Kropotkin's Wildly Inaccurate 2006 MotoGP Season Preview

I've posted my thoughts on the upcoming MotoGP season. Without wishing to spoil anyone's anticipation, I should warn you that Valentino Rossi is going to win again ...

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Actually I was just looking for a very old text to make my first test posting. Want to see which name it shows up under, my user name or my real name. Had no idea that the site's previous incarnation was located at XS4ALL and still exists there. Nice find though. ;-)

Edit 1: Ahh, there's a preview function, that already answers my question: it's the user name.

Edit 2: WOOT! Full HTML allowed? I thought those days were long gone by now. No way. Even the script tag is allowed?

It is. :-(

Yeah, better to disallow that. Back to a filtered list of tags. That means no YouTube, unfortunately, by JS injections are bad.