears it all up,

Thanks for your order!


We hope the end of next week (15th) or beginning of week after (17th/18th). That's in time for US Christmas shipping, but more difficult for the rest of the world.

David, what are we to understand this phrase to mean, please? The impression given earlier was that the calendar, though behind schedule, `should be ready in plenty of time for Christmas'. Things have obviously changed. If the calendars I ordered last Friday aren't going to reach the UK (3) or Australia (1) in time, I would like to know. It will be very disappointing, although I'm sure they will be well worth the wait, but at least I'll be able to tell the intended recipients to expect a present in the New Year instead of a Christmas one.

Sorry for the lack of clarity. The vast majority of customers are in the US, and I was thinking of those when I wrote about Christmas. For other customers (Europe and Australia) we're really not sure. It might arrive, but we can't guarantee it, I'm afraid. What we may do is create a printable voucher, which we can send to anyone who wants it, so they can print it off and insert it into an envelope for Christmas itself. 

Of course, if you need to be certain the calendar will arrive by Christmas, we can do one of two things: either ship it by courier at extra cost, or you can cancel it and we will refund your money. Anyone with any questions, send an email to and I will try to sort it out.

Hi David,

Calendar looks good... I'll be picking one up. Question though, is there any possibility that individual buyers could choose whatever MM shots they want for a custom calendar for a little extra? Say maybe $5 or something like that?

I have a bunch of my favorite of Scott's screen shots over the years cycling as my wallpaper, and I'd love to see 12 of them lined up neatly on a racing calendar. User would just pic pics, layout's the same, so it shouldn't be anything that requires manual work on MM part, just pic and print, maybe farm out the printing to Costco (in the US) or another online printing op, or the same one you use now?

Thanks for the great work, keep it up, ordering now...